The Grand Game

The Grand Game

by Tom_Elliot

One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is brutal as it is complex.

An exciting LitRPG portal fantasy epic!

Book 1, The Grand Game has been released: ebook and audiobook!

Book 2, Way of the Wolf has been released: ebook and audiobook!

Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself.

Dropped into a dungeon of monsters, and strange magics, would you survive in a Game where to lose means death?

Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All while navigating the intrigues around him and discovering his purpose.

A world of Powers, Forces, and mysterious factions. A Game with endless opportunities for advancement and power.

Join Michael on his epic adventure as he deals with the Game’s challenges, the machinations of the Powers, and the ambitions of his fellow players.

Please note that the full story is currently available on  But if you are interested in reading the ebook version, you can download the full story on amazon.

Book 1: The Grand Game: here.

Book 2, Way of the Wolf: here.

I'm posting chapters from Book 2 at the moment. At this stage my planned release schedule is 4 per week.

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Word Count (13)
1st Anniversary
Top List #200
Table of Contents
160 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 001: A New Beginning ago
Chapter 002: The Grand Game ago
Chapter 003: The Epitome of Evil ago
Chapter 004: Gnat ago
Chapter 005: The Master's Gifts ago
Chapter 006: Gamers Speak ago
Chapter 007: Class Selection ago
Chapter 008: A Shrewd Strategy ago
Chapter 009: Getting Ready ago
Chapter 010: The Dungeon ago
Chapter 011: Moving On ago
Chapter 012: Trapped Games ago
Chapter 013: Side Trip ago
Chapter 014: Still Alive ago
Chapter 015: What Lies Beneath ago
Chapter 016: A Second Stab ago
Chapter 017: Crossroads ago
Chapter 018: Choices ago
Chapter 019: Dead Ends ago
Chapter 020: A Surprising Discovery ago
Chapter 021: Realizations ago
Chapter 022: Crossing ago
Chapter 023: What Lies Beyond ago
Chapter 024: Epiphany ago
Chapter 025: Ambush ago
Chapter 026: Killer ago
Chapter 027: Tunnels ago
Chapter 028: Traps ago
Chapter 029: Complications ago
Chapter 030: Discoveries ago
Chapter 031: A Gamble Refused ago
Chapter 032: One Good Deed Deserves Another ago
Chapter 033: Going Hunting ago
Chapter 034: A Roll of the Dice ago
Chapter 035: Clean Up ago
Chapter 036: Chiefly Matters ago
Chapter 037: A Broken Breakfast ago
Chapter 038: Assassin ago
Chapter 039: Death Lurks in the Shadows ago
Chapter 040: Dancing with Death ago
Chapter 041: A Better Plan ago
Chapter 042: Taking down a Goliath ago
Chapter 043: Finishing up ago
Chapter 044: Just Desserts ago
Chapter 045: A Magic of Sorts ago
Chapter 046: The Locked Gate ago
Chapter 047: The Way Out ago
Chapter 048: Making New Choices ago
Chapter 049: Markets and More ago
Chapter 050: Behind the Locked Door ago
Chapter 051: The Rich and the Poor ago
Chapter 052: Masterful Bait ago
Chapter 053: The Nature of Forces ago
Chapter 054: The Grey Merchant’s Wares ago
Chapter 055: Buying and Selling ago
Chapter 056: The Nightstalker ago
Chapter 057: An Army of Noobs ago
Chapter 058: The Painted Woman ago
Chapter 059: A Game within a Game ago
Chapter 060: A Question of Trust ago
Chapter 061: A Bold Proposition ago
Chapter 062: Outfitting an Army ago
Chapter 063: Preparing for War ago
Chapter 064: First Contact ago
Chapter 065: Mayhem before Magic ago
