Coming out of the bathroom with his basic diving suit on and going to the kitchen following a trail of blood, he was surprised to see Inky there with the big block of meat on top of the kitchen table and looking at it like she didn't know where to start for cooking it, he couldn't help chuckling and thinking she was just too cute, she looked at him and smiled happily while flapping her fins, stepping aside to let him cook the meat.


He checked the meat and it was marbled and tender, he would try cooking it in a yakiniku style and also some steaks, he didn't know what being it came from but it was fatty meat and should be delicious, he quickly cut 1 fine strip and cooked them quickly on a skillet, he would have loved to have a fire but Rose had already forbidden him from doing so long ago, he would try making a hydrogen flame thrower for adding crusts to meat though, but for now it was still a pending project, he cooked the meat on both sides and plated them quickly, giving half to Inky to try, both made sure to blow on the meat and ate, it was juicy and delicious!, it reminded him of the taste of swordfish but a bit like pork, like 'Secreto ibérico' that was really popular on the state of Spain in the European republic, then he knew how he wanted to cook the bigger steaks.


First, he rubbed the meat in sea salt making sure to rub it, then shaked it to take off the excess salt and rubbed some fish soup on it with a brush and put it on the skilled, flipping it on both sides to get a nice crust, then added a cube of moray fat on top to create some fish oil, and used the arroser technique, then added some kelp stripes on top and using a spoon and tilting the skillet, he kept pouring the fish oil accumulated back on top of the meat, the kelp stripes sizzling and the meat tender and absorbing all the juice, Inky by the side was salivating at that smell, then he used a long holed spatula to serve the meat on a plate while leaving the fat and oil on the skilled and also picked the seaweed fried stripes and added them to the side as dressing, they also added a lot of umami savory flavor, by now he basically had to use his body to push Inky to the side and let him finish plating, then using a sharp knife he cut the meat into thin slices, it was still juicy and mid rare inside, a perfect steak, he couldn't help smile, then he looked at Inky and pointed her to her seat, she quickly smiled and grabbed her fork ready, he put the plate, (luckily, the table was made for 8 people so there was still space for them to sit on one end after pushing the big meat piece aside a bit) in the middle and both started eating, it was delicious!, they finished it quickly though and both still wanted more, so he cut a big piece, wrapped it in algae a bit and put it on an oven tray, then poured the juice from the pan on top and finished covering the meat in big kelp leaves, put it inside the oven and left it baking, in the meantime he cut lots of thin slices of meat and using chopstick he quickly fried them on the skillet and put them on a plate for Inky to eat and then one for him, she got impatient tough and grabbed another skillet and imitated him, her first 2 were basically raw as she was too fast, but she quickly got the hang of it, with meat that good it was hard not to become a foodie, it was also super savory and emitted like a heat once inside the stomach, it was the best meat they both had ever had.


40 minutes later the meat from the oven was ready, and Erik quickly took it out wearing gloves to avoid burning his hand and slapping Inkys hand away that looked at him resentfully, 'damn she's just too cute' he thought, he took the oven tray and put it on the table, a wonderful smell filling the kitchen, using a fork and knife he carefully peeled the crispy kelp away, what was below was a perfectly cooked meat, so tender it crumbled just with a bit of force, pulling it easily apart, he regretted he didn't have bread to make some sandwiched like for pulled pork recipes, he quickly put half on each plate as Inky quickly took her seat and started eating blissfully, they finished their plates and could barely move, Erik struggled to get up and collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.

Hours later he woke up feeling super energized and even his mind felt faster, and the best part was that Inky was giving him a blowjob, he grabbed her head and came deep on her throat, as she kept it balls deep inside her throat and sucked it all out, and then looked up and smiled at him with her fins flapping.

She was about to start some more but he stopped her, there were just too many things left to do.

He went to the kitchen and pulled the giant piece of meat inside the fridge, luckily there was no bacteria or bugs inside the base so the meat was still in perfect condition, also he noticed that somehow picking the meat up was way easier, he cut some pieces and made breakfast for him and Inky and then went to the gym.


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