Tower of Arnold: A Somnus Story

Tower of Arnold: A Somnus Story

by Thedude3445

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The most underrated character of Tower of Somnus finally gets his due: Hear Arnold Jacques's side of the events for the first time ever. Read a story about how the world's nicest guy tried to win over the world's hottest girl by buying a hundred thousand dollar video game from space.

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Cocop (Cale Plamann)

One: I love everythin written by thedude

Two: even if I didn't, this is a mandatory like from me for obvious reasons

Three: I've always wanted to read "Wicked by way of r/niceguys" and this seems like the best bet we have for that dream becoming reality.

Now I just need a Gravity magic/defying gravity joke and it will be perfect.

Instant Follow/Favorite


Tower of Somnus could have been one of the great stories of our generation. It was almost there. It was so close. Alas, what could have been genius for the ages was forever marred by the injustice committed against the real star of the show. (Arnold.)

Anyone who knows anything about anything will immediately recognise that Arnold should have been the main character of Somnus due to his severe leadership. Obviously, the whole plot starts with our hero Arnold taking the initiative by giving Kat a charitable game subscription. Given the immense monetary value of a Tower subscription, Arnold could have actually sold it at significant profit, but instead he committed altruism. 

This decision also highlights Arnold's standing as the most logical character in the series who isn't afraid to make the tough decisions. His objective insight continues as he rightly recognises the danger of trusting aliens - the very aliens who excluded humanity from their rightful place in the wider galaxy based on racism, which Arnold would definitely not fall prey to.

The unfair assumptions forced on Arnold from the other characters are exactly why he should have been the main character - he has to truly struggle against entrenched prejudice towards him, specifically. 

No spoilers, but 

Unfortunately, the original story takes an unforeseen turn into Arnold-bashing territory. Arnold went from being the clear alpha male to being depicted completely unrealistically, in particular in regards to everything. 

Furthermore, Arnold was depicted completely one-dimensionally. In mathematical terms, this could be visually-represented as a vector point on a graph whose axes are labelled X and Y respectively. In contrast, Tower of Arnold extends Arnold's depiction to three dimensions by adding a Z axis to the graph containing the vector point.

Tower of Arnold fixes where the original went wrong - specifically its depiction of Arnold. It does this by explaining the reasoning behind his decisions in every chapter. As of Chapter One there isn't much other content aside from these explanations, but this is a suitable storytelling technique because of add reason later.

Fans whose experiences were marred by this one critical oversight will be happy to read this psychological deep-dive into the mind of the real main character (Arnold).


As a long time reader of the Tower of Somnus, I can say with conviction that this story is a masterpiece that rivals not just the quality of the original itself, but can beat some of the best that royal road has to offer. 

From the very first chapter, we can see the attitude of the main character skillfully reflected in one chapter; what the original author took dozens of chapters to convey has been captured in just one. The casual arrogance of Arnold, the subtle confidence can be seen right at the very start, in many mays more than one; I am not just referring the internal monologue of the character, but the ways he states things like "I will rule this place one day" (this reflects the false grittiness of the main character, setting it up for the 

eventual death that he will suffer within the tower.)

This is not only just an example of the character's assumed determination (he thinks that he has the confidence and is "hard" enough to control something way more powerful than he) but also brilliantly sets up his fall from grace in later chapters. Pardon the pun.

Aside from that, the writing style is excellent. I would describe it as pure perfection, with brilliant lines such as:

'A dark classroom. And then there was light.

Because Arnold flipped the switch when he walked in.'

I highly recommend reading this. One of the best fanfics I've seen on royal road.


Its great: Tower of Somnus Fanfic

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Valedicktorian

Tower of Somnus was good, but it was missing one thing. That is an enemies to lovers character arc for Dorrik and Arnold. I mean cmon we all saw the chemistry there. Four armed alien? Two armed human? Novice being mentored by Dorrik?

"No Arnold, you should wield your sword... like this..."

Oh the things that lizard tongue could do.

So far, a great exploration from Arnolds perspective and a deeper dive into his very relatable character. I, like Arnold, am a nice guy, and look forward to more of this content.


I think my eyes are bleeding

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: The Trial

The best way to enjoy this excellent satire is to have another tab open in your browser full of pictures if cute kittens and puppies playing. Also maybe a plastic bag, if you made the mistake of eating before reading. Because about every other paragraph you're gonna need to bleach your eyes, uh, because no one can handle the excellence of Arnold for long. It's like uh, staring into the sun or something, to glorious to behold, yup. 

Really though, I'd recommend you read at least the first book of The Tower of Somnus first if only so you can see how maligned and missrepresented our poor heroic lead Arnold was. Though if you have enjoyed any experiences with "nice guys" and the wonders of male writers describing female characters than you are well equipped to get the gist. 

Please rate the story so others can behold its glory 

Mr. White

One of the few examples of fanfictions being more interesting than the original story. I mean who REALLY cares about a somewhat clever girl of the proletariat when you can read about the dashing nice guy that granted her a way to step out of her condition?

Arnold, the martyr of The Tower of Somnus, the outstanding son of the middle management who extended his pristine, unmarred hands towards the weak and downtrodden, only to be Betrayed by those he so lovingly tried to help.

Arnold is a shining paragon of perfection, brought down by the festering envy around him. He is a metaphor. One we shouldn't forget.

I would give 10 stars to the character score if i could. Alas.


A true work of perfection. This story sees past the shallow biases of Tower of Somnus's so-called "protagonist", Katherine Debs, and right into the soul of its true champion— Arnold Jacques. 

Though only two chapters are published at the time I write this review, the quality and perceptiveness of the writing is such that I feel entirely confident in saying that this will swiftly rise to the very top of RoyalRoad's charts. 


Great sidestory for tower of somnus

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Great sidestory for tower of somnus.

Really expands the most important side character in this story.  Lots of missing information that the people need to know.

I can't think of anything they could do to improve this.   Could have stuck a bit more to cannon, and kept the narrative up a little more,  but its great.   Everyone deserves to read this ficiton  It is a must read for all LITRPG fans.     So many shenanigans and so much crazy antics.

Teja Sunku




* Fast release schedule

* Characters

* Worldbuilding

* Plot


This story is a fanfic of the much inferior Tower of Somnus. Arnold is an ascended being, and there is much we can learn from him. I credit the author for their braveness in putting this inspirational piece out, and cannot wait to share this with the rest of humanity.


Thanks, I hate life now

Reviewed at: Epilogue

I unironically thought that this was going to be an Arnold redemption story. I hate everyone in the review section for having a bad sense of humor.

Why can't I stop reading this. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Oh wait, it's over. Now I want to die. Help.

50 words