Chapter 066: On to the Main Course ago
Chapter 067: Running down Prey ago
Chapter 068: Predator and Prey ago
Chapter 069: Standoff ago
Chapter 070: Death and Mayhem ago
Chapter 071: A Reckoning ago
Chapter 072: A New Life’s Resolution ago
Chapter 073: Trapped in a Bowl ago
Chapter 074: Confrontation ago
Chapter 075: Turning the Tables ago
Chapter 076: Twelve Hours to Live ago
Chapter 077: Backup Gear ago
Chapter 078: Spinning for Control ago
Chapter 079: The Clock is Ticking ago
Chapter 080: Bait and Switch ago
Chapter 081: Rats in a Barrel ago
Chapter 082: Spider Stomping ago
Chapter 083: Picking up the Pieces ago
Chapter 084: Wanted ago
Chapter 085: Old Friends, New Faces ago
Chapter 086: The Two Stones ago
Chapter 087: The Teachings of a Wise Old Merchant ago
Chapter 088: What Comes Next ago
Books on Kindle and a note on the next book... ago
Michael at the End of Book 1 ago
Chapter 089: The Outside World ago
Chapter 090: Hunted ago
Chapter 091: Big Game Hunters ago
Chapter 092: In the Grip of Delirium ago
Chapter 093: The Law of the Pack ago
Chapter 094: The Green Triangle ago
Chapter 095: A Romp in the Forest ago
Chapter 096: In a Pickle ago
Chapter 097: A Fortified Mess ago
Chapter 098: A Mug of Ale ago
Chapter 099: Square of Surprise ago
Chapter 100: Wheeling and Dealing ago
Chapter 101: The Second Offer  ago
Chapter 102: The Tartan Legion ago
Chapter 103: What the Dark Wants ago
Chapter 104: A Howlin Mess ago
Chapter 105: On the Hunt ago
Chapter 106: A Dance of Blades ago
Chapter 107: The Great Deceiver ago
Chapter 108: The Sworn ago
Chapter 109: A Deadly Harvest ago
Chapter 110: Strung up like Rats ago
Chapter 111: Thieving Ways ago
Chapter 112: Playing Dead ago
Chapter 113: A Plan Gone Awry ago
Chapter 114: Adding to the Mayhem ago
Chapter 115: Instigating Violence ago
Chapter 116: Sowing Chaos ago
Chapter 117: Deceitful Revelations ago
Chapter 118: A Conundrum ago
Chapter 119: The Envoy’s Envoy ago
Chapter 120: Lies within Lies ago
Chapter 121: More Surprises ago
Chapter 122: Stirring up a Fuss ago
Chapter 123: A Difficult Choice ago
Chapter 124: The Spider’s Spawn ago
Chapter 125: Born from Darkness ago
Chapter 126: Back to Darkness ago
Chapter 127: A Goblin’s Revenge ago
Chapter 128: An Unexpected Arrival ago
Chapter 129: The Gift of a Blade ago
Chapter 130: Another Task Down ago
Chapter 131: Amongst the Pack ago
Chapter 132: The Council’s Judgment ago
Chapter 133: Bloodlines ago
Chapter 134: Atiras’ Gifts ago
Chapter 135: Power of the Mind  ago
Chapter 136: A Spirit Harmed ago
Chapter 137: The Mind’s Reach ago
Chapter 138: Mind over Body ago
Chapter 139: New Challenges ago
Chapter 140: Strength of Mind ago
Chapter 141: Gifts from the Fallen ago
Chapter 142: Blood Awakening ago
Chapter 143: Setting Matters Right ago
Chapter 144: A Reckoning ago
Chapter 145: Into the Viper’s Nest ago
Chapter 146: A Flaming Mess ago
Chapter 147: The Gang of Four ago
Chapter 148: An Unlikely Pair ago
Chapter 149: The Lost Alchemist ago
Chapter 150: A Running Battle ago
Chapter 151: A Battle of Titans ago
Chapter 152: Death to my Enemies ago
Chapter 153: A Toxic Interrogation  ago
Chapter 154: A Gambler’s Deal ago
Chapter 155: Investing Wisely ago
Chapter 156: Another Ending ago
Michael at the End of Grand Game Book 2 ago
Chapter 157: The Heart of the World ago

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Slow burn to its detriment

Reviewed at: Chapter 025: Ambush

This isn't for me. Can't continue on.

