The Reincarnation of Alysara [Progression LitRPG]

The Reincarnation of Alysara [Progression LitRPG]

by Comiak

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

After being reincarnated as a fox-like race in a fantasy world filled with magic and mysteries Alysara finds herself blinded after reaching too far for something she should not have. Now she must train her ability to sense the mana around her and discover what mana and magic really is to see. 

This story has been inspired by Azarinth Healer with a similar system yet changed enough to be new and interesting.

WARNING!!! This will feature a lot of progression, and discovery, this will feature a lot of grinding and in-depth explanations of magic and other discoveries.

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Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Legacy ago
Chapter 1: A baby again. ago
Chapter 2: The System ago
Chapter 3: Meeting the family ago
Chapter 4: Cursed skill ago
Chapter 5: A Mother's Worries. ago
Chapter 6: Kyhosa ago
Chapter 7: Speaking ago
Chapter 8: Evolving ago
Chapter 9: Bonding ago
Chapter 10: A friend ago
Chapter 11: Fire Storm ago
Chapter 12: Funeral ago
Chapter 13: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 14: Elders ago
Chapter 15: The Colors of People ago
Side Story 1: Oathbound ago
Chapter 16: Tenth Breakthrough ago
Chapter 17: Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter 18: More storms. ago
Chapter 19: Before the Storm ago
Chapter 20: The Super Storm. ago
Chapter 21: The aftermath ago
Chapter 22: Loneliness ago
Chapter 23: Improvements ago
Chapter 24: Heritage ago
Chapter 25: Paths ago
Chapter 26: Heirloom ago
Chapter 27: Two Tailed Runalymo. ago
Chapter 28: Gains ago
Chapter 29: Tailoring ago
Chapter 30: Attack ago
Chapter 31: For those that live. ago
Chapter 32: Seeing Double ago
Chapter 33: The Makings of a Dress ago
Chapter 34: Enchanting! ago
Chapter 35: A Kyhosa for Twins. ago
Chapter 36: The things that happened. ago
Chapter 37: The Dragons Advice ago
Chapter 38: Analyzing ago
Chapter 39: A class for me ago
Chapter 40: The Fairy Summoner ago
Chapter 41: Glass Eels ago
Chapter 42: Scouting ago
Chapter 43: Spell crystal ago
Chapter 44: Test Flights. ago
Chapter 45: Homewrecker. ago
Chapter 46: A study of Crystals ago
Chapter 47: Mana Toxicity ago
Chapter 48: Ancestral Revelation ago
Chapter 49: Sense Soul ago
Chapter 50: Ancestral meeting. ago
Chapter 51: First Win ago
Chapter 52: Rival ago
Chapter 53: Mistakes ago
Chapter 54: Quicksand ago
Chapter 55: Finals ago
Chapter 56: History ago
Chapter 57: To Evolve or not to Evolve ago
Chapter 58: Burning Hot ago
Chapter 59: Three Tails ago
Chapter 60: Tana's Power ago
Chapter 61: Structuring Order ago
Chapter 62: Wolves ago
Chapter 63: The Wolf's Aftermath ago
Chapter 64: Mind Games ago
Chapter 65: Taking Over ago
Chapter 66: Mind Break ago
Chapter 67: Gathering Intel ago
Chapter 68: Boss Rush ago
Chapter 69: Kayafe's Advice ago
Chapter 70: Choice ago
Chapter 71: Meanwhile ago
Chapter 72: Persistant ago
Chapter 73: Back to the dungeon ago
Chapter 74: Me, Myself, and I Dungeoneering ago
Chapter 75: Meeting of the Fools ago
Chapter 76: Spawning ago
Chapter 77: Heroic ago
Chapter 78: Treant ago
Chapter 79: Regret ago
Chapter 80: Talks with Kayafe. ago
Chapter 81: The dragon's revelation. ago
Chapter 82: Dedication to Myrou ago
Chapter 83: Shades of the Past ago
Chapter 84: The Mana Particle ago
Chapter 85: Convocation ago
Chapter 86: War ago
Chapter 87: Storming ago
Chapter 88: Assassin ago
Chapter 89: Betrayal ago
Chapter 90: Unparalleled Mastery ago
Chapter 91: Enhanced ago
Chapter 92: Retaliation and Cursed Beings ago
Chapter 93: Scapegoats ago
Chapter 94: Evacuation ago
Chapter 95: Cursed Being ago
Chapter 96: Lost Minds ago
Chapter 97: Solitary Treatment ago
Chapter 98: Guardian's Wisdom ago
Chapter 99: The City ago
Chapter 100: Back to Training ago
Chapter 101: Magic Frameworks ago
Chapter 102: A study of Magic ago
Chapter 103: Returning to the Village ago
Chapter 104: Bond Upgrades ago
Chapter 105: Solidifying Illusions ago
Chapter 106: Flying and Fairies ago
Chapter 107: Evolution Trees ago
Chapter 108: Returning to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 109: Fear ago
Chapter 110: Catching Vision ago
Chapter 111: Oppressive Vision ago

