Rolling Stone [Monster Evolution LitRPG]

by Dakie Salamander

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

War rages across the mountainside, glittering phalanxes of mail clad dwarves fighting back unending waves of goblins warriors while dark forces creep through the shadows, taking advantage of the chaos.

None of that matters to Stone. He's a simple pebble, newly awakened and curious about the strange world he finds himself in. He doesn't know the first thing about the unending conflict that engulfs him or the grand machinations of fate that have left their imprint on his very soul.

Why would a rock care about any of that? It isn't nearly as much fun as leveling up.

After all, he might be a pebble, but that won't stop him from rolling toward his destiny, alongside his unfortunately stuck partner.

Chapters length: 4000 - 6000 words.

I will be uploading every day for the 1st week,
then 2nd and 3rd week one chapter every 2 days
and from 4th 1 chapter per week. - now here!
If I reach my goal on Patreon, I will increase it to 2 - 3 chapters per week.

Cover done by Super-Amazing-And-Overall-Great person: Trolljan
Edited by God-Editor Blanc
Warning: Heavy LitRPG. I mean... There are literally status screens that made me slightly insane.
This novel will contain strong language and goreā€”no explicit sex scenes.

Discord: The Stone Lounge

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Great and solid start

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

A good start to a story which hold great potential to be something big on RR. 
I love how the Status screen is ilustrated, it perfectly fits into the theme of the story, adding to that is the Encyclopaedia Stonia which explains stuff the reader may not know and is something I have never before seen in any kind of fiction on RR. The idea of the MC having a incorporeal partner who explains the world to the character and the reader is excelent. Even though the book just began, I expect and am looking forward to, a great ficition with a start this solid.


Vitaly S Alexius

A cute tale of a rock rocking it up. Just when you thought there coudn't be a more silly protagonist, here it is - a rock! This book has a tasty dose of comedy and delicious rock-related jokes and all the litrpg elements with adorable, insert stone stat charts. The interactions between Partner and Rock are simply adorable.

Sit down on my stoney lap of a mossy outcropping, dear review reader I'm gong to bless you with some high end digestion of this lovely series.

STYLE: Very tasty, if a bit dry here and there. The dwarf convos are a bit hard to read at times due to the accent. Recommend making them more scottish or something.

CHARACTERS: They're a rock and a spirit! A due combo of hilarity that takes the world by a storm. Since the MC is a rock, there is vast room to progress from crushing tiny ants to conquering the world! Mwa ha ha.

GRAMMAR: Some sentences and words are odd, probably because Dakie's original language isn't English. I struggle with English myself and have to shake down editors for aid with my sentence structures at times. Thankfully Dakie is very responsive to reader suggestions, which is always a bonus point for an author, so the grammar is getting fixed wherever the commenter editors find it.

STORY: The comedy is solid. The jokes made me laugh. Go Dakie! Why won't somebody think of the poor dwarves?! is all i'm sayin'.

OVERALL: It's a nice start, want to see more! Read it and enjoy!


The author is a really good writer... but loves to force his story to the extreme for no reason... mutiple glaring plot holes, just to force the mc into a really dumb situation... other than that and the possible typical universe/ world conquering plot it is really good writing... but if you include that and a few other things it is really bad writing. Any i had to drop since it irratated me that much


Would defo Rec u to read this ma dudes/ dudettes

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

If u Ignore the name/ Editor Status for now...
I would rec the book, its an interesting read. I can really say there are some good stuff coming up soon. U should look forward to it.
Join the Stone Side...
Anyways its really cool... the only thing I don't get is.... why is it called 'rolling', haven't seen it roll yet...

Enjoy peeps