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The year is 2245, and the world has undergone explosive growth in multiple industries. The age of Virtual Reality came long ago, opening up new fields for people to enjoy and seek employment. There were even those that chose to sacrifice their physical bodies, becoming digital existences that lived within internet communities.

But with the age of VR, everyone still dreamed of that next step, the next level of adventure. And after a hundred years, it has finally arrived. The first consoles, known as Seeds, mass distributed among the people, with such realism that they no longer qualified as a Virtual Reality, but as an Artificial Reality. But what happens when things become too real?

Cover art by Madelyn Black, who is taking commissions both free and paid!

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Den's Druid

Top List #400
5th Anniversary
Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: The Trials ago
Chapter 2: A rose by any other name ago
Chapter 3: I want a redo! ago
Chapter 4: Practice makes Perfect... Eventually ago
Chapter 5: Rascally Rabbits ago
Chapter 6: Fluffy Income ago
Chapter 7: The Brew That's True ago
Chapter 8: Vengeance Rides Upon the Wind ago
Chapter 9: Decisions Decisions(Poll included!) ago
Chapter 10: The AI, the Witch, and my god, that wardrobe. ago
Chapter 11: I Can be a Cultivation Expert Too? ago
Chapter 12: Mine? ago
Chapter 13: The Lovebirds ago
Chapter 14: Let's Go Fly an Elf ago
Chapter 15: The Plot Thickens ago
Chapter 16: Into the Mouth of Madness ago
Chapter 17: New gear? Finally! ago
Chapter 18: Chocolate Orange?! ago
Chapter 19: Grove, Sweet Grove ago
Chapter 20: Third Wheel? ago
Chapter 21: The Claw ago
Chapter 22: Training Montage ago
Chapter 23: A Single Blade ago
Chapter 24: Goldilocks Never Had To Put Up With This. ago
Chapter 25: Bending Genders No More! ago
Chapter 26: Advancement, and Fluff! ago
Chapter 27: So long, farewell ago
Chapter 28: A Loss and a Gain ago
Chapter 29: Civilization, at last! ago
Chapter 30: The Plan! ago
Chapter 31: What a Rush! ago
Chapter 32: To Enchant or Not to Enchant? ago
Chapter 33: Lore? Lore! ago
Chapter 34: Operation Dragonfly ago
Chapter 35: I'mma Firin' Mah LAZER! ago
Chapter 36: Alien reference? This can't be good. ago
Chapter 37: Xeno-Time! ago
Chapter 38: Welcome to the Jungle ago
Chapter 39: A World of Green ago
Chapter 40: A Day in the Life of a Tree. ago
Chapter 41: Slime Time ago
Chapter 42: A Storm Cometh ago
Chapter 43: First Arc, Complete! ago
Chapter 44: Second Arc, Start! ago
Chapter 45: First Day on the Job ago
Chapter 46: Not all Changes are Good. ago
Chapter 47: The State of Things ago
Chapter 48: A Day at the Beach ago
Chapter 49: What Will They Become? ago
Chapter 50: The Trainer's Talks ago
Chapter 51: Leave it to the Professionals ago
Chapter 52: Discoveries and a Plan ago
Chapter 53: Training Montage, and a Solar Flight! ago
Chapter 54: Tag Team Lovebirds ago
Chapter 55: Late Information, and All of My Nope! ago
Chapter 56: Pill Master? ago
Chapter 57: Shopping Time! ago
Chapter 58: A Tale of Two Birds ago
Chapter 59: A Lesson on Skills and Money Woes ago
Chapter 60: Blood Calls to Blood ago
Chapter 61: All Just a Game ago
Chapter 62: The Countdown ago
Chapter 63: What is in a name? ago
Chapter 64: The Aftershocks ago
Chapter 65: Do-It-Yourself Exorcism, for Dummies! ago
Chapter 66: What is a Soul? ago
Chapter 67: Wrong Way, Genius ago
Chapter 68: A Story About a Man and his Bird ago
Chapter 69: The Eye of the Tiger, the Will of the Fight ago
Chapter 70: The Way Back ago
Chapter 71: He's Back? ago
Chapter 72: Smite Thee, Almighty Smiter! ago
Chapter 73: That's No Moon! ago
Chapter 74: Do You Want to Build a Spaceship? ago
Chapter 75: Where Can a Man Get Some Rubber Around Here? ago
Chapter 76: Where did the Innocence go? ago
Chapter 77: The Hunt Continues ago
Chapter 78: Why, god, why?! ago
Chapter 79: I Can Plan Things When I Want To! ago
Chapter 80: All of This Cute ago
Chapter 81: To Infinity ago
Chapter 82: A Lesson On Psions ago
Chapter 83: And Beyond! ago
Chapter 84: J.H. Phone Home ago
Chapter 85: Promises Kept ago
Chapter 86: A Show of Force ago
Chapter 87: The Royal We ago
Chapter 88: What is it with Royalty? ago
Chapter 89: Scorched Earth is Best Plan ago
Chapter 90: Kingdom Rules ago
Chapter 91: Who Ordered the Elven Montage With a Side of Doom? ago