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This story is far from perfect. There are grammatical mistakes and questionable decisions from the author. But you can look to other reviews to fill you in on that.

At the end of the day, this story is enjoyable, and thats why I rated it five stars. Reading it never feels like a chore, it's just something you can relax with after a long day.

At the end of the day, I am mostly writing this review because this story deserves more attention, and to encourage the author to keep writing. Its a good story, and you should read it 


Slow build - good world building

Reviewed at: Chapter 79: Regret

I'm enjoying the story.

It's a slower build than most, but does a good job exploring the system and maintaining tension. There's some good descriptions and characterisation. 

A more slice of life story, with enough action that doesn't define the MCs life.

You'll love or hate it, but it's worth a look.

I dislike the cover art.


Let's start with the bad:

Grammar is good, nothing major, just a few minor errors here and there.

I have no issues with the style.

The author does introduce a language and is obviously his first try at doing so. it's gimmicky but I think has done more for the story than it has against it. It shows that these people speak a different language rather just tells you so for a first try it's decent.

The story is a tad on the slow side which some people may not like but I have no problem with it.

This story does feature hermaphrodite characters which may turn people off but other than a few mentions it's not really shown, it's just a thing and that's pretty much it.


Now onto the good:

The system is very well thought out, and the author take his time in showing the system and revealing more parts to it, so far there are skills, skill breakthroughs, Bonds, race class, and classes although we havn't really been intoduce to classes just yet. By taking his time the author has let us get to know certain aspects of the system before adding more to it.

Magic is a huge part of the story and by far the strongest part of the story, and the author goes in-depth on how it works and there's still tons more about it. When the Author said that this story will feature a lot of discovery he meant it! Many people will see it as repetitive and boring but i for one love it. The magic is very well done and thought out and I can't wait to see more of it, to learn more of it, and to see more of it in action!

Characters are done well enough. The MC started out as a baby and there is not much character you can do with that so the first ten chapters won't have too much character development, but when she grows up you will see her develop and grow, gain insecurities, and develope some sort of complex. It's refreashing to follow a character through their life and to know why they have faults.

The MC family act like a family, they are supportive and we don't see too much of how they act when away from the MC but seeing as how the story is told from the MC eyes is understandable. The Parents sometimes irrationally protective of their daughter as many parents are, they are supportive and respectful of their daughter's wishes.

Friends we don't get ti see a lot of. the MC does interact with other kids but there are always reason why the MC is distant from being ostracized due to being blind, no kid would want a blind girl playing on their team after all, to for spoiler reasons, being looked up to. The one friend the MC has is shown from time to time but clearly has a life not centered around the MC which is very logical but doesn't have much room for character growth.

The story is pretty much just the MC growing up right now but there are clear arcs, sections of her life where major things are happening. 

Setting. The setting is fairly good and well done, we get more focus on the setting and culture on the earlier chapters when the MC is a baby and as the MC grows up there's less focus on it in favor of story progression.

Overall this is a great story, far from perfect. there a gimmick or two, but the good and great are really worth it. If you are one of those that like discovering how magic works and getting into the technical details then this story is deffinently for you!


• Decently thought out system.
• Seems to have good long term planning for overarching story.
• Cozy world building. A nice little fox village on an island in caldera. Alright relationships, supportive parents and village, some nice moments.

