Key to the Void: A self-made isekai

Key to the Void: A self-made isekai

by Jemini

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Asaren and Tiaren are the first Elven twins to ever be born. This phenomenon, normally thought to be impossible and only seen in humans, was caused by something unusual that happened at the end of each of their past lives.

In order to save his grandaughter, a man sacrificed his own life to the daughter of the goddess of healing. In doing so, the man and the healing goddess’ daughter had their souls bound together, separating only when they were in the womb.

Blessed with power they obtained in their lives on Earth, the twin sisters will find that life in this fantasy world is anything but kind and what power they have is the only thing that will keep them alive.


This is a hard reboot of my previous series, "Second Life as the Sister of a Goddess." You will notice some fairly big changes to this version right from the very beginning. Readers of my previous series should see the list of changes in the forward chapter (of which the name change from Aerien and Gaerien is just the beginning.) Those who have never encountered my previous series can feel free to skip the forward.

I will be uploading frequently until I catch up with my ScribbleHub release.

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Table of Contents
96 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Preface: What is different from “Sister of a Goddess?” (First-time readers may skip, readers of “Sister of a Goddess” should read.) ago
Chapter 1: Selling my soul ago
Chapter 2: Born again ago
Chapter 3: Crisis of conscience ago
Chapter 4: Babel ago
Chapter 5: Elves ago
Chapter 6: Growing pains ago
Chapter 7: Magic words ago
Chapter 8: Baby villains? ago
Chapter 9: Tia’s spirit mumbo-jumbo ago
Chapter 10: Just do it ago
Chapter 11: Why are you so afraid? ago
Chapter 12: Questions ago
Chapter 13: Unexpected answers ago
Chapter 14: Sorting information. ago
Chapter 15: Finding a solution ago
Chapter 16: Foundational concepts. ago
Chapter 17: The science of magic ago
Chapter 18: Whispers in the night ago
Chapter 19: A new light ago
Chapter 20: The state of things (1 year later.) ago
Chapter 21: The poisoned web of deceit ago
Chapter 22: Tensions rising ago
Chapter 23: Payment ago
Chapter 24: Guardian of animus ago
Chapter 25: Witness to carnage ago
Chapter 26: The 12 demons ago
Chapter 27: Flight for sanctuary ago
Chapter 28: The stress of field medicine ago
Chapter 29: Finishing one problem ago
Chapter 30: Disgust ago
Chapter 31: Unresolved problems ago
Chapter 32: Superior blood ago
Chapter 33: Family meeting ago
Chapter 34: Pragmatism of survival ago
Chapter 35: Hesitation ago
Chapter 36: Preliminary discussions ago
Chapter 37: Basic fey politics and powers ago
Chapter 37.5: Treated like a child ago
Chapter 38: Coping with the aftermath ago
Chapter 39: Final rites ago
Key to the Void Lore 1: An Introduction to Magic ago
Chapter 40: First ninja mission ago
Chapter 41: Misfire ago
Chapter 42: The Village ago
Chapter 43: Cold anger meets hot ago
Chapter 44: Second visit ago
Chapter 45: Time running short ago
Chapter 46: Escape plan ago
Chapter 47: Eleven gods ago
Chapter 48: Fly by night ago
Chapter 49: An elven picnic ago
Chapter 50: The elven diet ago
Chapter 51: Intuition is a shortcut, logic is confirmation ago
Chapter 52: Grid search ago
Chapter 53: Savior ago
Chapter 54: Middle of the language barrier ago
Chapter 55: Impromptu war meeting ago
Chapter 56: First contact with the enemy ago
Chapter 57: Enhanced negotiations ago
Chapter 58: Ninjas? Maybe KGB makes more sense ago
Chapter 59: Agent of the queen ago
Chapter 60: Intelligence battle ago
Chapter 61: Humiliation and failure ago
Chapter 62: Going too well ago
Chapter 63: When there is no right answer ago
Chapter 64: Prisoners ago
Chapter 65: About Asaren’s magic ago
Chapter 66: Confessing all ago
Chapter 67: An unbalanced game of chicken ago
Chapter 68: The queen’s game ago
Chapter 69: Living weapons ago
Chapter 70: The other shoe drops ago
Chapter 71: Venting ago
Chapter 72: Hidan ago
Chapter 73: Culture shock ago
Chapter 74: Realization ago
Chapter 75: Truth ago
Chapter 76: The death of gods ago
Chapter 77: Disorientation ago
Chapter 78: The sisters’ talk ago
Chapter 79: Poison of truth ago
Chapter 80: Disruptive power ago
Chapter 81: Lapse ago
Chapter 82: Compromised ago
Key to the Void Lore 2: Structured spellcraft ago
Chapter 83: Fight for liberation ago
Chapter 84: All the bickering ago
Chapter 85: What is sealed beneath ago
Chapter 86: Disaster meeting ago
Chapter 87: How we’ve grown ago
Chapter 88: Past and present ago
Chapter 89: Cleanup detail ago
Chapter 90: Bandit raiding party ago
Chapter 91: The role of a ninja ago
Chapter 92: Power disparity ago

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a well researched story with rare multiple isekais

Reviewed at: Chapter 34: Pragmatism of survival

like the title said, this is one of the rare isekai that have a multiple reincarnated people while not being a generic “group hero summoning” theme (slight spoiler, aside from the two in first chapter there are other two more that we will meet soon early on), if you compare with old version of this novel, a rewrite of 'reincarnated as the goddess's sister' the story is much better paced, after 18 chapters we are on the same level as chapter 40 of the orginal. With just as much story told (it still quite slow for other but the author did at least do time-skip when needed)
The author also do research on the problem with reborn and true nature of meditate + martial art so even if some part is info dump it actually quite educate and not dry, not to mention the mc is a old guy so he is mature unlike most isekai, even though this one is gender-bender (do note that the author do the other way, where the mc ignore/not pay attention to her gender at first but the more later on the problem pile up force her to think more on it. While other tend to do the 'it hard to accept at first but it become easier later', he do the opposite for this case), and character isn't bland, after few chapter where we see more of the mc slibing you will like her with her shenanigan a lot here
Almost forgot one fact, the author also do research on language thing so you will see the mc try to learn thing (you can check my and author comment for more idea), just check the other comment on that otehr site and author reply since it explain the rest.

try to at least read to chapter 25 since the early pace is a bit slow, but still interesting enough and around chapter 18 ? there finally some sign of action going on, and the author plan to do some some skip to where the mc group could running and do something more rather than just being baby (yes, they grow slightly faster and stronger/more OP than other elf but isn't to the point of super baby soldier, aside from our 'leech' of course :v, but in somewhat reasonable way). There are also appearance of traditional demon who are actually good at lie and deceive rather than cliche's demon in fantasy.
That some of the detail I managed to put together but there maybe other who do better analyze than me (if they actually read this one, since currently there are no other review) so this is a basic for now, there are some part the author still need to improve but for now still better than average new novel


This is the story of a man that becomes a little girl in another world.

Pros: I thought the way Earth souls were brought to another world was clever. It has potential for scholars in the new world to explore otherworldly knowledge, culture, and power.

Cons: The main character and the hemomancer sister have foreign thought processes- they think using their power is natural and use a different standard to define "normal". In addition, the main character is paranoid. 

Despite the psychological problems, I do like that there are both elements of being overpowered because of the previous life and the power creep of weak to strong since they have to start anew in another world.