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Innocent Devil's Harem | Chapter 9-2: Trying to Make Her Jealous


Gabriella finally chimed back in, clearly wanting to seed doubt while she could. “So then, I guess she really was delirious, by the sound of it.”

Nick shrugged. “Maybe. Most people would agree with you. However, I’m not most people. I let the evidence tell me what’s true, even if that evidence seems to defy what we consider normal.”

Serenity responded with a frown. “That’s surprising to hear you say,” she admitted, only to clarify as she looked up at us. “Nick’s almost famous in the detective community. They consider him to be a genius. He’s known for having solved some really difficult cases.” She then focused on him again. “So, it’s just weird to hear you say you’d believe that kind of description.”

Nick held up his hands, seeming embarrassed now. “No, no, no,” he laughed. “I’m not really a genius. I’m just really good at solving puzzles, but I’m completely average in all other areas. In fact, I almost flunked out of high school because my grades were so bad, and barely made it through the academy.” He laughed again. “But they were willing to let some of my grades slide, since I’m so good in other areas.”

I cleared my throat then, knowing my silence probably seemed odd. I needed to participate and engage just like everyone else, or else I might raise suspicion. “What do you mean by puzzles?” I asked casually.

He shrugged. “Just what it sounds like. I’m really good at seeing how all the pieces fit together, like…” His voice trailed off as he thought about it. “Like, some people can view an object in three dimensions in their mind, rotating it as if it was really in front of them, which isn’t that rare. But what is kind of rare is that I can do that, not only with objects, but with situations too. I can see a situation in more dimensions than most people, being able to rotate it in my mind and see a depth deeper than everyone else. My brain picks up on the little things and pieces them together.” He sighed. “But really, like I said, that’s the only area in which I could be considered above average.”

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds.

Gabriella cleared her throat. “Well, at the very least, I think that the woman’s description was either due to delirium, or else the guy who saved me isn’t the same person, because surely I would have noticed if he had yellow hair and white eyes.”

“White hair and yellow eyes,” Nick corrected her.

“Oh, right,” Gabriella replied with a straight face. “Either way. It was dark, so I didn’t see those features, but surely I would have noticed that.”

I couldn’t help but smile slightly at her intentionally misstating the description. I knew she was smart, but her critical thinking skills sincerely were impressive. At the very least, I felt like she was handling herself well.

Nick only grunted, seeming to acknowledge her comment without response, since he’d promised to not ask her questions about it. “Well, anyway,” he continued. “That’s about all I have to say about the case.” He then focused on me, switching subjects. “So, how long have you two been together?”

I glanced at her, seeing that she was going to respond.

Gabriella smiled. “Well, I’ve been interested in him for a few weeks now,” she admitted. “Ever since I met him. However, I only just worked up the courage to ask him out last night.” She laughed humorlessly then. “Nothing like a near-death experience to make you stop dragging your feet.”

Serenity and Nick both seemed sympathetic, with him immediately apologizing. “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to bring that up. I didn’t realize you just started dating. You both seemed so close, I assumed you had been dating for at least several months.”

“Really?” Gabriella said in surprise, seeming genuinely shocked.

Nick nodded. “Yeah, that’s one of my things. I can read people really well – see a level deeper, so to speak. At the very least, I can see you two are highly committed to each other already.”

“Nick!” Serenity exclaimed, looking almost alarmed that he’d say that.

I wasn’t sure if it was because she was worried that saying such a thing might ruin our fledgling relationship, or something else entirely. She almost looked upset.

However, Gabriella responded in the affirmative. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. You’re definitely not wrong.”

Serenity immediately looked at us both then, seeming almost confused now.

I decided to meet her deep brown gaze, my thoughts and words formulating even before I really had time to process the reason behind what I was saying. But her reaction triggered it, because I saw a hint of something else there.

Something that I wanted to provoke, and draw out, if it really existed.

I wanted to see how she reacted to me shamelessly agreeing with Gabriella.

“Yeah,” I affirmed. “Honestly, I think I want to marry her, and might even ask her soon. Just need to get a ring first.”

Much to my shock, Serenity sincerely looked flustered. “B-But, you two just started dating,” she exclaimed. She then looked apologetically at Gabriella, before focusing on me again. “I mean, I think she’s great,” she continued, her tone suddenly unconvincing. “But you just started dating. It’s not even been a full day!”

Nick jumped in, taking our side. “This kind of thing happens sometimes,” he explained. “Trauma, especially, can make people become emotionally attached to each other faster than normal.” He then nodded toward us. “Gabriella had a near-death experience, and Kai realized he almost lost her. It’s just like she said, she stopped dragging her feet, and he did too. It’s only natural for them to bond so quickly, given the circumstances.”

My sister’s expression dropped, going from shocked to almost depressed.