Chapter 92: The Biggest Boot ago
Chapter 93: A Storm Approaches ago
Chapter 94: Why me? ago
Chapter 95: New Ship, Same Old Group ago
Chapter 96: Creatures of the Abstract ago
Chapter 97: Fighting the Abstracts ago
Chapter 98: A Review ago
Chapter 99: A Prayer and a Promise ago
Chapter 100: Oh Captain, My Captain ago
Chapter 101: Dinosaurs?! Yay! ago
Chapter 102: The Birds and the Beasts ago
Chapter 103: Does not Compute ago
Chapter 104: Paradoxical Parady ago
Chapter 105: Dungeons and Directions. ago
Chapter 106: The Other Side ago
Chapter 107: Clean Up Time ago
Chapter 108: Must conduct MORE RESEARCH! ago
Chapter 109: Bonding ago
Chapter 110: 100 Years to the Day ago
Chapter 111: Recovering and a Report ago
Chapter 112: Rumble in the Jungle ago
Chapter 113: Beat Me to It. ago
Chapter 114: Children of Science and Magic ago
Chapter 115: Adjusting ago
Chapter 116: Bokken ago
Chapter 117: The Ha'vosh ago
Chapter 118: A John Moment ago
Chapter 119: What lies beyond ago
Chapter 120: The Shadow Realm ago
Chapter 121: Lost my Marbles ago
Chapter 122: Tag, you're it. ago
Chapter 123: Bob's Boss ago
Chapter 124: The Beginning? ago
Chapter 125: You Monster ago
Chapter 126: Sharon's Grove ago
Chapter 127: The Graft ago
Chapter 128: The Journey Home ago
Chapter 129: Catching Up ago
Chapter 130: I Know the Feeling ago
Chapter 131: A Date and a Discovery ago
Chapter 132: All that we See or Seem ago
Chapter 133: Arriving at Hydra ago
Chapter 134: The Frozen Scourge ago
Chapter 135: After-Battle Rewards ago
Chapter 136: The Seven Circles ago
Chapter 137: The Greedy Soul ago
Chapter 138: Gotta Catch em All ago
Chapter 139: The Deadliest Sin ago
Chapter 140: Items, all of the items! ago
Chapter 141: I Made a What? ago
Chapter 142: Baishiro ago
Chapter 143: The Fluffiest Fluff ago
Chapter 144: Introductions, Summaries, and Stuff! ago
Chapter 145: Holy Sex Tapes, Batman! ago
Chapter 146: The Long Journey ago
Chapter 147: Home of the Qu'Lopti ago
Chapter 148: So That's Why ago
Chapter 149: Qu'Lopti Magic ago
Chapter 150: The End of an Arc ago
Chapter 151: The Return ago
Chapter 152: To War ago
Chapter 153: Judge, Jury, and Executioner ago
Chapter 154: A Recap of the Races, and a New Journey ago
Chapter 155: The Space Monster Cometh ago
Chapter 156: Good News and Bad News ago
Chapter 157: On the interstellar subspace road again! ago
Chapter 158: The Next Stage ago
Chapter 159: Catching Up ago
Chapter 160: Together, Forever ago
Chapter 161: The Honeymooners ago
Chapter 162: Schooled ago
Chapter 163: The Return to Deus Ex ago
Chapter 164: Maintain Calm ago
Announcement! Not a Chapter ago
Chapter 165: Discussions, Discord, and Tactical Disco balls? ago
Chapter 166: The Black Spot ago
Chapter 167: I've Been Busy, Okay? ago
Chapter 168: Parental Bonding ago
Chapter 169: Shattered Dreams ago
Chapter 170: Fire all the things! ago
Chapter 171: The Siege ago
Chapter 172: Know Thy Enemy ago
Chapter 173: What Was Gained, What Was Lost ago
Chapter 174: Man On a Mission ago
Chapter 175: Training Simulations ago
Chapter 176: Prelude to Battle ago
Chapter 177: The War of the World ago
Chapter 178: Race Against Time ago
Chapter 179: The Queen's Story Laid Bare ago
Chapter 180: Scum of the Earth ago
Chapter 181: A Good Year ago
Chapter 182: Reunions ago
Chapter 183: Conference and Convenience ago
Chapter 184: The Inanimate Druid ago
Chapter 185: One Ring to Rule Them All ago
Chapter 186: Hi... High God ago
Chapter 187: Time to Disembark ago
Chapter 188: Radical ago
Chapter 189: Drawing Life From a Stone ago
Chapter 190: They Grow Up So Slow, Or Fast? ago
Chapter 191: Upgrades and Grow Up ago
Chapter 192: A Good Idea? ago
Chapter 193: Order to Chaos ago
Chapter 194: Witty Title Here ago
Chapter 195: The Dreaded Calm ago
Chapter 196: Back to Business! ago
Chapter 197: Impossible Plans ago
Chapter 198: Tables Turned ago
Chapter 199: Divide and Chaos ago
Chapter 200: Author-Sama's Depression ago
Chapter 201: A Universe of Possibilities ago
Chapter 202: Swear to Me! ago
Chapter 203: Harbinger of War ago
Chapter 204: The Death of a Hero ago
Chapter 205: Fashion Disaster ago
Chapter 206: God of Exposition ago
Chapter 207: The Eye of Time ago
Chapter 208: Loose Ends ago
Chapter 209: Moving On ago
Epilogue: Maybe There Is a Happy Ending ago
Announcement: Amazon and Layers! ago
Announcement: Slowly but Surely ago
Announcement: The Sun Emerges From Behind the Clouds!! ago

