The Reincarnation of Alysara [Progression LitRPG]

The Reincarnation of Alysara [Progression LitRPG]

by Comiak

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

After being reincarnated as a busty fox-like race in a fantasy world filled with magic and mysteries Alysara finds herself blinded after reaching too far for something she should not have. Now she must train her ability to sense the mana around her and discover what mana and magic really is to see. 

IMPORTANT: Chapters are currently being updated now that I have improved as a writer if you see a drop in quality or change that does follow earlier chapters it is because they might not have been updated yet.

Art Commissioned by iloah.

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213 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Legacy ago
Chapter 1: A baby again. ago
Chapter 2: The System ago
Chapter 3: Meeting the family ago
Chapter 4: Cursed skill ago
Chapter 5: A Mother's Worries. ago
Chapter 6: Kyhosa ago
Chapter 7: Speaking ago
Chapter 8: Evolving ago
Chapter 9: Bonding ago
Chapter 10: A friend ago
Chapter 11: Fire Storm ago
Chapter 12: Funeral ago
Chapter 13: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 14: Elders ago
Chapter 15: The Colors of People ago
Side Story 1: Oathbound ago
Chapter 16: Tenth Breakthrough ago
Chapter 17: Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter 18: More storms. ago
Chapter 19: Before the Storm ago
Chapter 20: The Super Storm. ago
Chapter 21: The aftermath ago
Chapter 22: Loneliness ago
Chapter 23: Improvements ago
Chapter 24: Heritage ago
Chapter 25: Paths ago
Chapter 26: Heirloom ago
Chapter 27: Two Tailed Runalymo. ago
Chapter 28: Gains ago
Chapter 29: Tailoring ago
Chapter 30: Attack ago
Chapter 31: For those that live. ago
Chapter 32: Seeing Double ago
Chapter 33: The Makings of a Dress ago
Chapter 34: Enchanting! ago
Chapter 35: A Kyhosa for Twins. ago
Chapter 36: The things that happened. ago
Chapter 37: The Dragons Advice ago
Chapter 38: Analyzing ago
Chapter 39: A class for me ago
Chapter 40: The Fairy Summoner ago
Chapter 41: Glass Eels ago
Chapter 42: Scouting ago
Chapter 43: Spell crystal ago
Chapter 44: Test Flights. ago
Chapter 45: Homewrecker. ago
Chapter 46: A study of Crystals ago
Chapter 47: Mana Toxicity ago
Chapter 48: Ancestral Revelation ago
Chapter 49: Sense Soul ago
Chapter 50: Ancestral meeting. ago
Chapter 51: First Win ago
Chapter 52: Rival ago
Chapter 53: Mistakes ago
Chapter 54: Quicksand ago
Chapter 55: Finals ago
Chapter 56: History ago
Chapter 57: To Evolve or not to Evolve ago
Chapter 58: Burning Hot ago
Chapter 59: Three Tails ago
Chapter 60: Tana's Power ago
Chapter 61: Structuring Order ago
Chapter 62: Wolves ago
Chapter 63: The Wolf's Aftermath ago
Chapter 64: Mind Games ago
Chapter 65: Taking Over ago
Chapter 66: Mind Break ago
Chapter 67: Gathering Intel ago
Chapter 68: Boss Rush ago
Chapter 69: Kayafe's Advice ago
Chapter 70: Choice ago
Chapter 71: Meanwhile ago
Chapter 72: Persistant ago
Chapter 73: Back to the dungeon ago
Chapter 74: Me, Myself, and I Dungeoneering ago
Chapter 75: Meeting of the Fools ago
Chapter 76: Spawning ago
Chapter 77: Heroic ago
Chapter 78: Treant ago
Chapter 79: Regret ago
Chapter 80: Talks with Kayafe. ago
Chapter 81: The dragon's revelation. ago
Chapter 82: Dedication to Myrou ago
Chapter 83: Shades of the Past ago
Chapter 84: The Mana Particle ago
Chapter 85: Convocation ago
Chapter 86: War ago
Chapter 87: Storming ago
Chapter 88: Assassin ago
Chapter 89: Betrayal ago
Chapter 90: Unparalleled Mastery ago
Chapter 91: Enhanced ago
Chapter 92: Retaliation and Cursed Beings ago
Chapter 93: Scapegoats ago
Chapter 94: Evacuation ago
Chapter 95: Cursed Being ago
Chapter 96: Lost Minds ago
Chapter 97: Solitary Treatment ago
