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Sorry for the episode delay. I am preparing for a very important exam for me. I will publish many more episodes after the exam.









My name was standing in front of me. If the exam system is not different from my old world, ı got a full score.




What is this uneasiness inside me?


Until a while ago ı was in a very good mood, but now that ı see my exam result, ı feel uneasy.


But since ı couldn't find anything, ı wanted to leave my current location.


Physical exam...


I believe ı performed well in it. Even if ı didn't get through the final lightning, it should be enough to satisfy them.


But ı don't even know when ı got the mental exam. All ı did was walk. These contradictions do not make sense to me.


''Hey, you! Come here.''


As ı was leaving quickly, ı stood in my place reflexively with the sound coming from behind me.


''Yes you, come here.''


If ı had a wish. I guess ı wish ı could leave right now.


I turned around and saw a group of people speaking towards me. The person calling had short blond hair. He looked tall and quite strong. I hadn't seen him during the exam. I'm sure it's our first encounter. Why did he call me?


I slowly started walking towards them. Then we were pretty close.


''What do you want?''


Deciding that it would not be good to swindle the world, ı wanted to directly ask about their purpose. A person does not call another person out of anywhere, right?


''Uh? Our little friend looks a little red.''


The incoming soft sound made me differentiate my focus from the blond boy. This time the voice was coming from a girl. The girl's purple hair and different dressing style were quite striking. I guess ı could have looked at her over and over again if my head wasn't so full.


''You must have a purpose according to what you call me. What's that?''


It makes no sense to rebel against people ı don't know who they are but their behavior disturbs me.


''Boss are you sure you want to spend time with this boy?''


The boy was talking to someone.


But it is not possible to understand who he is talking to. It was as if he was talking into the air.


The moment my eyelids descended and opened again, a shock wave hit my body.


This man was not here just now. I'm sure ı don't feel it.


He looked like a killing machine, with his tall, muscular arms and black hair.


Our eyes touched each other for a very short time. Our auras weighed each other.






I felt like this in front of Kennie last time. Even then ı had not gone into a defensive mode that much.


''You are not his equal, Thomas. Let me talk to him. Lex, right?''


I replied in a calm tone, paying close attention to the man's movements.


''Yes, what about you?''


Our eyes locked together again.


''Reiner. These are my friends. This is Thomas the blond one. That freak-looking girl is Lillia. The gigantic guy is Brock.


Couldn't have called me to meet the people in his group, would he?


''Well now let's come to what we want from me.''


Reiner seems like a threat to me. I'd better pay attention to his strength for now, at least.


''We just wanted to know who was the winner of the exam. Although ı am very confident, ı got 78 physical points and 93 mental points. You have full points in these areas. I must be right to wonder.''


Winner of the exam? You can't be serious even if this guy scored such a score ı must have gotten more attention than necessary.


''You must have quenched your curiosity.''


I turned around and started walking. These people are all monsters. They will all be my rivals in the future. I have to strengthen myself and master my ability to control.


''I understand right now. But advice from me to you. Be careful with that point you are entering the table of wolves.''


I already feel under pressure, the more these kinds of events, the more ı feel nervous.


''Sure. Thank you, Reiner.''


I answered him briefly as ı walked with my back turned.


A smile that neither they nor ı realized spread across my face.




3 days have passed since the exam. Today the academy was to officially start. We are not allowed to go home, we do not need to go home anyway. The academy is in a position to provide us with everything we need. He was wearing a green robe similar to the one found on the person ı met on the entrance exam.


They placed me in the top class because ı got the highest score and provided very comfortable accommodation.


Interesting coincidence, but my examiner, Mark Luther, has been appointed as the teacher in charge of our class.


I haven't had the chance to interact much with the people in my class. I will be with them for the first time today. They'll probably all be highly skilled, powerful, and dangerous.


I don't know why ı sense danger from my classmates


I guess ı believe only the strong will survive in this world.


After a shower, without taking time off my hair, ı donned my green gown and left my comfortable home.


It is not such a big place that ı call home. It is a small shelter but we can meet all our needs comfortably. The location of our house and its size, albeit small, changes according to the results of the exam.


When ı went out there were people who came out at the same time as me.


Although my exam result was not as much as the day it was announced, my name was still walking around.


It seems too conspicuous that ı beat one of Blood's, particularly important family.


I was heading towards the assembly area, which is the only thing we have been told right now. I think the explanations there will be important.


As ı was close to reaching the assembly area, a crowd of people entered my field of vision. Seeing so many crowds, ı felt like ı was late.


I sat in a quiet place a little further away, without throwing myself in the crowd, as there was no official yet.


Someone sat next to me as ı started to wait.




''We meet again.''


I expected a lot of people but the person sitting next to me is Kennie.


I did not expect that.


I could not feel any hostility or anger either. Either he came with really good intentions or he hides it very well.


I was expecting it to be hostile to me because ı beat it up a bit in the exam.


''It was so. So why are you here?''


His red eyes turned slightly to me.


''To have a little chat. Warn you a little bit.''


Huh? My eyebrow raised. A conversation I didn't expect.


''What will you warn for?''


''You are also aware, Lex. Your entrance exam result is beyond human. Too perfect to be lucky. I am not weak but still got 82 physical, 89 mental points.


You got full points in both areas. I initially didn't respect you when fighting and wanted to crush you, but now ı think the opposite. I respect you and try to rival you. There may be those who want to slip their feet. Be careful!''


Those who want to slip my feet?


Why do they do this?


The desire for power...




I have to be careful, ı have been aware of this from the beginning.


I smiled slowly when ı remembered a photograph of a person.


''Thank you, Kennie. I will pay this.''


''I just do it for myself. Don't forget that we are rivals.''


Only a light breeze remained with me afterward.


Don't do.



A note from Kronos661

Sorry for the episode delay. I am preparing for a very important exam for me. I will publish many more episodes after the exam.

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Bio: Hello, I am an 18 year old novice writer. One day I thought of a story that I thought was beautiful, and I wanted to write it down right away.
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My book starts with a very novice pen at first, but I think I improved in the following chapters. What do you think ?

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