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As much as it annoys me, I'm still reading it :)

Ok, we'll just do pros and cons and then go into further detail.


1) Unorthodox take on VR genre. When you finally showed how the VR affected reality, all I could think was "wow, didn't see that one coming."

2) Pretty good grammar. Nothing stood out to detract from the story.

3) MC is surrounded by women, but the story hasn't turned into a smutty novel like so many others on this site.

4) The ungodly amount of races, abilities, magics, etc. Some people could argue this is a negative, but I think it builds up 'realism' for an intergalactic story.

5) Smooth transitions. What I mean is, they're actually doing shit. For example, they're in the VR world, then they're splitting time between the VR world and Earth, then they're on Earth, then they're off Earth. They're actually doing something, it doesn't feel like they're spending all their time just dicking around. There's clear set goals that they set out to accomplish, although it's starting to get a lil fuzzy.

6) Star Wars meets Star Trek meets Lord of the Rings. That should automatically mean success.

7) I dunno, it has that IT factor for now. That special something that gets you to stick with a story no matter how much an eyesore the faults have become.


1) First 30-40 chapters, there is an overabundance of smirking. Seems to be the only verb or adjective around.

2) MC's 'Aura Scan' does wayyyy too much shit. C'mon man, reading an aura applies to everything? He shouldn't be able to do EVERYTHING from just reading aura's. Otherwise, what's the point of class specializations? If you wanna have an OP MC, fine. Just have him do it other ways. Reading someone's Aura is too much of a 'quick fix' to make a badass MC. It gets old real quick, and is starting to get a little annoying. Soon he'll be able to be an elemental, because he has the affinity and 'aura scan.' So what's the point of being an elemental in the first place?