Chapter 98: Guardian's Wisdom ago
Chapter 99: The City ago
Chapter 100: Back to Training ago
Chapter 101: Magic Frameworks ago
Chapter 102: A study of Magic ago
Chapter 103: Returning to the Village ago
Chapter 104: Bond Upgrades ago
Chapter 105: Solidifying Illusions ago
Chapter 106: Flying and Fairies ago
Chapter 107: Evolution Trees ago
Chapter 108: Returning to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 109: Fear ago
Chapter 110: Catching Vision ago
Chapter 111: Oppressive Vision ago
Chapter 112: Ruby Backed Arachnid ago
Chapter 113: Passive ago
Chapter 114: Another Boss Rush ago
Chapter 115: Divine Spark ago
Chapter 116: Experience ago
Chapter 117: Training Montage ago
Chapter 118: Class Evolution ago
Chapter 119: Kayafe's Hope ago
Chapter 120: Other's Perspective 1 ago
Chapter 121: Other's Perspective 2 ago
Chapter 122: Before the Search ago
Chapter 123: Land Ho! ago
Chapter 124: Espionage ago
Chapter 125: Falling behind ago
Chapter 126: Inscriptions ago
Chapter 127: Apprentice ago
Chapter 128: Progressing ago
Chapter 129: Magic Quantity ago
Chapter 130: Crystals and Golems ago
Chapter 131: Explorations and Apprentices ago
Chapter 132: Diamond Felin ago
Chapter 133: Wooden Tyrant ago
Chapter 134: Dryad's Grace ago
Chapter 135: First Contact ago
Chapter 136: Long Distance relationship ago
Chapter 137: Arrival ago
Chapter 138: Let the Politicking Begin! ago
Chapter 139: Currency Concerns ago
Chapter 140: The Eyeblight Assassin ago
Chapter 141: The Ugly Empire ago
Chapter 142: Failed Negotiation. ago
Chapter 143: Tanafyam's Speedrun. ago
Chapter 144: Snow Queen ago
Chapter 145: Rejection ago
Chapter 146: Ora Ara ago
Chapter 147: The Ball ago
Chapter 148: The Trade Deal ago
Chapter 149: Power armor ago
Chapter 150: Apotheosis Seed ago
Chapter 151: Another Trade ago
Chapter 152: Adulthood Ceremony ago
Chapter 153: Rituals ago
Chapter 154: Super-Solid ago
Easter Bonus: A Meeting between Protagonists Part 1 ago
Easter Bonus: A Meeting between Protagonists Part 3 ago
Easter Bonus: A Meeting between Protagonists Part 5 ago
Chapter 155: Super-solid study ago
Chapter 156: Storm Conjuration ago
Chapter 157: Continued study ago
Chapter 158: Mastering mana ago
Chapter 159: Ritual ago
Chapter 160: False Promise ago
Chapter 161: Perceptive Vectors ago
Chapter 162: A New Trial ago
Chapter 163: A look from the Core ago
Chapter 164: Next Gen Bond ago
Chapter 165: Yrania ago
Chapter 166: Lessons of the Mind ago
Chapter 167: Drums of War ago
Chapter 168: Battle in the River ago
Chapter 169: Memories ago
Chapter 170: The Archive of Eternity ago
Chapter 171: Gods ago
Chapter 172: Mental Training ago
Chapter 173: Scholar of Many Minds ago
Chapter 174: Pondering Skills ago
Chapter 175: A study of Space ago
Chapter 176: Layers ago
Chapter 177: Logic of Layers ago
Chapter 178: Soul Life ago
Chapter 179: Flagship Upgrades ago
Chapter 180: An important trade. ago
Chapter 181: Eldritch Gazer ago
Chapter 182: To Seek Relations ago
Chapter 183: Catching up with Kayafe ago
Chapter 184: Enterprise ago
Chapter 185: Eve of Departure ago
Chapter 186: To Boldly Go ago
Chapter 187: International Negotiations ago
Chapter 188: A New Market ago
Chapter 189: Around the Island in eight hours ago
Chapter 190: Healer ago
Chapter 191: An Offer ago
Chapter 192: Bidding War ago
Chapter 193: Perceptive Attack ago
Chapter 194: Eldritch Invasion ago
Chapter 195: Sacrifice ago
Chapter 196: Time Lagged ago
Chapter 197: Kayafe and Safyr ago
Chapter 198: The Cleansing Evolution ago
Chapter 199: Other's Perspective 3 ago
Side Story 8: Kayafe ago
Side Story 2: The Emperor's Purpose ago
Chapter 200: Movements on the Mainland ago
Side story 6: World Message ago
Jonathan's Trial 1 ago
Chapter 201: Family ago
Jonathan's trial 2 ago
Side story 7: Time ago
Chapter 202: Dungeon Again ago

