What happens when Virtual and Reality swap places? Humans have become NPCs, their lives now bound to a couple of lines and actions. On the other hand, the denizens of the virtual world—the world of Murim Recurve—became sentient. Time passed in the realisified virtual world, its history became culturally diverse, eventually surpassing that of the Earth—whose time had become still.

A lady of noble birth encounters a deranged human, a denizen of myth in Murim. In his dying breath, he passes her the fading embers of the fate he had shouldered, the fate of bringing back reality. As a denizen of Murim, will she betray her world? Or will she pave the way to her reality?

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Word Count (12)
Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
Top List #2500
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Farewell Master ago
Chapter 2: Thank You, Master ago
Chapter 3: Battle Imminent ago
Chapter 4: Leap ago
Chapter 5: The Fall ago
Chapter 6: Eye Cluster ago
Chapter 7: Pervading Chillness ago
Chapter 8: The Settlement ago
Chapter 9: Burkurel Ju’Tha ago
Chapter 10: Contents of the Bag ago
Chapter 11: Mist Banyan ago
Chapter 12: I Can Listen ago
Chapter 13: Withered Courtyard ago
Chapter 14: Fear and Pain ago
Chapter 15: Fight with the Unknown ago
Chapter 16: Water Qi Perception ago
Chapter 17: Close to the Exit ago
Chapter 18: Always Welcome ago
Chapter 19: Fear and Disappearance ago
Chapter 20: The Real Western Settlement ago
Chapter 21: The Cloth Banner ago
Chapter 22: Sha ago
Chapter 23: The Black Cloud ago
Chapter 24: Kalha ago
Chapter 25: Breaking Bones to Break Open the Doors ago
Chapter 26: The Aeki in the Granary ago
Chapter 27: Burmat Re’Shi ago
Chapter 28: Chaos Among the Kalhas ago
Chapter 29: Unseeming Wealth ago
Chapter 30: Budding Dew and the Third Calamity ago
Chapter 31: Harpen Waves ago
Chapter 32: Wood and Wind Qi ago
Chapter 33: Rate of Comprehension ago
Chapter 34: Plans ago
Chapter 35: The Chase in the Memory ago
Chapter 36: Pursuit ago
Chapter 37: Nerou ago
Chapter 38: Madmen ago
Chapter 39: Perceived/Perceiving ago
Chapter 40: A Throw into the Moat ago
Chapter 41: Pakou ago
Chapter 42: Boon Within Bane ago
Chapter 43: Steal~ ago
Chapter 44: Schemes ago
Chapter 45: Scheming Against the Eye Cluster ago
Chapter 46: The Cloth Banner’s Help ago
Chapter 47: Threat Becomes a Weapon ago
Chapter 48: Prelude to the Battle ago
Chapter 49: Ripples and Communication ago
Chapter 50: Bombarding the House ago
Chapter 51: Chasing the Kalhas Out ago
Chapter 52: Creating a Safe Battlefield ago
Chapter 53: There’s a Survivor? ago

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Action paced scenes with realistic horror

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Fear and Pain

Before I go in-depth with this review, let me point out how amazingly beautiful Overlord Venus crafted this story. It's a unique POV in an interesting world, told through the eyes of an amazing character.

Without further intro, let's begin the actual review:

Style Score: I gave it a 5/5 since it was really smooth. The action scenes and the portrayal of the background were realistic. I could imagine the scenes and feel as if I was the character (Re'Kha) experiencing everything. 

Story: What we have here is what seems to be similar to a martial arts world/cultivation world. But judging by what the author had hinted at and foreshadowed, the power structure looks like it would evolve into its own unique setting. There are no people that could shatter the ground with a punch or superhumans capable of flying through the skies. Based on what I have read, the fantasy scale is pretty low. The characters possess some form of energy (Qi) that allows them to create projections of their body to attack. 

The story follows the character Re'Kha that was betrayed and had lost her eyes. She then chances upon a master that saves her before passing his abilities to her. His death creates a storm of events and disasters that pull in Re'Kha.

The thing that I loved the most is how the emphasis this story focuses on is survival in horror elements of a traditional power fantasy. 

Grammar: I couldn't find any mistakes. Maybe it's because my own level of English isn't high.

Character: We have only been introduced to a couple of characters apart from Re'Kha. I'll leave room for doubt here. But so far, the characters have been realistically fleshed out. They all act and behave based on their backstories and are full of life (if that even makes sense haha)

Overall: This is binge-worthy. 



A very interesting story about a blind cultivator attempting to survive the situation they find themself in. The Summary threw  me off as at the current chapter as of this review, there is almost nothing showing this to be the case. I would reccomend the author to change the synopsis to hide these apparent major future plot points. Also, for any new reader, the novel is no longer posting on this site, but is hosted on another, with paid chapters. You have been been warned


I like the action and the plot. The grammar is really pleasant to read and the overall impact of the story made me love it. It's a nice read. Three chapters in, and I'm already hooked. I hope this remains as good once I catch up to the latest chapter.