3) The magic system is too convenient. It feels more like miracle system than anything. It doesn't have limitations, and can be used for everything."I have affinity for plasma, so i'll just throw it into some highly complex machinery and presto, now I have an infinity gun." or some other equally ridiculous magic mumbo jumbo. Again to point 2, it's a vaguely described quick fix to make our MC a master of all trades. Soon he'll be shooting lightning out his ass and laser beams from his eyes, cuz, magic.

4) How is our MC this badass already? He's taking skills at their beginner stages, and have already mastered them. There's no room for skill growth (i.e. discovering more uses for your skill, or just mastering how it should be used.) Being able to fully shapeshift as a beginner? Being able to 'scan auras' perfectly, and understand them perfectly, when the skills aren't even at the novice rank. Not to mention, he's a lvl 20 pushover, with barely any health challenging friggin plant dragons and stone drakes. Really? Seems like everybody else is there to show how awesome our MC is, even though he's only been training ingame for months, when these blokes have lived ingame for years.

5) Why is everyone embarrassed about sex? I'm not saying make this a smut novel. What I'm saying is, our MC is blushing and afraid to look at a naked bird when she trasformed into a human, but 5 minutes later he's checking her out in different outfits? Now he has a boner, when she has clothes on? Lovebirds have a 1% male population, so its safe to say the females have been genetically modified to hop on cock the first chance they get. But now we're gonna make everybody bashful, or giggle at others in the nude. Doesn't make sense. I'm not saying turn this into a stupid boner book, but please stop making every character a shy 13 year old girl. 


I did a lot of it in the cons, and forgot a few points because of it. So lets end on a bright note. We're heading into the Star Trek face, exploring the final frontier. And gotta say, I'm kinda excited for it. No matter how many condescending assholes are smirking, no matter how many "it's magic" quick fix plot armor moments we have, I'm looking forward to whats next. I wanna see the author take this story and run with it. Take it as far as he can, and then work on fine tuning it. Cuz it's not a bad story, even if it gets annoying at times. The best part of this story was the police department incident. Hands down, easily the best part. Because it forced our MC to deviate from his usual plot devices. He had all the tools he needed, but he didn't use em because he's a one track pony. It presented a challenge for our MC, physically and emotionally (kinda glossed over it, wished we hadn't), and made him adapt and overcome. And it didn't all just work out because he's the MC. There were multiple setbacks, true setbacks. I hope to see the MC challenged more in the future, truly challenged. And hopefully fail. The greatest characters are not invincible. They are fallible, mortal men just like you or I.

  • Overall Score

At the beginning good but after that...

(Contain some spoilers)


This story has a good beginnig and a nice idea for world building, but saddly this wasn`t good implemented, the storytelling at half way became repetitive and borring and the harem/sex/H things anly make it worse.


Realy, at the beginning this was enjoyable, had a nice pacing and the MC wasn't a genius, or a overpowered being or someone with riduculus anmount of luck to find or gaing a riduculus exotic(maybe not, actually it just a ridiculus cheat) power and all those thing that you can find here and many other places. No, he wasn't that, he was just the normal guy with little to nothing experience in this trade with very bad ideas. So you find yourself enjoying a little with his strifes to lvl up and gaing something... Yes it was good.


but latter became boring and bad... why? well. 


1- It became repetitive

2- it lack of serius challenges(there are some strifes with a boss and a mid-boss grade antagonist but nothing awesome here)

3- The haren/sex/hentai things. I'm not very fond of any of this things, personality i think that a story don't need any of this to be likeable and insteresting, romance, THAT if is someting that can made a good story something better but the sex, and H references? that only tell me that the autor isn't sure that his/her fic/story/crossover isn't good enough to keep the people on and has to use that (This is my personal opinion, no for this story only but for those others as well) 


When the birds evolved and he earned his harem(or the clasifitation for call it that way) i don't like it much(althought i don't like it even before that with their over-excesive sex drive) but at least if they tried to fight for his afection and woe him this wouldn't be so bad, but no, there wasn't any sort of fight, tension, mayhem or comedic flag, just very very little romance( i don't thing that can be called that way but i don't have a better word so...) and at the end the elf and the bird made a agreement that end with the MC having a two way relationship... so bad all of this that i didn't continue reading this story after that. 


