SPACE COLONIST in the oceanic world ARK

SPACE COLONIST in the oceanic world ARK

by NirvanaPenguin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

In the far future the planet earth is full, and thanks to 3 key technologies, genetic manipulation, cryosleep, and advanced space engines, humanity builds deep space spaceships and launch themselves to the unknown confines of space to forge a new future away from home.
Follow our young engineer Erik as he starts on his first job at the young age of 60 years old in future earth where humans will live hundreds of years, he will reach an unknown place with his spaceship by accident and to survive he will have no choice but to explore alien structures and hunt dangerous monsters to get stronger, making alliances with the locals in more than friendly terms sometimes.
The protagonist is a young 60 years old "young" engineer, he's easy-going and a good guy, he's been trained so he will know what he's doing most of the time, in "Chapter 1 - A New Beginning" he will explain more, as a human from the future where bodies are just flesh containers, he's fairly openminded (kinda like "Altered Carbon" from Netflix, but different, you can go one day to a genetic center, pay, and get inside a liquid tank and then, the next time you open your eyes your body has already changed, then you get your ticket and go home just like that, but combat modifications would be regulated).
Hi, NirvanaPenguin here, suggestions on the story are welcome, this is a book I'm gonna write for fun and to get better at writing in preparation for a story I will start next year.


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A quick heads-up about the tags:
tags: FirstContact, alien, mystery, technology, AI, DesignedIntelligence, Waterworld, ARK, cooking, hunting, gathering, KingdomBuilding, alliances, leviathan, genetics, FromWeakToStrong, AlienReproduction, lewd, r18, genderswap, Futanari, HappySex, genetics, teaching, mechanics, FuturisticTechnologies, weakToStrong, cautiousProtagonist.
Dialog Settings:
'...' --> mental dialog
"..." --> out loud dialog
[...] --> voice inside his head
but it will be clear during the book, the story might be slow for some, but i didn't wanna do a "10 years later" kinda crap and then strong to go explore, but he will slowly get there.

The book cover was drawn by myself(not the background though), I will try to make or pay someone to make a cooler one in the future though.

Inspiration for the octopeople.
- Asari from Mass Effect.
- sea horses.
- subnautica all beings reproduce that way.

