Ninetoes: The Villain Chronicle - LitRPG

Ninetoes: The Villain Chronicle - LitRPG

by Ninetoes1982

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

What if an NPC dismissed with contempt by the players of your role-playing game was to become an adventurer?

Ninetoes is a wizard, which is unusual for a hobgoblin, and more unusual still, he’s no longer an NPC.

The world of Adrenon is a game world and a twist of fate has made Ninetoes an Adventurer. With this new status comes access to power, magic and skills that his kind can rarely attain, but more, it is a chance to grow and become the centre of his own story.

 In his first quest, among the ancient ruins of Kavralach, Ninetoes faces danger and intrigue. Failure will mean the destruction of his home and his people, for whom he now has the potential to become their champion.

Ninetoes must master the magic system of the game, advance as rapidly as he can, and find friends. For a wizard alone is vulnerable.

If he can prevail, the hobgoblin Adventurer might someday become the hero he needs to be.

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Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Escapism for NPCs ago
2. A Welcome Home ago
3. Exiled ago
4. Adventure ago
5. Trapped ago
6. Loot ago
7. Raveslan ago
8. Wizarding ago
9. An Education ago
10. Questing ago
11. Practical Tuition ago
12. Ruins ago
13. Ancient Magic ago
14. Misdirection ago
15. Shadows ago
16. Rituals ago
17. Ambush! ago
18. The Animator ago
Epilogue: End of Book 1 ago
Reaper's Sorrow: Book 2 of the Villain's Chronicle - Prologue ago
2.1 Questions ago
2.2 Answers ago
2.3 Leaving ago
2.4 Necromancy ago
2.5 New Threats ago
2.6 Urgency ago
2.7 Impaired ago
2.8 Tit for Cat ago
2.9 Prisoner ago
2.10 Bugs ago
2.11 Caillic's Steading ago
2.12 Torgan's Tears ago
2.13 Vortiga's Malice ago
2.14 The Council of Pamor ago
2.15 Of Greed and Fools ago
2.16 The Guild of Adventurers ago
2.17 The Red Crew ago
2.18 Tally's Troll ago
2.19 Thundercats ago
2.20 Betrayal! ago
2.21 Khulgast’s Tear ago
2.22 Path of the Maverick ago
2.23 Rival's Refrain ago
2.24 Alliance ago
2.25 Torgan's Fall ago
2.26 The Best-laid Plans of Squirrels and Gnomes ago
2.27 Demons! ago
2.28 The Battle for Raveslan ago
2.29 The Staff of Grey ago
2.30 A Foolish Plan ago
2.31 ago
2.32 Epilogue - A Women Scorned ago

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Fun take on the genre

Reviewed at: Ambush!

Quite enjoyable. I really like taking a monster race's perspective. The characters created are vulnerable but learning and I cannot wait to read more from this author. Fun read. An interesting story arc is shaping up, and I am excited to see more companions join, a home base perhaps emerge and futher adventures to be had. 


Thank you!


Deserves far more attention

Reviewed at: 2.28

A very well written story in a d&d style world. Despite its minor Flaws, in my opinion Ninetoes is of a higher quality than most similar storys on royalroad that are very popular. Combat is handled in a very exiting way and relationships and character motivations are handled suprisingly well.  For example Ninetoes companionship with libby steals the show.




The first arc was fine, but I expected the incredibly frustrating 2nd arc to shape the MC into a villain, and it did offer all elements (betrayal, scorn etc.) in that direction but in the end the MC is still playing hero.. wtf. The characters don't make sense at all, especially considering he is not even a human.