4- This story have a very bad balance between the effort and the gaing that added to reasong 1 and 2 made this story something very boring. 



The MC with little effort and low lvl made himself self-sustained, and with some more efford(not much) he bacame capable of roam the space in a spaceship that latter with very little efford more was upgrade to a riduculus big spaceship(crew included and free of charge)  


If Weed was here, with the little effort to gaing something in this story, to this point he easily would have had a masive multi-galaxy-cluster empire with him being the Maximus-Overlord Tyranus owning a masive army of planet busting gumdans (to keep in check the comon folk) and the masive kamina-like size gurren lagann(with the Weed look of course) for his personal use and leisure/amusement (you know, shoot galaxy like shurikens sure can kill the boredon even more when this cause masive terror and mayhem in the comon folk lines)






Yes, very exagerated but you get the idea.


i don`t know about the others jobs but i think that the MC job is VERY unbalanced.


well this is it, sorry for my gramatic and errors, the english isn't my first lenguage.




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A good story that starts decaying after a lot of chapters (SPOILERS)

This story was great at the beginning, but It starts to become worse with each new chapter.

The MC has a lot of diverse powers (nothing wrong with that), but most of the time he just uses 1 or 2 of them, and the rest just becomes "background" (like when he needs an item) that the author says the mc uses the power for something in 1~3 lines and Isn't mentioned again.

I think you have a good number of characters (although I think it's growing fast), but a lot of times some of them are just kinda "forgotten" and they aren't mentioned In 10~20 chapters or more. even when they are mentioned, It's like the powers, they get mentioned In 2~4 lines and pushed to the background. In the most recent chapter, the new character (the dungeon boss) that Is basically a kid with a lot of powers have like one chapter being recruited and after that It's just the characters going "i'm educating him and teaching his powers" without making him interact with the characters.

The grammar Is good, I can't really find fault here.

for the story itself, I think it would be better if you could separate the chapters in "volumes" because a lot of the stuff the MC does Is at the same time (for now, he created in a planet a factory for affinity seeds, dungeons to train his crew; a mission to go to every planet to teach them the system; create a new monster that don't exist in the past/present/future; "character arcs" with his girlfriends/pets/crew/other), It's hard to know what he Is trying to do when he keeps adding more and more task without finishing the previous ones.


Your story has a really good premise, interesting powers, all characters have interesting and colorful personalities. It just has some negatives that I think it could be improved.


PS: Your worst chapters, in my opinion, Is the time affinity ones. Really hard to think that an MC that gets distracted In all the things he does (be hunting, creating items, training affinities) can go for about 170 years to just training this one particular ability. The description of the training Is really bland, you can't really tell how horrible the situation he got into to train. Also, his recovery feels REALLY fast and also, more like a report.

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Great story that got boring

  1. It started great at first then the harem came up……. I didn’t mind it but the character connection is vague as fuck. You cover it up with wacky interactions like alll harem writers on this site. Arguably better than them but it still doesn’t change it. The complete change in character from humorous serious MC to cry baby is what put me down. It’s like you’re trying to make him vulnerable. You sold us on a strong witty MC and now I don’t know if this is what you are writing about 
  • Overall Score

what this book does is really awsome. it makes a harem...that isnt bad?! i know all the people who love harem storys would preobably roll their eyes at that but I REALLY dont like harems. only rare gems like this one manege to pull it to me. The harem isnt the focus though (although multiple people in this have harems), so I will move on to talk about the rest.

1. the setting/premise

so the setting is SUPPER cool, if a bit genaric at first glance. it starts out as a "mc gets the newest VR device and enters the coolest most nuanced and BIGEST VR game ever. leveling up with freands to become the most baddass and op"... but then it swiched things up by having reality become the game...

Spoiler: Spoiler

 what is really cool is how this book explores the impacts this has for humanity. so imagin one day neerly half of humans sudently transformed into elves, elementals, or even giant sea creatures (whatevery the chose as their rase in-game). monsters begin spawning, and rouge powerful players wreak magical havoc. the game company poofing out of existance, and the reations of religious powers to the idea that the gods in the game world might be real.

