Edwin never really saw himself as standing out. As much as he may have wished to rend the secrets of the universe open at his fingertips, modern-day science was just too well-established, requiring teams of people to push forward even the barest hint of understanding. The days of interested hobbyists making field-defining discoveries were long past, and he wasn't anywhere close to the kind of genius needed to lead a team of researchers forward.

No, he was content to be a mere leaf in the wind, following his classes but never really being inspired by them. If he made some minor contribution somewhere, somehow, that was enough for him. While his dream may have never fully faded, he just couldn't see himself ever making that much of an impact.


Of course, some things you really, really can't foresee. Like waking up in a fantasy wilderness, and having a whole new world of magic, science, and magical science to explore!


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Today’s Forecast Includes a Miniscule Chance of Planeswalkers ago
Chapter 2: Decidedly Sarcastic Skills ago
Chapter 3: Revelations of Varying Fortune ago
Chapter 4: An Unstoppable Force Meets a Movable Object ago
Chapter 5: Identifying Identify ago
Chapter 6: Sparks Flying ago
Chapter 7: Firmly Outside Normal ago
Chapter 8: A Stormy Disposition ago
Chapter 9: A Chilly Reception ago
Chapter 10: Let it Burn, Let it Burn, Let it Burn ago
Chapter 11: Roadside Assessment ago
Chapter 12: A "Talk" With "Friends" ago
Chapter 13: Pretentious Neighbors ago
Chapter 14: There Are Worse Internships ago
Chapter 15: End of the Lime ago
Chapter 16: Shedding some Limelight ago
Chapter 17: The Time of our Limes ago
Chapter 18: The Left of Bare Arms ago
Chapter 19: Stupid Cheating Skills ago
Chapter 20: Out With a Bang ago
Chapter 21: Assume the Physicist Ignores Air Resistance ago
Chapter 22: Just Follow the Black Stone Road ago
Chapter 23: Foreign Exchange ago
Chapter 24: Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter 25: Settling Into the Roost ago
Chapter 26: Chitter Chatter ago
Bonus Chapter: The System Explained ago
Chapter 27: All That Glitters is Silver ago
Chapter 28: A Long Day's Knight ago
Chapter 29: A Discussion with a "Friend"(?) ago
Chapter 30: Managerial Clockwork ago
Chapter 31: Seeing is Disbelieving ago

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Quite Possibly A Cat

Good and fun story so far. I do not really have any suggestions, but I do like that even the random, nameless side characters feel like they have actually developed power from the "System". Too often stories like these have nameless characters just straight suck, which is pretty awful. 


So basically keep doing what you have done. Also SCIENCE! 


The story revolves around a a science student somehow ending up in a magical world. He needs to figure out the game-like progression system, survive and learn magic.

The story is a well written take on the your standard isekai-litrpg with a few twists that make it unique. The prose is easy to read and flows naturally.

The system is unique in the way that people unlock certain path with their actions and each path they complete by spending skill points adds to their class. This leads to possibly unique classes and a very versatile system.  

The MC is a young, scientifically minded man, who shows few emotions and is remarkably unperturbed by the change of scenery. His rational and creative approach to challenges as well as his inquisitive mind and use of the scientific method are the most remarkable and enjoyable parts of the story. I am personally partial to stories that explore its magic and make use of scientific deductions.

My only major point of criticism is that the MC is somewhat bland. He is described as an introvert of above average intelligience with few social ties. His most memorable feature is his enthusiasm to explore his new world. I would have loved to see a bit more personality and emotions.

So far there have been few interactions with other people, I can thus not yet make a determination of how well the author can write characterisations and social interactions. 

I would recommend this story to everyone who likes easy going litrpg with some survival and loads of magical skills to level. 



Reviewed at: Chapter 27: All That Glitters is Silver

The overall style of the novel is really good. The system should feel similar to the usual blue box trope and yet it doesn't, somehow feeling more organic with it's interaction. The MC's adventures are realistic as well, he's not able to magically build a shelter for example, though he does figure out how to start a fire. His build, which is clearly important in this universe, is highly dependent on having the right tools at the right time and being able to make those tools through the scientific method is a huge boon to the story. SCIENCE. A


Howdy, I see you started this book off strong. Good grammar, flow, and logic? Mighty rare around these parts. Be careful with your product however. See, if it's too good, you'll attract a cataclysmic wave of bookwyrms that'll destroy any sort of civilization. I'll see you around cowboy. *tips hats*


A very good mix of Lit-RPG and Science stuff. The story flows well and is an enjoyable read. There are no major errors, as far as I noticed. Ist is rather scientific and centers on the protagonist and how he views this new strange world. Give ist a try, it is worth it. 