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This isekai is interesting, it has some concepts that are original, some interesting aspects, and a lot of parts that could need some improvement.

The language introduced based on words being made from specific sounds and combinations of sounds that have specific meanings more akin to Chinese writing than western writing is very interesting, and is something I have not seen before.

The species the main character belongs to are your standard animal-people, and there is a system that gives power to people, pretty standard for this genre.

Now that's not to say that the system is your generic "race level + stats" or "class + stats" or some such, no, they have a race that can be upgraded based on achievements, and starts based on their species's original individual's achievements, the level system is based on bonds, class levels and general skills. They have 10 class skill slots they can fill, and some skills are better than others. Each class and their bond is the same. Their bond levels based on achievements, both within the bond and what the bond is used for, with a max based on the bond's level. The class levels based on achievements in general, and class skills level based on achievements linked to that skill. Pretty generic right? Not really, you see the max level in each skill is 10, but by expanding and increasing the scope of the skill, or its depths, you gain a breakthrough, and each breakthrough has 10 levels. Some breakthroughs are simple, while others are ludicrously difficult to get, and each breakthrough is divided into 10 levels, 5 for knowledge and 5 for using the skill. this is pretty interesting, as far as systems go.


In this world, hard work is punished by giving you a worse version of what you could have gotten with patience, at the same time as hard work rewards you by allowing you to grow in power. You are born with certain traits that limit and increase your growth. Having a better species will make it easier for you to learn, and being born to a better species is an inherent advantage that is almost unsurmountable. Hard work is rewarded, with it you can upgrade your race, your class, your skills. You can become powerful, if only you work hard enough.

But do not work too hard, work too hard, and you may earn a cursed skill, and potentially forever limit your potential. Work too hard and you may just cripple yourself. It is an unfair world, one where some are simply born better than others, to a much greater extent than in our world, and while it can be equalized, no matter how much you work, some people, some species and some creatures need do so much less, to get so much more. yet still, while this is true, it is also a world that rewards personal growth to a great extent, allowing anyone to rise and become great should they push themselves far enough, even if they will forever be lesser than those who started out great.


Our main character is at first glance one of these lesser beings, but as it progresses it becomes clear that being worn with the intelligence of a fully cognizant entity allowed them to perform feats none else would have been realistically capable of, allowing them to surpass their species's natural limits, and become one of those with greater potential than others, and that is without speaking of the knowledge they retain from their reincarnation, and the power they were blessed with that one day may allow them to become something more.


The grammar of this story is pretty mediocre, it's not horrible, but it is not great. This also encapsulates the writing. At times it's fun, at times it's very interesting and even pretty well written, and at times, it's a boring slog with stat update upon stat update upon stat updates. it gets better as the story goes on, but especially in the beginning, the number of stat updates can be simply tedious to the extreme. This is not made better by the fact that the author seems to think their readers are morons unable to comprehend the simplest of statements without having their hand held the entire time.

The pattern of comes up again and again and again and again. The is usually necessary, even if they are often a bit long-winded. They usually describes what was just written, in a manner obvious to anyone that reads it. You need some explanation, sure, but sometimes "she said" is enough. Lastly you have the situations where someone agrees or speaks about what was said, in these cases, usually the last statement was said again in full in a slightly different format, at which point the character will, finally, get to the point. they do not speak as if they expect people to understand and remember what was said ten seconds ago, they speak as if they expect everyone else to be as smart as a brick, and it comes across as if the author things the audience is filled with idiots.