I knew there were a lot of potential reasons for why she seemed so somber now, such as just the realization that I was growing up, or maybe even the fact that starting a relationship with Gabriella would mean I’d move out eventually. Both possibilities would be reasonable downers, given her situation.

But a part of me, deep down, wanted the reason to be something else, even though I wasn’t thinking it through at the moment.

Nick continued, his tone hesitant now. “Although, what I can’t figure out is – excuse me if this is rude – but you both seem so...” He paused, choosing his words carefully. “Cautious, around each other.”

Fuck. He really did pay close attention.

I tried to give Gabriella a confused look, surprised that she was mirroring my expression, both of us probably alarmed that he’d hit the mark perfectly and doing our best to hide it. We were cautious around each other, and we were both trying to pretend we had no idea what he was talking about.

I decided to respond, since Gabriella didn’t seem like she intended to.

“What do you mean by cautious?” I wondered, trying not to sound defensive.

Nick held up his hands. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. You both just seem like you’re extra careful around each other is all.” He paused. “Well, at least when others are watching. Sorry if that sounds rude, but I don’t really know how to explain it without sounding really rude.”

Gabriella decided to state the obvious. “You think we’re hiding something?”

All my muscles stiffened, shocked my new girlfriend would be so blunt about it, and suddenly wondering where her thoughts were headed. I met my sister’s now alarmed gaze, almost feeling afraid now, knowing that there wasn’t a single secret I had that I wanted Serenity to know about.

Similarly, Nick stared at Gabriella for a moment, before nodding slowly. “I didn’t want to say it, but yeah. That’s kind of what it looks like.”

Without missing a beat, Gabriella replied immediately. “You’re right.” She then looked apologetically at Serenity. “I’m really sorry.”

It took everyone a second, including me, before it dawned on all of us what she was implying. On the one hand, I realized this was the perfect way to remove Nick’s suspicion, but on the other hand…


I almost expected Serenity’s face to grow red in anger or embarrassment, in response to finding out that I’d screwed her best friend, but instead the blood drained from her face, suddenly looking as pale as a ghost, her deep brown eyes becoming extra dark.

I attempted to recover, not wanting any backlash to fall on Gabriella. “It was my fault,” I tried explaining. “She wanted to respect your wishes, but I pretty much begged her…” My voice trailed off when she visibly winced, her eyes pained.


My sister looked like I’d just stabbed her in the heart.

Like I’d betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Was it because she trusted me to listen? Did she feel like a bad sister for letting us stay alone at the house?

Or was it something else entirely?

In contrast to my sister’s devastation, Nick seemed mortified. “Oh, fuck. I am so sorry. I should have just kept my mouth shut.” He shook his head, giving Serenity a sideways glance. “Sometimes I swear this gift I have really is a curse.” He then attempted to help cover for us, as if he was trying to further apologize. “Serenity, I believe them when they say they’re going to get married as soon as they can. They really are that committed, whether they did anything or not.”

His words made it worse.

My sister slowly pushed away from the table, looking like she was about to pass out. “I need a minute,” she said in a strained voice, getting up and moving toward the stairs.

Gabriella gave me a concerned look, probably not expecting her to take it so hard, prompting me to hesitate before getting out of my seat too. However, just as I made it to the stairs, my sister already almost halfway up, she stopped to look back at me, likely having heard me scoot out of my chair.

She gave me one pained look, before shaking her head, continuing up the stairs to her room.

I wanted to go after her, even despite her silent objection, but I knew her well enough to know that sometimes she sincerely did just need a minute, like she said. However, as I stood there, my thoughts finally began catching up with me, realizing what I was trying to do.

I was trying to make her jealous.

I wanted her to be jealous. And not just for my own sake, to know she might love me more than she should. But I also wanted to make her realize that she was jealous. I wanted to make her realize she might love me more than she should.

However, if that was really what I’d just done to her, which I couldn’t help but doubt now that I thought about it, then what kind of position did that put us in? Because nothing was different. We were still brother and sister, separated in age by a whopping five years. Not to mention, I’d have to give up Gabriella to pursue something that couldn’t go anywhere.

And then, as I stared up at her closed door, it really sunk in how pathetic I was being.

Of course, that wasn’t why she was upset.

She wasn’t jealous!

She was fucking upset because she felt like a failure! Because she’d trusted me to keep my dick in my pants, and I’d betrayed that trust. Her reaction was no different than it would have been for our mother, since my sister had been forced to play that role in my life for the last five years.

Fuck, I was an idiot.

Taking a deep breath, I sat down at the foot of the stairs, holding my head in my hands while I listened to her upstairs. She wasn’t crying or anything, like she might be if she was heartbroken or something. Instead, she was just silent, sitting on her bed, her breathing surprisingly slow despite her fast heartbeat.

I heard Nick apologize again to Gabriella, but she didn’t respond, probably just nodding or something.


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