Elder Cultivator

by Halosty

Anton is a great-grandfather. He is living quite a happy life, despite his advanced age and declining health… until a group of cultivator bandits moves into the area. The nearby guardians of the area, the Order of Ninety-Nine Stars, are unable to track them down as they continue to ravage nearby towns. During one desperate winter Anton is out on a hunt when his family- his entire village- is killed or taken as slaves by the bandits. He lacks the strength to fight them, and he wasn’t even present for their arrival to die with his loved ones. At the pit of his despair, he wonders if he ever had any chance to change things. What could he even do? He cannot even pull his best bow, and his eyesight is failing. If he had been a cultivator… perhaps there might have been a chance, but he was decades- perhaps even most of his life- too late.

Notes on cultivation levels:

There are five general stages of cultivation, though the fifth is extremely rare. Each cultivation style might have their own name for the stages.

1. Body Tempering

2. Spirit Building/ occasionally System Creation (Ninety-Nine Stars)

3. Constellation Formation (Ninety-Nine Stars)

4. Demigod/Galaxy Construction (Ninety-Nine Stars)

5. God

Cover picture courtesy of gej302.

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Fantastic story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

TL;DR:  Read this one, it's worth the time.  Strongly recommend!  You can spend your time reading my review if you like, but that's time you could spend reading this story.  Feel free to come back when you're caught up.

From horror and righteous anger, an old man will rise to become an avenger.  This is the Punisher story with an unlikely hero.  They killed his family, but they missed him, and that was the big mistake.  I can't go into much more detail outside of adding spoilers, but that's pretty much covered in the blurb.

Style:  Clean and clear.  3rd person limited following the MC, with some inside information about the thoughts of the character as well as the external events.

Story: Not 100% original, but told in a new way.  A simple man who lived a simple life.  Did right by his family, but tragedy struck in the form of human evil and now he's out to strike back.  We get a glimpse of the peace before it is stolen from him.  Elements of Punisher and John Wick, only with an old man as the unlikely but very motivated "hero".

Grammar:  Tight.  No glaring errors.  Nothing that stands out and makes my pretty sensitive eyeballs even twitch.  Not "RR good" just plain out excellent, even trad pub quality.

Character:  Believable, relatable, and oh so heartbreakingly real.  It hurts to watch the events unfold, even knowing how the story starts from the blurb only takes the edge off the pain. 



Strongly Written; Strangely Grounded

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

I've sat here for a bit trying to figure out how exactly I'm going to approach reviewing this story. I wish RR had a 3/4 of a star mark, because there's plenty about this story that is perfectly executed. Of particular note are the elements of the story that draw upon real world science in regards to the elderly; something that many people don't seem to realize is the sort of life that the elderly tend to live in retirement homes (especially the inactivity) exacerbates the degradation of old age while the opposite is also true. Our protagonist being an outdoorsman despite pushing one hundred years old isn't as implausible as it might seem.

However, some of the story beats in regards to cultivation feel a both a bit by the numbers and vague and not entirely convincing. It honestly isn't the biggest issue, its just weighed on my mind enough to drop the rating from 5 to 4.5. Time will tell if this improves.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I greatly enjoy Anton as a character. He's very well written, and I've been able to emphathise with and appreciate him quite easily.


It's OK. Honestly, it's a cultivation novel. With an old man. And not everyone has retard syndrome that gets 9 generations of families killed. But its... not bad.

The action.... isn't good. The most recent chapters got a stereotypical beast tide and I find myself skim reading. Maybe it's cuz I've seen it done before too many times, or the P.O.V changes to characters I honestly don't care about. But I pretty much skipped the last 3 chapters. It's overly dramatic and falls flat. Other than that, it's not bad.

The first chapter was also overly dramatic with how the old man was constantly saying he would die for his family. It came out of left field and was said, not shown. Of course, you can't show much one chapter in.

Overall, not bad. Just temper your expectations. It's a cultivation novel

Shavalod xSyn

A different spin on the whole Isekai/restart your life idea. A very humble and likable MC makes this story a joy to read. It is still the very beginning of this journey, but what I have seen till now is very entertaining and fun to read. Hopefully, the author expands more on world-building after the first ark. 


Overall it's a good cultivation story, has the normal cliches and setting, but has a novel main character (as most cultivation novels view elderly mortals unable to cultivate). I also love to see that he's taken up archery and it seems not many cultivation novels have an archer MC.

From the story so far the writing is well done and so far has been an interesting story. The only confusion/complaint that sticks out in my mind is, his cultivation technique is supposedly an emphasis on the number 9 and the prime numbers, but during a cultivation "lecture" it seems like the author completely disregarded 3 and 7. I know this isn't a true problem with the story, but as a math nerd it bugged me. 


This story does a fantastic job of combining interesting multifaceted characters with human stories and a large cultivation world.

It manages to be grounded and keep the feeling of it being a human-centric story, while still existing in a world with cultivation, which are notorious for having ridiculously large concepts and numbers that are incomprehensible.

I love the main character, I love all the side characters, I love the plot, I love the world, it's just solid world building. No info dumps, no weird stilted conversations, we just learn as we read.

This is truly one of the highest quality stories on this site I have ever read, and I've been reading webnovels on here for at least 6 years now. I started reading web novels when I was 15ish, and as I have grown up to the age of 24 I've become a lot more selective in what books I dedicate time to. I am a patron to only 10 books in all this time, and I follow maybe an extra 4 more outside of patreon. But I would be glad to add this to my list. It's that good.

I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work!


Nice cultivation story witha likeable main character and decided lack of typical xianxi nonsense.  So far the author seems to be balancing the elements of the story quite well.  Not drowning in cultivation details but including enough information to he interesting. Pacing of growth is fast enough to be fun but not so fast it seems stilted.



Looking forward to watching this story continue to unfold.  


So far its a great slice of life cultivation story with one of the nicest MCs I have ever had in that genre. He is just such a pleasent person to read about and spent some time with. While he does have a vague goal in his pursuits he mainly takes his cultivation day by day without undue haste, or being competitive.


A more grounded cultivation story than most

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

The characters are more believable than in most cultivation stories. One plus is that there will not be a harem. Also, people don't seem to outright kill everyone else just to be better than everyone else.

The twist of the mc being an old man gives a new motivation for cultivating that has not been seen before, possibly more character-focused.

Interesting concept. Waiting to see where it's going.


Currently, I love this.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

At one point in life I gave up anime and manga, in it's place I took up translations to the point of reading and being able to comprehend Machine Translations fluently. I don't think any of you here need anymore than the mention of Machine Translations to know how desperately/ insane I was to read those. Truthfully that was a dark and depressing time for me, and this is reinvigorating a love of the genre I once had. 

Many cultivation and wuxia type stories follow the basic concepts of power fantasy starting with a way to gain power faster and more efficiently than others, or a unique talent to allow them to struggle and excel beyond others. Sometimes it's as simple as I've always been able to handle more pain than others, or some other aspect like the simple yet effective will to constantly grind non stop 24/7, but this one? This a story that so far is yet to demonstrate the many early signs of a pointless power fantasy such as a weak motivation, immature protagonist, rabid sect members hellbent on screwing over the little guys for the smallest of gains, and the most important of all. Excessive information dumping. The cultivation information flows at a more natuaral pace, I have yet to feel things were overtly forced and all actions taken so far are not outlandishly cartoonish with such an overtension of expression you feel that the exposition on display is espoused from a frantic thespian trying to hold a childs attention like this excessively extensive run on sentence I am ending this review on.