 I love how the the universe in the book kept expanding as new mysterys behind the game were reveild. and how complex and well thought out the whole thing is. and let me tell you, this book is very well structured. 

2. characters/development and romance

the main character is well made, he isnt anything TOO amayzing. he grows on you though. I love how he does all sorts of crazy things (his patron is the god of chaos and maddnes after all), and how he chosses his feild of study. a very interesting combonation to be sure. he also has a fair amount of character development, and when something trully scaring and painfull happens to him he does change because of it.

its almost a joke how many women end up surounding him, and i like how self aware the book is about that. his AI companion is a qurky girl that likes to tease and ship him with his crew afterall. so lets talk about the female charactors and the romance. not every girl that he meets throughs themselves at him, he doesnt have a harem of 10 girls (try 2), but he is charming. he's a good freind. and the relationship he develpos with the 2 girls he does love is a genuinly healthy one that i really respect. Its feels good to see female characters being respected in this genre. they dont act anoying and jelous in the presence of eachother, they are best freinds. this is why a relationship like this can work without feeling anoying and crowded. if only all harems could be so tolerable. 

if you want my opinion on weather to read this, yes. read it. its really good. unless you hate LITrpgs for some reason. its honestly one of the best Ive read in the genre.

EDIT: I would LOVE to see a sequal or even prequal series. I also have 5 cool ideas reguarding  sequal/prequal series...

Spoiler: Spoiler

1. a prequal could be the story of his sister, and how she ended up becoming a god by ataining max level in her tailoring skill. of course this could be really cool because we would be able to see in depth how her presence in that iteration efected the MC and his family. there would be plenty of other discrepencys as well... I would like to know which god was her patron. aside from her familly did she have any companions? freinds? lovers? it must have been a much longer jouney than her brothers in order to refind her skill in taloring to god level... just who did she give her clothing masterpieces too... 

2. another idea for a prequal could be the story of the original god, the one that started up the plan to avoid the end of the universe in the first place... he was such a mystery. he never apears in the book, only mentioned. i wanna know MORE!

3. a prequal could also fallow the MCs pertron god... you know, the god of madness and chaos? it could be cool to see how his planet might have been befor all the reasonable(ish), less anoying, talented members of their race got erased (became gods...) and how a story from his perpective ends up. i think it would be a WILD ride, full of cringy chunis and inovative uses of the system. and probably a harem...sigh

4. as for a sequal, I think it could be cool to see a story that fallows one of the MCs crew, perhaps with the mc as his/her patron god. it would be cool to see a story from a new charactors perspective and get that jucy feeling of dramatic irony because we know so much about the weird god that pesters the charater then He/she does. 

5. another sequal idea, could continue where the last book left off by fallowing the plans of the gods to evntualy create a new universe, and maybe clean up the last loose ends from the book. like what will happen with the baishiros? i mean it wouldnt be right if only one of them got saved. she isnt the only one anymore and none of them will be able to become gods... unless they can somehow jump into new cycles (im hoping they can do it as a all together, or at leaset they can all travel inside the originals iner world). i wanna see more conflict between gods that are still fighting to make a new universe, and thoses that have given up. how will it be resolved? if the plan sucseads wont that universe just eventualy end too? what happens if the universe really reaches the end? I would love to see some of these explored.


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This review is going to be one big spoiler. An important spoiler, because if I would have known this beforehand, I don't think I would have read this.

First, the less to none spoilers. The style is good, the story makes no sense which I will explain, the grammar is either good or bad depending on the paragraph you are reading, the main character is sanely insane without knowing it, the side characters are either incredibly manipulative, cliché, or bland depending on the chapter.

Now onto the big freaking spoiler:


The entire VR game is over 3000 years in the future. Magic appears in the real world in the year that the story begins, which starts a new measuring of time (After Genesis, or A.G). And this is the entire reason for my freaking rant! The time travel makes no damn sense!