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Table of Contents
168 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: ago
Chapter 1 - A New Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - A New Home ago
Chapter 3 - Settling Down ago
Chapter 4 - Settling Down part 2 ago
Chapter 5 - First Encounter ago
Chapter 6 – Attempt at Communication ago
Chapter 7 - Creating Trust ago
Chapter 8 ago
Chapter 9 - Nursing ago
Chapter 10 – New Equipment ago
Chapter 11 - Recovery ago
Chapter 12 - Foraging ago
Chapter 13 - Base Development and Exploration ago
Chapter 14 – (+18) ago
Chapter 15 - Sharing the moment (+18) ago
Chapter 16 - Sharing is caring (+18) ago
Chapter 17 - Breakfast ago
Chapter 18 ago
Chapter 19 - The Start of Negotiations ago
Chapter 20 ago
Chapter 21 ago
Chapter 22 - Giving a name (+18) ago
Chapter 23 - A Wonderful Meal ago
Chapter 24 ago
Chapter 25 - Fun in the bath (+18) ago
Chapter 26 ago
Chapter 27 - Trading ago
Chapter 28 - Unknown Dangers (ಠ.ಠ) (+18) ago
Chapter 29 - Do or Die (+18) ago
Chapter 30 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 31 - A Much Needed Rest ago
Chapter 32 - Body Enhancements (+18) ago
Chapter 33 - Getting Workers ago
Chapter 34 – How to Sell a Project ago
Chapter 35 ago
Chapter 36 - Getting Closer (+18) ago
Chapter 37 - The Hunt ago
Chapter 38 – Caring for the Injured ago
Chapter 39 – Shared Effort (+18) ago
Chapter 40 – Awakening (+18) ago
Chapter 41 - Planning ago
Chapter 42 - Testing (+18) ago
Chapter 43 - Evolutions ago
Chapter 44 - Progress ago
Chapter 45 – Plans for Conquest ago
Chapter 46 – Plans for conquest part 2 ago
Chapter 47 – Safety First ago
Side Story 1: Inky's Day (+18) ago
Chapter 48 – A Disturbing Forest ago
Chapter 49 – War with beasts ago
Chapter 50 - Extermination ago
Chapter 51 – Demons From The Past ago
Chapter 52 - Relax (+18) ago
Chapter 53 - What lurks in the dark ago
Chapter 54 - A Curious Girl ago
Chapter 55 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 56 - Highway to the Abyss ago
Chapter 57 - Restoration Problems ago
Chapter 58 - Genetic Improvements (+18) ago
Chapter 59 – Underwater Prospection ago
Chapter 60 - Into The Tunnels ago
Chapter 61 - Know Your Enemy ago
Chapter 62 - Memories ago
Chapter 63 - Talent (+18) ago
Chapter 64 - A Test Of Wit ago
Chapter 65 - Rowing on angry seas (+18) ago
Chapter 66 - Unforgettable (+18) ago
Chapter 67 - A Warm Future (+18) ago
Chapter 68 - One of Them ago
Chapter 69 - The Hunt (+18) ago
Chapter 70 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 71 - Panem et circenses ago
Chapter 72 - Crafting Skills (+18) ago
Chapter 73 - For the Queen ago
Chapter 74 - Elite team ago
Chapter 75 - Let's Go To War ago
Chapter 76 - Demon? ago
Chapter 77 - Justice For Some ago
Chapter 78 - Message from the dead (+18) ago
Chapter 79 - A dose of sanity (+18) ago
Chapter 80 - Opening up (+18) ago
Chapter 81 - Rose ago
Chapter 82 - THE FALL ago
Chapter 83 - A new life ago
Chapter 84 - Baiting Tactics ago
Chapter 85 - Bloody Business (+18) ago
Chapter 86 - Changes (+18) ago
Chapter 87 - Servants ago
Chapter 88 - New Fields ago
Chapter 89 - Jana ago
Chapter 90 - Jana (part 2) ago
Chapter 91 - Games ago
Chapter 92 - Chimeric Human (+18) ago
Chapter 93 - Chimeric Human (+18) (part 2) ago
Chapter 94 - Evolving lust (+18) ago
Chapter 95 - Evolving Lust (+18) (part 2) ago
Chapter 96 - News (+18) ago
Chapter 97 - Makruh ago
Chapter 98 - Cleanup ago
Chapter 99 - The Dome ago
Chapter 100 - Chemistry ago
Chapter 101 - Bombing the seas ago
Chapter 102 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 103 - Rebel Village ago
Chapter 104 - Stories from the caves (+18) ago
Chapter 105 - Gearing up (+18) ago
Chapter 106 - Modern Warfare ago
Chapter 107 - New Ruler ago
Chapter 108 - All Hail The Queen (+18) ago
Chapter 109 - All Hail The Queen (+18) - part 2 ago
Chapter 110 - Alchemy ago
Chapter 111 - Relics from the past ago
Chapter 112 - Fire Mushrooms (+18) ago
Chapter 113 - Potions ago
Chapter 114 - Updates (+18) ago
Chapter 115 - Competition ago
Chapter 116 – Battle Bots ago
Chapter 117 - Path to the Fire ago
Chapter 118 - The Glowing River ago
Chapter 119 - Royal Guards ago
Chapter 120 - Warrior ago
Chapter 121 - Lost Heroes ago
Chapter 122 - Path to the Forge ago
Chapter 123 - Monsters ago
Chapter 124 - The Boiler ago
Chapter 125 - A Lesson ago
Chapter 126 - Here we go again ago
Chapter 127 - The Roar ago
Chapter 128 - Lightning Slugs ago
Chapter 129 - The Forge ago
Chapter 130 - Secret facility ago
Chapter 131 - Monster Hunters ago
Chapter 132 - New Hardware ago
Chapter 133 - Virtual Revenge ago
Chapter 134 - Mutation Materials ago
Chapter 135 - Trial Run (+18) (part 1 & 2) ago
Chapter 136 - Icy Business ago
Chapter 137 - A complicated launch ago
Chapter 138 - To Break The Ice ago
Chapter 139 - In The Name of Artillery ago
Chapter 140 - Planning Deeply (+18) (twice as long chapter) ago
Chapter 141 - Changes and preparations ago
Chapter 142 - Submarine tour ago
Chapter 143 - Ancient Ruins ( part 1 ) ago
Chapter 144 - Ancient Ruins ( part 2 ) ago
Chapter 145 - Ancient Ruins ( part 3 ) ago
Chapter 146 - Ancient Ruins ( part 4 ) ago
Chapter 147 - The Royal Palace (part 1) ago
Chapter 148 - The Royal Palace (part 2) ago
Chapter 149 - The Royal Palace (part 3) ago
Chapter 150 - The Royal Palace (part 4) ago
Chapter 151 - The Royal Palace (part 5) ago
Chapter 152 - The Royal Palace (part 6) ago
Chapter 153 - The Royal Armoury ago
Chapter 154 - The Secrets of Steam ago
Chapter 155 - ARK 52836383637 ago
Chapter 156 - Space Wreckage ago
Chapter 157 - Crabman City ago
Chapter 158 - Display of power ago
Chapter 159 - Submarine (+18) ago
Chapter 160 - Expedition ago
Chapter 161 - Voyage ago
Chapter 162 - Pirates ago
Chapter 163 - DNA Evolution ago
Chapter 164 - Almost There ago
Chapter 165 - The Beast & The Machine part 1 ago
Chapter 166 - The Beast & The Machine part 2 ago