It is tedious, it is annoying, it is boring, and it could have been so easily avoided. Cut down on the repetition, make the characters speak as if the surrounding characters can understand a simple statement on their own, don't repeat everything thrice, and maybe try to shorten the stat blocks like you did later in the series, that would have made this a far more enjoyable read.


Beyond that though there are a few other things I would like to point to when explaining what I think of this story.

As I said earlier, the language is interesting, but it goes nowhere, beyond being convenient for describing new things, it's never used to much effect so far.

The main character is a reincarnated human. This could have been removed and until chapter 40 or so, I doubt it would have had an effect, and even up to now, you could probably get near the same result without it. There are hints that it may be more important later, but it really does seem a bit pointless at this point.

The story is painfully slow, often using so many words to describe simple things, having so many status screens, and having almost everything repeated twice or even thrice. it slows down the pace and makes it a slot to read at some points.

The males of this species are physically just girls with the opposite equipment and a slightly taller build. This is mentioned and pretty much nothing had come of it at all so far. The only consequence seems to be that men and women are equally capable of being warriors, but with a system, especially one with this much power, that was going to be the case anyhow.


There are, in short, a lot of points that seem to go nowhere, the story is long-winded, and often painfully slow. Its an interesting story, with some good ideas, and if the ideas are expanded upon, and if there is less repetition and general bloat, this could become a good story.

I wrote the above after reading about 60 chapters, and now that I have completed what are there, I have updated my score from 3.5 to 4 stars.
The story is not great in the beginning, after thinking about it, I believe the following to be my opinion on its quality:
For around the first 5 chapters I would give it 3.5 stars, there is a lot of stat blocks, but it felt like that could be a startup thing.
Somewhere between Chapter 5-25 and 5-40 I would give 3 stars, the problems mentioned above were really apparent here.
Chapter 40-60 or so is probably 3.5 stars for me, with it getting better over time, to the point where the quality of the last 20+ chapters that I have read (up to and including chapter 123) I would give 4.5 stars.

So if you can handle 60 or so chapters with something mediocre, it gets pretty good. 


This may get a bit wordy-like science reports do

Reviewed at: Chapter 166: Lessons of the Mind

So... for some reason I haven’t done this yet despite it being my first royal road novel I’ve read, and how much I’ve enjoyed it. 

My primary concern with this is purely that the style isn’t so outstanding that I can give it five stars any more. It’s most likely due to one story I’ve recently read, which had masterful prose, but it happens to hardly be a concern, since I generally drop novels if their writing sucks. I just don’t remember it standing out by a large margin(though it’s still good). It’s also been a while since I read the majority of the novel, so I can’t remember exactly what drew me in so well.

Except that’s not true. If I could give story six stars, I would. In particular I’d like to sing the praises of the world building (which I wish was a category for reviews). The magic system just makes sense. And not only the magic system, but the WHOLE system. All of it does. Comiak has set out rules for this world, and tends to not break them-which is to say, I can’t remember comiak breaking any of them. 

For example, in one of the newest chapters, 

Alysara fails because she overestimated herself afte so many successful ventures, but it was a failure that fit within the bounds of what we already knew about the magic system. Magic is chaos, you can’t expect it to do what YOU want.

Anyone who protested that, I think, didn’t understand the point of the moment. 

Also, in regards to the Magic system itself, I’ve never seen a magic system dig in so hard to being a nerd’s paradise. It’s not that magic is loosely understood by the general populace, and is a substitute for science, no. Magic IS a science, and while 

Alysara does only slowly gain back knowledge of presumably our earth, it feels like reincarnation and also not. Alysara is distinctly NOT whoever she/he/they might have been back before mana existed in the universe, and I think that is a good choice.

Gosh I’m starting to get sidetracked into the character review, so I’m going to get this out of the way now, before the story/character review amalgam comes spilling forth: the grammar is good. I don’t distinctly remember much of the earlier chapter’s accuracy, but I do know that it is currently much better than it was then. So, not perfect. 

Now, to character/story. 