“But Horius, do you rant just because there is time travel in the story? There are many good stories with time…” Oh shut up! Yes, there are good stories about time travel, but they are mostly intelligent and at least try to hide the freaking loophole in the story! Let me point out why time travel makes as much sense as having Adolf Hitler as the godparent of a Jewish baby:

  1. The main character and other players brought knowledge about magic and crafts into the past. This makes no sense for many reasons. First, that means that science didn’t advance for over 3000 years, since they had the recipes since the very start. Secondly, it means that all the recipes and all the spells and the like that is known just appeared out of thin air, after all the future had it from the past and the past had it from the future.
  2. Knowledge of runes was collected though dungeons, but the MC (or better said his AI) knows them all in the year 0. Where was the need to collect known runes from dangerous places like dungeons? Or did the MC, as well as almost EVERY SINGLE HUMAN WHO CAN JUST GO INTO THE FUTURE TO LEARN not share?
  3. In chapter 73 it became known that not only the game is the future, but that also humanity needs to search for a new planet to live on. To do that, the current humanity would need the science from the game. So, humanity can now survive in the present thanks to the technologies they have in the future after surviving the present. Makes sense? No, of course it doesn’t
  4. There are races which are the evolved form from other races, which now cannot be the evolved form since both races appeared suddenly in the year 0. Void Elves can’t have come into existence thanks to elves evolving, since both appeared in the present thanks to humans transforming into both though playing the game.
  5. Wood Elves are wood elves since they have grown attached to living in forests. Players who have chosen to play wood elves don’t show the same trait, and need to search for a new planet to live on. Likely they and their children won’t be able to live in a forest. So, how exactly have elves grown attached to living into forests if they came from both a civilization that doesn’t like to live in forests, and must go out of their way to live into a forest?
  6. Core elves – which are elves that never left their home planet – can’t exist since all elves had to leave earth, their home planet.
  7. Humanity could choose to become elves because elves existed in the future, and the elves came into existence because humanity became elves in the present because they could so because they existed into the future? If this makes sense to you, please go to your nearest doctor or hospital and allow them to examine your head. You might need brain surgery.
  8. The ‘seeds’, the device which allowed humanity to play in the future, of which at least 5 billion came into existence, just vanished in the future.
  9. Time in the future runs five times faster than in the present.
  10. After realizing that the game world is their future, no race managed to implant the next generation of legends telling them this. I sure as hell would tell my children if my elven mother would have told me that she was once a human and became an elf by travelling into the year 3000 A.G.
  11. All the original people living on earth apparently died, even though many choose to play as a druid (which is one of the only 9 choices) which have a method to become pretty much immortal. If just one of them survived, there should have been legends of people of the past appearing in the year 3000 A.G.
  12. The main character, who could have become immortal, apparently died. Otherwise he would have warned his past self about the hell that is going to be earth and given his past self a lot of resources to accelerate his growth. Don’t tell me that he couldn’t have done that because it would have destroyed time-space something something, I gave already 11 points which would have done greater damage.
  13. There are no machines running with electricity in the future, even though it was known since year 0 that there are places and methods to prevent magic from functioning properly. Everything important should have had an emergency electricity source, we have something similar even nowadays; hybrid cars!

I’m so disappointed by the new ‘time-travel’ element. Yes, there were ‘hints’ that something was not right even before this, but I didn’t think that the author would do something so stupid by trying to do something smart. Adding time travel is just… well, stupid.

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  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

 First off, I will say that the author has a great imagination.  However, he has so many ideas, and he is trying to fit all of them into one story.  Every magic he has ever thought of is in this story, along with every weapon, every technology, and anything else that has ever crossed this author's mind is in this story, and it suffers for it.  No detail ever sticks out because by the time it becomes interesting, the author has already moved on to something else.  If the author ever sat down and planned out his story, outlining a beginning ,middle and end, he might be able to come up with something special.  This comes off as more of a thought experiment where he doesn't really know what is going to happen from one chapter to the next.

  • Overall Score

Please Develop The Relationship of the Characters

 So i have noticed that the characters do not have much of a connection. They do not have a deep bond for a father so please fix this.

  • Overall Score

I read a lot of content on this site and have a bad habit of binging when I find a story that really hooks me. This was a great read and probably affected my job performance the past couple weeks with how often I was reading this. 

Luke Scheffe
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is a truly unique story, with plenty of realistic action and hidden information just waiting to be revealed at the end. I'm counting off on grammar because of a couple of times that the Author forgot to include things that he should have.