Master of the System

by Virlyce

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Leveling systems create overpowered main characters. Cooking systems create master chefs capable of conquering any stomach. Founder systems create monstrous sects from nothing. However, who creates the systems?

This is a completely serious story written by the author of The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons.

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A system parody with the issues of a system novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

"Master of the system" is a parody of the classic system progression novel, with the unique perspective following a god who decides to create his own system. There are chapters which borrow (I think verbatim?) from "Gourmet food supplier"  and other novels ... which toes the line very closely between parody and plagarism.

Overall, MOTS is a light, modestly entertaining read for at least the first 21 chapters.

But as the saying goes, if you read one system novel, you've read them all, and despite the innovative start, this novel appears to have inherited many of the issues of the genre it seeks to parody.

Style: Actually reads very similarly to the style which the work tries to parody, which deserves props for rhetorical effectiveness. However, if you've every read some of these webnovels, the style is essentially entirely driven by progression through whatever levelling system is in play, with intermittent comedic relief/slapstick from the MCs in between.

Story: Again, a parody whose subject is self limiting. Normally progression is driven by a normal human acheiving apotheosis through a system. But here, since the MC is a god, there is no real conflict (yet) and thus no plot progression outside of the first chapters where MC has to adjust to a new life. This might change in the future?

Grammar: No issues. 

Character: MC and supporting cast are not very complex or developed, in favor of humorous one-off developments, but this is fine for the genre.


A true blue parody (in a good way)

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

As with all parodies, the Master of the System is an acquired taste. While it stood strong as its own novel. The subtlety of the joke would be loss to a reader that hasn't read quite wide selection of the modern take on the fantasy genre that quite ubiquitous on the site.

New readers thus are advised to have experience in reading system-based novels, space opera, xianxia, xianxia with a system flavor, and your standard isekai/portal fantasy to name a few.

Although if the interested readers managed to pass those 100 hours hurdle, this, this masterpiece would (colloquially) knocked your ass off. The take on the humor is amazing and I'd be remiss not to comment about the MC, who without spoiling too much, nail his personality perfectly (a book smart that had been removed from society for way too long). Every chapter is enjoyable in itself. Although the plot seems only to thicken around 20 chapters down or so.


Completely Serious Review

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

This review will focus on the completely serious business of this massively tongue-in-cheek... errrr I mean completely serious fiction.  Don't let the synopsis fool you.  This is both excellent comedy in its own right, and satire of the whole concept of massively proliferated gods. 

This goes to the level of having a pantheon of gods who focus on snack foods, who hold a snack food convention and have a snack food truce going on. 

Seriously, if you like slightly dark humor and you want a fairly fun read, this is your fiction!

Story: Just good fun, there's banter, fighting, fighting to get around the no-fighting restrictions on gods, loopholes, metasystem for the gods to navigate while they make systems for the mortals.  Gods "playing" computer games with the lives of the mortals.  What's not to like?

Style: Mostly third person, focuses on the God of Time and his "lucky" chosen ones.  Clean and clear, no feelings of filler or chapters that are just put there to fill the word count.

Grammar: Excellent, no major issues. If it is not trad pub ready, it is definitely close.

Character: The two primary characters are fully developed and have quirks, flaws, motivations and strengths. Some side characters are only around for a moment, but none of them feel like McGuffins or mere pawns (except the ones that are "lucky" enough to actually BE pawns).


Fight now? Let's do it later!

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

This book has a really strong start and draws in the reader. I was immediately excited by the premise of a somewhat slice of life and humor story with the perspective of a time god who is also the creator of a cooking system. The book has a high level of humor and makes me laugh every time I read it. 


Absolutely incredible take on the world of cultivators, systems, and reincarnation. This story is ridiculously funny and is written very well. It is so creative and awesome. I've been laughing out loud every chapter because it's just that funny. It's brilliant. It drew me in on the first chapter and has kept being awesome since then. It's just a really well written, creative and innovative take on the worlds and ideas explored in other books on royal road.


This is an amazing story, I don't know how you incorporated dogs with snacks that are gods but it is so funny, I got to the new chapter 25 seconds after it was released, that was the funniest one, a cooking teacher that uses a whip, now that I funny.