*( mood song: "Hozier - Take me to Church" )

The next morning, Erik waited patiently in the kitchen for Inky to wake up for breakfast, he had woke up early and made a feast, with the addition of something special he had made on the lab the last day, a culture of his own cells reprogrammed to become human mother cells, to see if Inky developed human characteristics, he was a bit worried though 'what if she becomes bloodthirsty, or worst, if she develops a period, she would blame me for it for rest of our lives...' he got chills just thinking about it 'better add some artificial flavors to be safe...'.

A sleepy Inky crossed the door at that moment, while sleepily rubbing her eyes, soon catching sight of Erik and the feast on the table and smiling widely as her eyes dilated "you cooked for me!" she ran to Erik and hugged him, kissing him repeatedly.

Erik: "Jajaja I'm glad you are happy honey, but..." his face got serious "there's something I've been wanting to tell you since we were down in those caves... you remember I talked about an eye?" seeing Inky nod, he continued "well, the thing that I saw... it's been appearing in my dreams all these days, in my dreams, it either devours me or tries harming you, so I stop him but end up dying... becoming a bulge of flesh under it..., I've tried lots of ways to win in the dreamworld... it's all so real and vivid, I can still feel myself being chewed up..." his hands lightly trembled to that "but the dream always remains the same, it starts at the same part and ends with my inevitable end... that thing is too strong..., I've seen it on my dreams for some days already so... I thought that I should tell you-"

Inky then just jumped at him sobbing.

Erik: "wh- what's wrong? the scared one should be me..."

Inky looked up at him with a tear-filled face "you had to go through all that alone... why didn't you tell me sooner, you dummy..."

Erik embraced her too "yeah, I should have, I'm sorry..."

They stayed like that, just hugging for a while, and then Erik remembered something, changing the heavy topic, and passing a pink smoothie and giving it to Inky "you see, I've been trying to become more like you all, but I had the thought to make you more like myself too, this way it should be easier for me to get you pregnant, what do you think?"

Instead of answering though, Inky downed the entire smoothie in one go, looking at Erik and saying "I wanna be like you too, and bearing a child sounds fun too!" and hugged him again.

Erik returned the hug, thinking 'she's so cute'

Inky separated from him with a cold face "but if something tries to hurt my wife-"

Erik: "husband"

Inky: "right, if something tries to ever hurt my husband... I will exterminate it!" making a mighty pose with her arms.

Erik chuckled and kissed her cheek "thanks my love, I have another plan though, we have more than enough test subjects, let's make some avatars for everyone this time, it should be safer with more of us going, and it's fine if the avatars die"

He then grabbed some sashimi from the table and ate it, it was made from Trutk's claw, it was chewy so it needed to be cut paper-thin, but it was tasty.

They quickly started eating, finishing the deep sea feast, it had sweet algae jelly, crab sashimi, sweetened and roasted abyssal meat, and some pudding.

He then stood up and grabbed a plate by the side with some pudding, jelly, and jam he had reserved.

Inky wanted to eat it too, but Erik patted her hand aside "huh? why can't I eat that?"

Erik: "well, it's for Crabina, she must still be upset from the other day"

Inky curled her mouth in disgust "she's just a hybrid, who cares about her"

Erik looked down and said "kids shouldn't be made responsible for their parent's mistakes..." and went away, leaving a pondering Inky behind.

She was quickly thinking about something else though 'i forgot to tell him to make me more human juice... it tasted sweet', Erik had added Methyl anthranilate, giving it an intense grape fruity flavor.

Erik arrived at Crabinas room and knocked, but she didn't open, so he opened by himself, inside he saw a gloomy Crabina just lying on her bathtub, watching a kids anime.

"hey, how are you feeling Crabina?"

She didn't respond, so he used his secret weapon, food, he placed it on a nearby table and sat on one of the chairs.

"I brought you lots of tasty things you know?"

He saw sneak a peak to that, and he pretended not to see "oh well, guess I will have to eat all of these by myself~"

Crabina panicked and came out "n-no! mine, they are mine!" quickly getting to the other chair, her eyes dilating and grabbing the pudding "what is this?!" she quickly ate it "so sweeet! I love it!"

Erik smiled seeing her like that 'She's truly just a kid, but she was the only hybrid born from the hybrids and crabmen union... she's unique' Erik warmly smiled and said "hey Crabina, I have been thinking..., would you like to be my daughter?"

Crabina paused to that, looking dumbfounded before then growing delighted, jumping at him "daddy!" she hugged him and he returned the hug.

Erik then looked at the room and the anime still playing on the wall screen "and my first act as a father will be bathing you, you reek a bit little lady, you should change the water in the bathtub once in a while".

Crabina pouted and looked away, so Erik first cleaned her room and bathtub, and filled it with clean water, putting her inside and washing her body with some body soap, he also found out she was really ticklish as she struggled more than a cat inside a bathtub. He also noticed something else about her anatomy while bathing her that he hadn't noticed before 'oh... she has a dick...' it was tiny but she indeed had a dick and also a pussy 'she really is unique, I need to ask Timberly later how it went too..., if it didn't work then maybe Crabina could get that task in the future...' with the washing finished, Erik picked her up in his arms and went to the octopeople city, quickly arriving at the school area.

He then found one of the teachers and after a long talk and using his authority as the Fifth Elder, he managed to get her schooled too, he then put Crabina on the ground and told her "from now on you will study here with the other kid's sweety, then when school is over the teacher will escort you back home okay?"

Crabina was sulking "you wanna leave me again..."

Erik kneeled beside her to look her in the eyes "no dear, I will be waiting at home, what I can't do is let you watch anime for the rest of your life, that wouldn't be right, the rest of the kids are even learning how to use computers now you know?"

Crabina seemed interested then "computers? I can watch anime in them?"