I don't get why the reviews for this are praising the fact that it has a slow burn, cautious, and cunning mc. It doesn't.

The story itself is what's slow. We're 25 chapters in and hardly much has happened at all plot-wise. Not even one in-story day has passed.

Everything is overly descriptive. Every single one of the protagonist's thoughts are explained in detail. Every system message is a sentence and every single one of them are shown.

As a short example: "You have evaded a level 10 goblin archer’s attack. Your dodging has increased to level 4." That's what the system messages are like, with some being much longer. In one short fight (which took an entire chapter) there are no less than 10 system messages. There would be more but some were thankfully combined.

The grammar is excellent and I only spotted a few issues.

Other than that, the story isn't bad. It's just incredibly overly-descriptive.

The only other issue with this is the very misleading reviews. I'm almost forced to conclude that they're either friends of the author, paid off, giga fans of solo protagonists, or drop-dead tired of most of the bad writing on RR.

Give it a shot though. Good grammar is hard to come by on this site.

But you want a show-don't-tell story? A plot that moves forward at a reasonable pace? Look elsewhere.


The story is long as you are binging it.  The chapters are short, which would be fine with the daily update schedule; however the chapters have nothing in them.  Like a chip, you can eat fifty of them and still not read anything of substance.  For example, chapter 45 is solely dedicated to looking at loot. That's it.  

The author also uses status alerts to pad wordcount.  617 of the 1446 words used in chapter 45 are system alerts.  That's only 212 words - a paragraph or two - short of being half the chapter.  

Combined, these two factors make the story so painfully slow, that even 50 chapters in, he has yet to escape the dungeon he entered in the tenth chapter. 

Clockwork Orange

Seems fine so far but it's nothing like what other reviews are saying at all.
Pacing is almost impressively slow for now. 42 chapters in and the MC has walked down 4 corridors. Grammar is actually quite good and the story uses some tropes which i usually enjoy, but don't expect the magnum opus that other reviews are describing.

Edit: A month later and book 1 is finished. The pacing actually picks up quite nicely, at least when compared to the beginning. However chapters also became ridiculously short so that the author could get the book published quicker. Hopefully book 2 feels less rushed.


Other characters are badly written

Reviewed at: Chapter 061: A Bold Proposition

The Author is really good at writing a story which progresses at a decent pace, with a decent MC and decent encounters. It is still early in the story, nothing stands out in particular, it is a story you have read before, just written very well.

That is until around chapters 60 where the MC meets one of the major gangs, the losing one at that. Some of the members in the leadership are so stupid I suspect they would die of oxygen starvation unless someone reminds them to breathe. The MC seems to lose all his smarts as well.

I wonder if the Author will write later that the safe zone lowers IQ of low level players.



I appreciate the action and levelling but the plotting and characters are quite bad. Mainly the intelligence of the characters. There's so much dumb stuff and plot holes that go on, I'll list a few in spoilers

The bat not seeing the silent communication with the wolves, MC killing an entire room full of goblins without them grouping up, MC going along with whatever retarded plans the people he met 3 hours ago came up with. Those people deciding to blindly trust an interrogation that happened off screen and suddenly split their forces to walk right into an ambush. I can understand they trusted the interrogator but anyone with half a brain would decide to keep the bulk of forces all together.

Lastly the base of the plot is tenuous. I can think of much better ways to trick the players towards Dark.

 I guess it's alright if you binge through it and don't mind a YA sort of fantasy with characters slow on the uptake.


Blue Boxes hurt the Flow

Reviewed at: Chapter 025: Ambush

The author has demonstrated a solid technical basis in their writing, but their insistence on using blue boxes to describe interactions between the protagonist and the world shoots themself in the foot. I do appreciate their decision to use mind/magic/faith over Chr/Int/Wis. 