Characters and the story they live should not be something that can be reviewed separately in a good piece of literature. The world building, yes. The world building is much further reaching than each of the characters, or the specific story being told. I would enjoy reading lore to a well built universe, without needing a story. However, a story and its characters should be reviewed together, as each one cannot function without the other. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this rant, but maybe stick with me?

Poorly written characters cause a story to lack any meaning, as readers won’t care about the story. A story IS the characters, and whatever happens to them. Everything in a story should have some effect on some characters, and not be ignored.

unfortunately I’ll have to go into more spoilers, but to get my point across, I’ll keep the following spoilers as light as I can. 

When Aly does things on her own, or remotely, she doesn’t feel the same stress or consequences others do, and the effects aren’t immediately clear. At the point I’m thinking about, this might seem like an oversight on the author, that neither party involved cares, but in fact they do. Alysara, however, only finds out later, and while she tries to fix it, ultimately a rift seemingly forms-but it was one that was just not seen by Aly. It was already there.

Through Alysara we have an unreliable narrator. Generally, these sorts of OP progression fantasies ignore that first person narrators are still people, or else try to make them “better” than human, having perfect protagonists. 

We find things out at about the same rate that Alysara does, with the only extra knowledge coming from rare extra perspectives. Alysara is still a child-she’s “only human” as some might say, though they would be wrong, as humans are technically one of the most superior species in this world (though they surely won’t matter for a couple hundred more chapters), and as he synopsis says, she’s NOT human. 

That aside, she IS still a child. Alysara has certain semi-reliable knowledge that assists her, being a reincarnator and all, but all of that on a child is a heavy burden. She doesn’t have the actual former life experience advantages for her mental fortitude, and while she does seem quite above average, she’s very much not infallible. 

I really should get to the point... I normally just go over pacing. The pacing IS good. 

To my main point for why character and story are perfect... in every success Alysara achieves, she does NOT have it easy. She works just as hard as one should to achieve the growth she does, but on the flip side... every success is not universally good. And not every success is universally successful. When Aly accomplishes something huge, and gets called a “genius” she doesn’t swell with pride like some stories might. Instead, as a very intelligent child, (intellectually but NOT emotionally) she feels undeserving. However, whenever she learns something, she actually takes it to heart. Character development sticks, and it is in fact Alysara’s failures that drive her to be better, her mistakes that help her improve-whether it’s a benign failure, such as putting herself down despite being a true hero, or blinding herself, Aly does develop, and doesn’t forget it. 

And as for the other characters, their lives do not revolve around Alysara, although they can frequently get sucked into her life, that is still somewhat well explained for why it happens. And although they do, they are still doing their own things that have little to do with what Alysara is doing-and that actually contributes to the view of Aly specifically. This is getting really long, and I’m running out of ways to say “it’s good.” But this way of writing characters to be doing things Aly just... doesn’t know about, and by extension, us, the readers  - only finding out by being TOLD - further contributes to the unreliability of  as a narrator.

And I still don’t know where I was going with this rant... and I kinda just finished the rant didn’t I? 

Well, whatever. Read the cool magic-is-its-own-science story! It’s really cool!


This story is far from perfect. There are grammatical mistakes and questionable decisions from the author. But you can look to other reviews to fill you in on that.

At the end of the day, this story is enjoyable, and thats why I rated it five stars. Reading it never feels like a chore, it's just something you can relax with after a long day.

At the end of the day, I am mostly writing this review because this story deserves more attention, and to encourage the author to keep writing. Its a good story, and you should read it 


A great potential but need improvements

Reviewed at: Chapter 190: Healer

I'm a bit torn with this story. First, I really believe this story needs a rewrite.

The author is aware of it and  seem to have already started, which is a great thing. I'm not sure where the rewrite stopped but I could definitely feel a better writing at the start, until chapter ~50. My original score at that time was 4.5.

I really like the story overall. The Rpg part is well done and the lore is interesting.

However, I feel like there are a few problems in the story. Without going to go into spoilers, I believe there is a lack of foreshadowing for some development which comes out of nowhere. Moreover, some characters have absolutely no development, and need more depth. Finally, the author took some decisions which seem to contradict the story itself 

Killing 2 people in the dungeon for absolutely no reason after they were prepared.