• Overdone system focus. Author spends a lot of time talking bout system mechanics. I found it hard to care about the level of detail, and the sheer amount of grinding the MC seems to do. It distracts from the story being told.
• Try hard isekai protagonist syndrome. MC is obsessed with leveling/system, and the writing reflects it. Starts meditating as a baby. Just isn't a believable, rounded character.
• "Beauty Bond" One of the magical system elements is beauty, like how water benders use water the MC uses "beauty" which is never well explained or described. It's just too abstract and is never fleshed out before being used as a story element. MC can program little summons with simple commands, like magic robots, and happens out of nowhere over the course of like a paragraph.

Shows potential, but as it is it's deeply flawed.


The story starts by giving some mixed signals, making the reader feel that the MC is being unfairly punished and held back, which I assume made a lot of people give up on it.

If one decides to keep reading forward, they'll discover that there are very good reasons for what happened and that let alone being punished, the MC is being helped to contain the mess they've made. By all rights, her mistake should have destroyed her soul, not just rendered her blind.

Now to explain a little of what this story is about. Not action, not adventure, not romance, and definitely not smut like those who saw mention of futanari probably thought. Yes, there are a lot of fight scenes, but fighting is never the real focus here.

The true focus is the research, seeing the MC slowly unravel the logic by which the world functions through experiments, training, and mistakes while trying to juggle a social life and failing badly at it. The worldbuilding is simply amazing, everything is properly connected and makes sense and it's so satisfying every time a missing puzzle piece gets discovered.

As for the system and power levels, for once a story presents the system and magic not as something to casually snowball into and become OP, but as something dangerous to be approached with great care. Magic and power, in general, isn't something given by the gods or the system, it's inherently available to everyone and all the system does is manage it into a stable and usable format like skills and classes. It's very much possible to do magic beyond the bounds of the system, and if you don't know what you're doing (and you most likely don't) you'll end up massively screwing yourself up, as the MC can attest.

Magic is like electricity and the system is the assortment of electric appliances that harness it into a usable and safe form. People gaining cursed skills are the geniuses trying to stab a fork into the outlet to gain superpowers.


To sum it up, this story is a different kind of exciting which may or may not be up your alley, depending on how much value you put on the worldbuilding.


Good start, but no where to go

Reviewed at: Chapter 70: Choice

For me, there are a few cardinal rules stories should have. Main characters should always act. They matter, and it's their story. There should be an element, no matter how small, of risk or consequences or challenge, to make things interesting. There should be a focus and direction. Things should be internally consistent, and there should be a good climax and resolution in the story for those feel-good moments.

TRoA started off with a good amount of potential. But it kind of strayed away from those things I feel make a good story, so I'm going to have to end my viewership with this.


Perplexed Reader Warns "Stay Away"

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Funeral

Where to begin... The prologue?

The prologue appears to be entirely irrelevant to the first twelve chapters of the story. There is some cosmological framing, and a blessing from a goddess, but the former adds nothing to the story while the later is confirmed more or less as soon as she gets her status, and repeatedly during her childhood.  Allegedly, the protagonist has lost all her memories from a prior life, but the author ignores this as convenient.

Sex.  The protagonist is born into a race of mammalian-like, humanoid fox-like beings. There is low sexual dimorphism between the two sexes, which is played for laughs once the protagonist finds out who her father is.  Then, for no reason I can divine, the protagonist/author decides that this second sex couldn't possibly be male and so decides to call them futanari and, in so much as this work is in English while in-universe they speak another language, decides to use English female pronouns.  This is apparently without regard to biology or, more egregiously, how the culture in-universe treats the separate sexes. It's one thing to disorient an isekai'd protagonist by an alien biology or culture; it's another for the protagonist to impress their cultural understandings without regard. The author should spend some time self-reflecting on why he made this decision.

Language.  The author decides to create a constructed language and spends a significant amount of time walking us through it, and then in dialogue, will sprinkle a litle of the constructed language in with the language this fiction is written in (i.e., English).  This is an extremely advanced writing technique that should be left to linguists who happen to be authors (e.g., Tolkien).  It doesn't work.

Lack of dialogue.  Through age 5, we see almost no evidence of the protagonist engaging in dialogue with her parents or other adults, asking how the world, magic or system works.  Instead, the protagonist forges ahead blindly (pun not intended) and, by some miracle, is a genius at leveling up, despite that a culture which grew up in a system likely has accumulated knowledge and expierence of centuries to draw upon. It would also serve a good opportunity for exposition from a semi-reliable source.