A pair of examples include using blue boxes to indicate monsters are nearby instead of describing auditory cues as well as pointlessly bogging down fight scenes with notifications that the protagonist has been hurt.

Update: I've been swinging through to check some of the earlier chapters, and it looks like the author has been pulling the blue box formatting and switching to using bolded text for system notifications. It's definitely an improvement over having fight scenes broken up, but part of the problem is having so many notifications for small interactions. Thank you for taking feedback, and I wish you luck on your journey.

Sleeping Forest

Echoing what others have stated my main issue would be how slow the story progresses, 48 chapters in now and the main character has only maybe spent roughly a couple hours in the new world he has been summoned to. 

This isn't an issue really when you're binge reading however once you're up to date you begin to notice that not very much happens per chapter, before you know it you're waiting for the next.

Besides the slow pace of the story, grammer is great, characters thus far have been enjoyable, the premise of the story I personally enjoy. I'd recommend saving up chapters and then reading as so little happens per chapter.



First arc is fine, afterwards its garbage

Reviewed at: Chapter 076: Twelve Hours to Live

The grammar was fine and the style was ok. The first arc was actually good, with an interesting setting, concept, and system, but that only makes the following arc all the worse.

In the first arc the MC is a very distrusting and selfish individual, spending most of said arc on his own. It allows him to accomplish some near impossible things while still staying within the worlds realm of belief. And then he enters a new part of the world in the second arc where that just goes out the window for no reason. In under a day he starts trusting every tom, dick, and harry he meets to the point of quickly equipping and leading an army against a rival faction he didn't need to fight, fully trusting in the leaders of said army he met only hours ago. They seem to win so easily even he finds it suspicious, then despite this goes into a trap, gets taken out by a spell that was super op compared to anything else seen so far, gets most of his army killed after its revealed one of said army leaders was a traitor, and then swears vengeance despite, again, only knowing them for a few hours, at which point the story descends into even more unbelievable shenanigans. And this isn't even going into how many plot holes there are in how this happened, of which the comments section pointed out tons. 

Basically this story starts off making you think its gonna be about a cool, ruthless, untrusting assassin type MC, and then quickly jumps off the deep end into your usual bs, friend making, idiotic, and unbelievable MC that is the exact opposite of the type of MC originally shown. It was seriously depressing and enraging watching this go into the gutters, and I implore anyone reading this review to not waste your time with this book.

P.S. Oh and lets not forget how the author purposely split chapters to be smaller just to get more views to get higher in the trending list. Or how this obviously isn't their first account on here which is highly suspicious and shady, as there usually isn't anything on this site people need to hide. 


story doesn't feel organic to me, if that makes sense. Also MC along side every other person in the book playing the game was mind wiped, yet every other sentence it seems like the author brings up that the MC "knows" or "remembers" what type of person he was etc, just ruins my emersion. Though I will give credit the MC questions if the master is telling them the truth when he speaks to them, the author does that well. 

Other notable stuff the book is first person...

Skills and system stuff is average for the site, but I see potential for it to get better.

Finally short chapters.


A reasonably well written example of the genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 153: A Toxic Interrogation 

The Grand Game is a solid example of your typical litrpg. Whilst not spectacular the solid grammer and varied language makes for an enjoyable read that flows easily. 

Furthermore, the presence of clear 'books' indicates that this story has been planned to some degree and is likely to have an ending avoiding the typical web novel problem of degredation over conclusion. 

The world has clearly been planned and its introduction whilst slow is engaging. 

In terms of issues, the story is slow which likely makes it less enjoyable for those who dont know consume chapters on mass. Furthermore there are certain decisions by side characthers which feel 'off' and certain laws of the world which seem to be inconsistent. Without going into spoilers examples of this include 'the arbiter' and what exactly they allow/punish as well as 'the master' and his agreement with the MC. 

All in all a solid read.