Endless Sky®: Truthsayer (a sci-fi LitRPG)

by DonJones

It’s the ultimate game off planet Earth: Endless Sky, a fully immersive virtual game filled with starships, aliens, space battles, and more. For Frank Kozina, it’s a welcome distraction from his boring, repetitive life as a bank call center minion, a job that he knows could be performed just as well by a Synthetic Intelligence. But Earth’s humans have to have something to keep them busy, right? But Endless Sky promises a release, a distraction; a world that will surround him, give him something meaningful to do, and connect him with narratives bigger than himself.

At least, that’s what the brochure promises.

Frank’s dive into Endless Sky starts the same as it would for anyway: take the white pill that builds the neural net inside your brain, and then the black pill to enter the game itself. Choose your character class, make your way through the tutorial mode, and finally graduate to the game itself. Will you be a starship pilot? A trader? A pirate? The possibilities seem limitless. 

Except that Frank’s Endless Sky Starter Pack comes with a little something extra… something that promises to make his game a little… different. The game even suggests a character class that’s less crowded and more “in demand” within the game’s sprawling economy. It sets Frank on a journey unlike any he ever expected from a “mere” sci-fi RPG, one that will bring him to the very edge of the game… and, if he makes the right choices, back again.

It’s a big “if.”

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Keep up doing Great!

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

Hi, there! So, since I have the honors to be the first one to leave a review, I’ll give 5 stars instead of 4.5 that I planned, I hope that it'll encourage the author to keep up the hard work. 

before we start I'll like to mention that VR stories are not my favorites, but it didn't influence my review, but I do like a sci-fi genre.

Let' start with what I LIKE, I like the build-up of the real world, a pseudo-dystopian world as a result of repeated pandemics that made people's lifestyle more "desolated" so to say. All the tech and gadgets are thoughtfully made and brought into the story, and MC is somebody who you can easy relate to. The VR world is intriguing but not sure how to feel about it yet, not enough data, but the start is good The first person story style is easy to read and immerse yourself in. I'll add nothing more, those interested, please proceed to read the story.

There won't be things I don't like, I'll continue with things that can be improved, at least in my opinion. One of which is the typos, I know that you wrote that you didn't get an editor yet, but even so I think you could do something about it with minimum effort like proofreading before posting, don't get me wrong, you're grammar is good, but this typos might affect some of the readers (my apologies to the fellow readers and the author, I wrote before that "attitude control" is a typo, unfortunately, to my own lack of knowledge I didn't know that it's actually a thing, it controls where the spacecraft is pointing),  the typos in the story are almost insignificant, proofreading should be enough, and the story development is a bit slow (but this is my subjective opinion).

Anyway, I'll stop here, good luck with your endeavors!