Min max.  Through chapters 12, something like 30-50% of the text is dedicated to the protagonist min-maxing her build.  This ends up both highly repetitive and uninteresting.  There's very little other in the way of story. 

Cultural hegemony.  There is some clear leakage between the protagonist and the author.  And, in so much as the story occurs in first person point of view, the protagonist ultimately ends up describing (and sometimes pigeonholing) aspects of alien, fantasy society using Earth cultural terms.  See complaint about sex above. 

First person POV.  As noted, there is some leakage between the protagonist and the author.  This is particularly a problem in so much as the protagonist is an old soul which has allegedly lost all its memories.  And yet the protagonist says she thinks in English, and remembers (though perhaps incorrectly) several things about her old universe, like physics, geology, and biology.

City vs. village.  Despite describing the protagonist's hometown as a village, the way the village is set up is much more akin to the extra-large community of a city, rather than the small, insular communities that villages are, especially in a society without transit.  This is a likely a bit of leakage from the author and protagonist, a cultural hegemony problem as noted above, and a lack of experience/knowledge on the author's part.

Psychopath.  Particularly given the protagonist's minimal dialogue, what dialogue we do get--combined with her inner thoughts--is starting to suggest that the protagonist is a psychopath who only sees values in others in so much as she can manipulate them to do things that benefit her.  A psychopath can make an interesting protagonist, but insomuch as the story is not tagged anti-hero lead, having it sneak up on the reader is iffy.

Advanced Review Stuff, which draws on all of the above issues:

Style:  It's mostly fine, but suffers from leakage as noted above, and the cultural hegemony issues. 

Grammar:  Again, mostly fine, but professional.

Story:  Almost no plot. It's a slice of life skill grind.  

Characters: Anyone not the protagonist is flat as a board (speaking of their character).  The protagonist doesn't have much depth to her either; and the aspects of her old soul as are well integrated with the rest of her character.


All the characters are pleasant enough, and the style's alright, but what really draws me in is the world-building and the plot. I really like the idea of the mana storms, and the way the system is structured here is clever in all sorts of ways, like breakthroughs. The plot is interesting, too, so far as the childhood arc of a story can be interesting. The protagonist is pretty OP compared to some others, but she is essentially hyperspecialized to only one skill, manasense, for the most part. It does make sense that she'd get an unprecedented amount after being solely focused on it for five years. A large portion of the story is Alysara thinking about her manasense and making conjectures, which might bore some readers. Also, the capitalization, spelling, etc could use some work. Additionally, I don't see why it was necessary to make everyone either female or intersex, but it's not a large part of the story. Overall, a pretty pleasant read, but by no means perfect. 

(This story is probably more like 4 or 3.5 stars, but I enjoyed it enough that the good stuff outweighed a lot of my criticisms.)


just what I wanted.

There are some grammar errors, every few chapters. The writing style is solid and sometimes multiple perspectives are used. The protagonist is not a Marry Sue (mistakes can be made). At the start the author starts teaching us their made up language but happilly for me, that isn't pursued later. I initially feared it'll have lots of fan service but after the culture is established, "bust" is mainly mentioned when the protag's mom hugs them. As a follow up of the protag not being a Marry Sue, they also aren't all powerful and the cost for the owned power and fighting style is slowed growth and poorer classes


A great story that is well worth the read. It has a great system, a great story, and the characters are fun.

I love the system, it has good depth and stands out from the rest. it may not be the best system but i'd rate it very high.

Actions have consequences. This is rare for Isekai but actions have consequences and it's easy to hurt yourself in this world.

The characters don't revolve around the MC, they have their own thing going on.

The setting is unique or at least you don't see it very much. Instead of your tradition medieval setting with horrid nobles and psycopathic aristrocrats you have a society that works togeather and cares for one another. there isn't much of a government because there is a need for one. they have three elders that make big desicians and they aren't idiots, it's shown that they care and are competant.

magic is well explained that leave no room for deus ex machina or ass pulls. if the MC does something you know not just how but also why, which is very rare.

Overall i rate this 10/10 because it deserve it by breaking out of molds and blazing a new trail.