Overall, I would say the story has a lot of potential, and it will definitely be better after a rewrite. However, as of right now, the clear drop in quality before the rewrite, even in the latest chapters where some discussions seem really unnatural makes it a 4 for me.


Slow build - good world building

Reviewed at: Chapter 79: Regret

I'm enjoying the story.

It's a slower build than most, but does a good job exploring the system and maintaining tension. There's some good descriptions and characterisation. 

A more slice of life story, with enough action that doesn't define the MCs life.

You'll love or hate it, but it's worth a look.

I dislike the cover art.


Let's start with the bad:

Grammar is good, nothing major, just a few minor errors here and there.

I have no issues with the style.

The author does introduce a language and is obviously his first try at doing so. it's gimmicky but I think has done more for the story than it has against it. It shows that these people speak a different language rather just tells you so for a first try it's decent.

The story is a tad on the slow side which some people may not like but I have no problem with it.

This story does feature hermaphrodite characters which may turn people off but other than a few mentions it's not really shown, it's just a thing and that's pretty much it.


Now onto the good:

The system is very well thought out, and the author take his time in showing the system and revealing more parts to it, so far there are skills, skill breakthroughs, Bonds, race class, and classes although we havn't really been intoduce to classes just yet. By taking his time the author has let us get to know certain aspects of the system before adding more to it.

Magic is a huge part of the story and by far the strongest part of the story, and the author goes in-depth on how it works and there's still tons more about it. When the Author said that this story will feature a lot of discovery he meant it! Many people will see it as repetitive and boring but i for one love it. The magic is very well done and thought out and I can't wait to see more of it, to learn more of it, and to see more of it in action!

Characters are done well enough. The MC started out as a baby and there is not much character you can do with that so the first ten chapters won't have too much character development, but when she grows up you will see her develop and grow, gain insecurities, and develope some sort of complex. It's refreashing to follow a character through their life and to know why they have faults.

The MC family act like a family, they are supportive and we don't see too much of how they act when away from the MC but seeing as how the story is told from the MC eyes is understandable. The Parents sometimes irrationally protective of their daughter as many parents are, they are supportive and respectful of their daughter's wishes.

Friends we don't get ti see a lot of. the MC does interact with other kids but there are always reason why the MC is distant from being ostracized due to being blind, no kid would want a blind girl playing on their team after all, to for spoiler reasons, being looked up to. The one friend the MC has is shown from time to time but clearly has a life not centered around the MC which is very logical but doesn't have much room for character growth.

The story is pretty much just the MC growing up right now but there are clear arcs, sections of her life where major things are happening. 

Setting. The setting is fairly good and well done, we get more focus on the setting and culture on the earlier chapters when the MC is a baby and as the MC grows up there's less focus on it in favor of story progression.

Overall this is a great story, far from perfect. there a gimmick or two, but the good and great are really worth it. If you are one of those that like discovering how magic works and getting into the technical details then this story is deffinently for you!


An interesting piece of mechanic building

Reviewed at: Chapter 154: Super-Solid

As the title of this review says, this is an interesting piece of mechanic building. It creates a beautiful System and a fascinating way of how magic works, as well as how the System and magic interact with each other.

The story itself is rather enjoyable as well, if not anything to complex. On its own, the story would not be all that good, but it is used to show the exploration of the System and its mechanics by the main character, which makes it significantly better than it is on its own. 

Without the story, this would be a rather dry, if still interesting, read, and the book has a tendency to get rather technical at times, but the story prevents that from taking over. However, the story could not really stand on its own without being enhanced by the worldbuilding.

Which brings me to the worldbuilding. The mechanics of how the system and magic and a good chunk of the world, work, well, thats easily 4*, going into the 4.5*. The rest of the worldbuilding, is, however lacking. Part of the reason is that the story plays primarily in the starting location - which means most of what we know about the outside world comes from three sources:
1. the one side story, which shows some interesting things, but isnt expanded on at all
2. The announcements of legendary acts, of which we only get "that being is killed" which, on its own, is rather boring - and doesnt tell us much without knowing a lot more (sidenote: that being is killed notifications are not the only possible ones, acts and a few other ones can also show up. They just dont in the story, besides once, for something we see happening)
3. There are old and powerful beings, to which the main character has access to, which tell her a bit about the outside world - but they are primarily used to explain mechanics, not the world itself. I mostly mention them for completeness sake.
This is, of course, a huge problem with the story. There is a bit of hope that it will get better with the latest chapters, however.

