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Quick Note: The chapters get longer from chapter 6 and onwards. They double and even triple in length. -AeroKaia

It’s cold.


I feel the icy wind bite my skin as I roll over on my bed.


Moments pass and a gentle breeze pierces through my clothing, brushing my back.


I let out a long sigh. It’s too cold. I can’t sleep like this.


I open my eyes, sit up and scan my room. I see my curtains gently moving back and forth with the wind. I left my window open again. Typical.


Despite my desire to lay back down and sleep for the rest of the day, I muster the energy to roll myself out of bed and open the curtains to the outside world. A gust of wind pushes through and I shiver instinctively hugging my body. To my never ending surprise, it’s dark out. The sun has already set and all the humans in all their mortal glory have probably gone to sleep. I can see trees for miles and tall mountains towering in the dark, the moonlight just ever so slightly touching every corner of the land. I love this view, but right now it’s far too cold to admire it. I reach out and close the window shut, still recovering from the cold gust.


Finally, warmth begins to slowly return to my body.


A knock on my bedroom door reverberates through the stone walls taking my attention away from the beautiful night landscape and back towards my chambers. I pull open one of the doors and peek my head around it. Waiting for me is my father’s guardian, Josiah. His tall dark exterior looms over me with confidence and pride.


“Princess Senna, forgive the intrusion, may I come in?” He asks.


“Yes of course.” I move aside and allow him to enter, closing the door behind him.


He paces around the room carefully studying every inch of it. The moonlight touches his dark skin and reflects gently off his sharp facial features. He turns to face me.


“When was the last time you allowed the servants to clean?” His deep voice reverbs around my chambers.


I smile at him. “Josiah, when have I ever let the servants do anything for me?”


He laughs gently. “Very true, Your Highness. Very true.” His eyes dart down at the bracelet on my wrist. “You even sleep with that thing?”


“Of course. When have you ever seen me take it off? And you’re one to talk, what are you even wearing?” I laugh a little at his attire.


He smiles at me. “Not even once. And this? You don’t like the gold?”


“Not with the black, no.” I tease him. He looks elegant and dashing in that long coat. “Maybe a red embroidery would have suited you more.” I continue, giving him a wry smile.


“Ah, but of course Princess. How could I choose so poorly? Red was clearly the better choice.” He catches on quickly and I laugh.


“So? I doubt you’d take time out of your busy schedule just to come here and speak with me. What does my father need this time?” I ask, giving him a serious look.


“Of course. The council meeting is today and you’re expected to be there. I’m here to escort you to the council chambers as soon as you’re ready.”


“That’s today?”




“Reapers kiss! I completely forgot! I’m not even dressed yet.” I reply, slightly flustered.


“That’s precisely why your father sent me here. He does know you quite well after all.”


“Is he still angry about the book I stole?” I lean my weight on one hip.


“That would be an understatement Princess. Your father does not easily forget. Such is the downside of immortality, feelings linger for quite some time.” He pauses for a moment. “Senna, if I may speak freely?”


He’s always been like this, so formal.


I gently smile at him. “Josiah you can always speak freely with me. How long have we known each other?”


“Nineteen years, Your Highness.”


“And how old am I?”


“Nineteen.” He replies plainly.


“Exactly. So stop talking to me like one of those decrepit fools on the council. You’re part of my family. Well? Out with it already!” I reply, impatiently raising my voice.


He looks at me with a serious gaze before speaking. “What prompted you to steal the Book of The Covenant? And to be caught in the Sanctuary no less. You knew how sacred that book was, you knew the consequences of your actions, so why?”


Ah there it is. I’m sure these questions have been burning at him for a while now. Despite that, his eyes don’t have an ounce of judgment in them.


I look at the floor as the memory flashes back in my head before looking back up at him. “You know why.”


He lets out a heavy sigh. “Did you at least find the answers you were looking for?”


“No. No I didn’t.” I instinctively start playing with my bracelet.


“I’m sorry Senna.” He replies, giving me a tragic look.


“Don’t be. It’s not your fault. It was my choice, and whether I like it or not I still have to perform the ritual.” I begin chewing the insides of my cheeks in annoyance.


“Right you are Princess, such is the duty of few select nobles.”


“I know.” There’s a moment of awkward silence before I speak again. “Now can you step outside for a moment? I need to change.” I step aside and motion for him to leave.


“Of course, Princess.” His height allows him to take big strides and as he passes me I feel the weight of his imposing presence. He stops in front of the doors and turns back around. “Oh and Princess?”




“Your new hair, it suits you well. I very much like the change. Short like your mothers was so long ago, you look more and more like her every day.”


I feel a tightness in my chest at the mention of my mother, but I smile at him. “Thank you Josiah.”


He turns, opens my chamber doors, and as he walks out he says the dreaded words I had been waiting to hear this entire time. “Don’t take too long Princess, you have a judgment to face.” And with that, he closes the doors shut and leaves me alone.


“I know.” I whisper the words to myself.

A note from AeroKaia

This is the first story I have ever released to the public. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment and rate! Tell me what you thought about it and let's chat in the comments. It's oddly embarrassing to release something so personal, but at some point I felt like I wanted people to fall in love these characters in the same way I did. -Kaia

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