Rick Lupaine

by nolgalaxy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Rick Lupaine is the elusive master of The House of Lupaine, an ancient organization that is one of the pillars of power in the Nol galaxy. For ten years, he has been away on a mission in The Binding, fixing the dimensional wall that prevents the energy siphoning shimeshians from invading Nol. In his absence, some of the ruthless warlords and mafia bosses, too powerful for the Galactic Union to handle, began to make moves to secure more power. Now that he has returned, they will not relinquish their gains easily. The Nol galaxy is largely at peace, but there are always undercurrents of instability, and power struggles. It is by the order of The House of Lupaine that the turbulence is brought under control, and balance is kept in Nol. These stories will follow the exploits of Rick as he spends his immortal life putting out the fires that threaten to destroy the galaxy. The first story follows Rick on his first task in reestablishing balance in Nol, where he faces off against the mob leader Kelarg who taking advantage of Rick’s absence, expanded his gangs influence on colony planet Pilan, exploiting the people and their resources, and threatening them with the destruction of their planet.

Rick's story is part of the greater story of the Nol galaxy

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