Erik nodded and said "of course, but you can also do lots of other things" he had taught Inky and the elders long ago and there were some laptops at the tribe, so the adult octopeople already had a general understanding "today they are gonna learn how to type without looking at the keyboard for example"

Crabina sulked "and what's the use of that?"

Erik was a bit frustrated 'need to think like her... oh, I got it' "then imagine being able to type the names of the animes you like really fast, you could even write fanfic novels about them, doesn't it sound cool" he saw Crabinas eyes dilate with realization 'got her hook and sinker...' *chuckle*.

Erik coughed and put on a serious face "so? will you make daddy proud?"

Crabina jumped in place excited "yes! I will daddy!"

Erik smiled and stood up, then looked at the teacher and said with a serious face "make sure she reaches her way back safely, if something happens to her... you will be made responsible"

The teacher loudly gulped with cold sweat and bowed "as you command Fifth Elder!"

Erik was satisfied with her response and went back to base, waiting for him was an eager Inky. She was naked and moving her ass in front of him in a suggestive way. Erik couldn't help but smile at that "oh? seems like we have a naughty girl here?" quickly taking his own clothes off.

Inky looked back mischievously "yeah... I might need a punishment..."

Erik grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, her springy and slimy skin letting his fingers sink in 'such a juicy ass... damn...' he put two fingers inside her dripping pussy as he stroked his cock, he then saw her rosebud and had an idea "punishment... was it ?" aligning his cock and penetrating her pussy to lube it.

Inky: "ahn~ yeah, I need some- what? aahh!" she had just felt Erik pull out of her pussy to then spear through into her ass "wrong hole dummy! ahn~ I can't... get pregnant... from that"

Erik just continued humping her though "don't worry love, I have enough for both of your holes, just enjoy it!" their hips impacted together with loud wet sounds as he reached deep inside her ass, the smooth grip of her slimy rosebud and the folds inside caressing his member.

Inky moaned loudly to the relentless hammering inside her ass, her strength leaving her as Erik took her to a nearby sofa for support and continued plowing her as he also caressed one of her right nipples and fingered her dripping wet pussy. He felt her tightening up as he started speeding up "fuck... cumming!" and with one final push, he went as deep as he could and unloaded inside, slowly humping back and forth as he enjoyed the sensation.

Inky panted as she looked back at Erik "Erik... now fuck my pussy... hurry~"

Erik chuckled and got his dick hard again with a thought, thanks to the improved muscles at the base, he laid down and looked at Inky with a smile "ride it yourself then~"

Inky smiled and quickly climbed on top of him, aligning his dick to her wet cunt and impaling herself on it, making both of them moan as she started riding his dick up and down, while her own hard cock slapped Erik's belly over and over, with Erik grabbing it and starting to masturbate her as he also moved his hips to match her movements, penetrating her cervix.

After some time, he came inside her pussy as she also came over his chest, they looked at each other's eyes as Inky bent over and kissed him.

Eager to check the results, they went to the lab after coming a couple more times, testing one egg Erik sighed as it still wasn't completely viable, but it was getting closer. He then took a DNA sample from Inky and scanned it searching for human DNA, and was happy to see human DNA related to skin, cartilage, and ears attached to her fourth DNA helix 'yes, this could work! both parents needed to be hybrids... can't wait to have my own biological daughter!'.

As they were about to celebrate though, a warrior quickly came into the room "Fifth Elder, Sixth Elder! the rest of the elders ask for your presence, it's an emergency!"

--- octopeople city ---

Erik and Inky arrived at the control room where all the elders were already waiting, the screens in front of them showing images from the hidden cameras down below, the crabmen had already set camp below the cliff, thousands of them waiting to start climbing the cliff.

Seeing that, both Inkys and Erik's eyes dilated, Eriks quickly coming to his senses as his face grew serious "how many are they?"

Shana was the one to answer "at least 12 thousand soldiers, but more seem to be coming, they seem to be getting ready to climb the cliff..."

Erik nodded and asked Rose [any ideas?]

[well, putting traps but im sure you have thought about that already..., the problem is that normal abyssals won't approach such a big group]

Erik: [i had thought about a big underwater mine to create a loud bang, or speakers with the sounds of injured prey, could also use lights, or a massive release of bait, and my last idea is to carry the stones that were already being cut to the cliff using air balloons and then just let them fall, or just using big rocks would be enough, but seeing them fall it would be easy to avoid them...]

[then... why not all?, first drop the rocks with explosives and guts attached to them so they sink faster, then according to my database, a herd of *gibberish* should be passing close by, if you reproduce the sound of an injured young one... the entire herd would flock the area.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

Erik: [such a vicious plan... I love it! those savages won't know what hit them!]

The elders waited as Erik seemed to be thinking and chuckling to himself, after some time he told them his plan and they were a bit surprised, but everyone got to work.

For the explosives, they tied air deposits at really high pressures to the lower sides of big stones and lots of guts tied to their sides in their nooks and crannies, and as a finishing touch, underwater speakers floating after the storms tied by a small rope to it and with a small airbag, as the water pressure increased when falling, the airbag would become useless and the speaker would slowly fall to the bottom after the rock.

Erik: [by the way, what animal is it?]

[.....something similar to an ammonite I guess..., but in the shape of a ball and without eyes, they use sound with a type of sonar to see in the dark according to my data, oh, and another interesting fact, apparently their shells float to the surface when they die, could be useful for a floating base right?]

Erik: [well, I need 2 more pieces of relevant data first... how big are they, and how thick is their shell?]

[ the biggest one recorded in this area was 90 meters long, and its shell was 1 meter thick, stronger than steel]

Erik: [....yeah well, I don't wanna even try hunting something like that, with some luck the army down there will injure one or two... we'll see then]

[alright ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

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