Grammar is, however good. I have not noticed anything all that big, and nothing that let me go: huh, what does the author mean. So great!

Style, well, thats in the eye of the beholder, but conversations are not too stillted, and otherwise no great readflow issues for me. Its not perfect, nothing is, but it is ok.

The characters, well, I cant remeber the name of the parents of the main character, or most important people. Part of the issue here is the tendency of the author to go towards weird names, but part of the issue is that the main character is mostly doing her own thing, and never really talks to anyone. That gets better, but we know more about the guardian diety of the main characters people than about her compatriots, so yeah.

Still, that does seem to get a bit better in the latest arc - we still dont see character development, but we see more characters, and more character interactions. 


Overall, a nice and interesting story. You should not expect a masterpiece, but it also likes to get you think a bit, which is nice. I would say, its on the upper end of average, for me.


• Decently thought out system.
• Seems to have good long term planning for overarching story.
• Cozy world building. A nice little fox village on an island in caldera. Alright relationships, supportive parents and village, some nice moments.

• Overdone system focus. Author spends a lot of time talking bout system mechanics. I found it hard to care about the level of detail, and the sheer amount of grinding the MC seems to do. It distracts from the story being told.
• Try hard isekai protagonist syndrome. MC is obsessed with leveling/system, and the writing reflects it. Starts meditating as a baby. Just isn't a believable, rounded character.
• "Beauty Bond" One of the magical system elements is beauty, like how water benders use water the MC uses "beauty" which is never well explained or described. It's just too abstract and is never fleshed out before being used as a story element. MC can program little summons with simple commands, like magic robots, and happens out of nowhere over the course of like a paragraph.

Shows potential, but as it is it's deeply flawed.


The story starts by giving some mixed signals, making the reader feel that the MC is being unfairly punished and held back, which I assume made a lot of people give up on it.

If one decides to keep reading forward, they'll discover that there are very good reasons for what happened and that let alone being punished, the MC is being helped to contain the mess they've made. By all rights, her mistake should have destroyed her soul, not just rendered her blind.

Now to explain a little of what this story is about. Not action, not adventure, not romance, and definitely not smut like those who saw mention of futanari probably thought. Yes, there are a lot of fight scenes, but fighting is never the real focus here.

The true focus is the research, seeing the MC slowly unravel the logic by which the world functions through experiments, training, and mistakes while trying to juggle a social life and failing badly at it. The worldbuilding is simply amazing, everything is properly connected and makes sense and it's so satisfying every time a missing puzzle piece gets discovered.

As for the system and power levels, for once a story presents the system and magic not as something to casually snowball into and become OP, but as something dangerous to be approached with great care. Magic and power, in general, isn't something given by the gods or the system, it's inherently available to everyone and all the system does is manage it into a stable and usable format like skills and classes. It's very much possible to do magic beyond the bounds of the system, and if you don't know what you're doing (and you most likely don't) you'll end up massively screwing yourself up, as the MC can attest.

Magic is like electricity and the system is the assortment of electric appliances that harness it into a usable and safe form. People gaining cursed skills are the geniuses trying to stab a fork into the outlet to gain superpowers.


To sum it up, this story is a different kind of exciting which may or may not be up your alley, depending on how much value you put on the worldbuilding.

GenFox 1G

The novel isnt for people who like more fast storys but it does that it wants to very well. The build up with characters and personal connection to them is done really well and it seems less like an action than a slice of life(tho i know thats gonna change)because while the MC does focus on personal growth this doesnt deel like a reincarnation novel in the sense that the MC really values the people around her(?) and has more or less no connection to a pervious life(or it just feels like she was just born into the world as a mega genius). Alot of charcters are likeable and the MC ill say is kind hearted but nowhere near stupid or nieve. More brownie points is how the author delt with humans in this novel, From what i've got they are more or less a fantasy version of the british empire not evil for the sake of being evil but try to subjugate "lesser" races(aka anything that isnt human presumably) we dont know much about them though. Also has a cool quirk of the MC being blind (tho the MC can see better than pretty much everyone in the world thanks to a skill).