Reaper's Kiss

Reaper's Kiss

by AeroKaia

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Princess Sennala Kirlae, daughter of the Night King and heir to the Revnite throne, finds herself in the middle of war against those who would hunt her people, and the centuries-old elders of her own nation. Born to a despised Queen and a beloved King, Sennala struggles to find her place as the princess of a powerful nation. As she uncovers the mysteries surrounding her mother’s death, she’ll begin to question her loyalties and delve deep in search of an ancient evil that calls to her.

Her only support will come from the most unlikely source imaginable: the Hunter Kaden, sworn to oppose her kind. Split between two worlds, they find themselves drawn to each other through old memories they both share. They must work together to face each other's greatest threats. Together, they will overcome the darkness — or perish at the other's side.


*Had to switch to weekly release due to life circumstances

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Bet you didn't see this comin

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Senna

Because I sure as heck didnt. The author left months ago, the story itself will likely never be finished, and nobody else have truyl paid too much attention to this piece of art.

But who cares about that? Everbody needs a review, and this story here deserves just a bit more than the average story on the platform, be that due to who wrote it, how it was written, and how much I low-key liked reading it. Wouldnt have been too unhappy about 3k pages of this stuff.

I don't have much to actually say. Grammar is good but not perfect. Style should be clear. Characthers never reached their potential.

Actual score right now would have been in the 4/5 range but the score this deserves is 5/5