Intelligent but not smart mc,well worth the follow

Reviewed at: Chapter 30: Managerial Clockwork

Interesting world building so far with no info dumps. Not much detail put into scenes and people but it kinda works so far. Standard fare fantasy humanoid species are easy to visualize for people that read fantasy novels.... Not so easy if you're new to the genre. 

As many have mentioned before, the author makes sure you understand the mc is continuously monitored by and interacts with a system. It is so far, thankfully, just a tool and not what drives the mc. At least not overtly. Learning how to interact with it, in this novel, is world building and not unnecessary word padding. The system defines human interaction in a way more realistic than usual. 

Character interactions so far are believable. The mc might come across as a dumbass at times but it's obviously because of shock and a very low eq. He's all intelligence and no wisdom... Hope that improves. Or not. 

Grammar is fine. 

The novel is fine so far. Just not something worth 5 stars. Hope the mc impresses us with innovative solutions to the riddle of the world around him. 

Well worth the follow 


I think the best thing about this story is that the main character has a great interest in the world around him. He learns, he grows and he seems to have the incliniation and tools to explore even more.

Unfortunately there's a bit here where he gets his autonomy taken from him, this part annoyed me a bit, but the writer showed him working to get his groove back and he eventually did so it wasn't too bad.

The grammar was, to my standard at least, great, and the style was clear and concise.

I liked it.

There's a vision of greatness here, and I wait with baited breath and cramping fingers for the next chapter. I pray daily to the Gods old and new, for health and wealth to the great artisan that brings his art to us. 

My eyes grow dim as I wait, and I wail against the God of time, that I have to exists in the moments between each chapter. It is my only mercy that there are other artists who brighten the dreary Sundays with their own superlative works. Oh would that I existed at the end of time that I could see these great works in their entirety. 

200 words is a lot 


Skirting the line, but decent balance

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Shedding some Limelight

There are a good number of "SCIENCE!" GameLITs out there that completely die under the weight of the science they dive into. At the end of the day, stories do actually need plots, and while calculating the surface area of a hyperbolic parabaloid may be interesting from a mathmatical perspective, it doesn't tend to drive plot forward.

This story manages to balance out the science dives with the actual plot, so while it slows things down a bit, they are relevant to the actions that happen in the story. The tendendcy to dive to deep is there, but fortunately we get pulled up for air often enough that it's not too bad an experience. There certainly are times where the author could have said "And after experimenting" to find a solution rather than 5 paragraphs of detailed heat experiments. The tie back to plot on those experiments helps but ultimately makes it a weaker story from my perspective. The fact the author has great knowledge and insights into these fields is great, but knowledge doesn't do much for plot progression.

Also, giving the base level an overall 5 as I am well aware of how ratings work and while these are nit picks, this is a solid showing for RR. Fun and engaging world building, and has promise.


Reviewed at Ch. 21.

I enjoy the main character, he's a scientist before being isekai'd and enjoys exploring the new things he can do. He's not powerful at the start but manages to push through with cleverness and intelligence.

What I especially appreciate is the author's willingness to timeskip; it's vital for a story with a weak MC to have time to grow and change. Actually writing out that growth would be tedious. Basically there are no filler chapters yet and that indicates a quality story.


This makes me eager for more.

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Roadside Assesment

Overall I'm impressed. There's a satisfying logic to Edwin's reactions to events that doesn't waste readers' time. He 's smart, but not unrealistically hypercompetent. The plot moves quick, and that might turn some people off, I think it works well for this kind of progression story.

I think the way the level system is structured and laid out is a bit confusing, but that can only improve with more exploration and development.

Style, I think, is the weakest element, but it is by no means weak. As far as LitRPGs go, this one stands out for the unique 'Path' system and the technical manipulation of said system that is implied to be posssible.

Story is good. I'm a sucker for survival scenarios. I especially enjoy that the RPG system doesn't get explained to him. The initial beats of the story force Edwin to learn for himself and experiment.

Grammar is very strong, no overt flaws. The syntax flows well too which is just icing on the cake.

Edwin is the only big character so far, but that seems likely to change soon. But even if there isn't much cast, Edwin is a satisfying person to follow for his combination of intelligence and realistically limited competence. It's not just that we watch him solve problems, we watch him learn how to solve those problems. It's very satsfying.

Overall, one of better stories I've seen on RR. I'm ecstatic that I found out about it so early into its run.