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An interesting premise but unpolished

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - Creating Trust

I only had time to get to chapter 7 today so YMMV

While grammar It's not realy a dealbreaker for me,  looking up how to format stories, such as propper use of capitalisation, dialogue and paragraphs might be helpfull.

This has an interesting premise after all.

Now, I didn't make it very far today, only to chaper 7 so far the only red flag is the harem tag. If this turns into "excuse to rut with a harem of specific fetish demihumas" It would be a shame.

The images are a nice touch, I mean if light novels can do it why can't this story.

Additional tip: Posting everything at once if you have a backlog is slightly counterproductive for at least this site. Scheduled posting gets more exposure.

Plus, adjusting formatting or grammar of one chapter a day based on feedback is less of a chore then doing everything. IE good for learining and lessens fatigue.

4 stars so far, beeing slightly generous with ignoring the grammar and formatting stuff.
I plan to update more below this point as I get further in.


The story itself in interesting, I really liked what the author tried to do, its a story on a Subnotica-like works (submerged bases, alien tech, strange creatures) with mutations and evolutions. The condition of evolution, tech, etc, the author did research and give links for the reader that want to know more. 

Then the author decided to dump all his sexual fantasy in the book... Futanary, group sex, rape (no, "soft" rape don't exist, even if the victim like it after the 1st time, it's still a rape), heavy use of aphrodisiac, etc... The MC don't stop saying he have a girlfriend he love dearly on Earth that was going to come after he build the 1st part of the base (in 10 years), then "I'll modify my dick to have a bigger one to fuck this aliens better!"...

At last une third of the book is only sex scenes, and it ruined my reading experience. I flipped trough the scenes without reading (only searching the end of it) and they really feel like someone hitting puberty with a 24/7 free acces to some of the strangest category of porn wrote them.

Sorry, I can't continue to read the story. Hope the author find a better public than I was. 

Have a good reading everyone. 


Decent but not great(updates frequently)

Reviewed at: Chapter 67 - A Warm Future (+18)

So this story feels like the author is in a rush to tell it. Not as if they want to end it already but as in they're so excited that they miss important things. The concepts are solid even if they are so heavily inspired that it almost warrants a fanfic tag. Which isn't bad, in fact the premises for this novel and for Tamer are some of my favorite. However the execution is somewhat lacking. Character depth for everyone is extremely shallow and this tanks the story the hardest. The mc is little more than a prop for reader insert with how bland he is and how murcurial his character is. The surrounding characters have almost no personality beyond a set of urges and a veneer of personality that just goes along with the mc.  In regards to style well there really is no style the story is so basic and lacking in any serious depth that style suffers for it. There is definitely a habit of tell instead of  show with this author but it is so slight that I really do not mind it.

Biggest Cons are: The characters are as flat as Mario was in the 90s and the overall plot comes too easily for the MC.

Biggest Pros are: The 18+ scenes are good and hit the exact niche the author tries to. 

Tldr: it's decent as a fetish story but quickly feels hollow as anything else. Still worth reading.