Amelia was dragged on both arms behind the princess, along a long corridor. She didn't fight back, she even laughed. But she didn't know why she wasn't afraid either.

"I am really happy to meet your Highness. Please let us be kind to each other." She said, but the princess did not turn to her. She walked with precise steps along the long corridor.

"You sneaked into this castle and helped a burglar. You will regret today." She replied as they turned left and then went down several staircases. After a few minutes of silent walking, they arrived in a dark vault, which was probably used as a prison. The cells were empty, no one was locked up here. Understandably, true criminals were hardly kept in the Royal Castle. Amelia was pushed into one of the cells and the lattice door was immediately closed. The princess approached the bars:

"I'll think about your penalty, but don't have too high hopes to get out of here too quickly." She said with a cool look at Amelia, who had just laid down on a small lounger and crossed over her legs. Amelia's gaze scurried over to her. She said nothing, just smiled and waved at her. Ishgen turned around and disappeared with her servants. Amelia looked after her before closing her eyes.

At first there is nothing to do, and she had until tomorrow anyway before she had to go to meet Venrir, so she used the time to train. So, several hours passed and it must have gotten dark outside when suddenly a nervous security guard stormed down the stairs and wheezed something to the ready guard. He made big eyes; something must have happened. Amelia had been torn into reality by the quick steps. She jumped up and approached the grid.

"Hey, what's going on? Did anything happen?" she shouted over to the two men.

"This is not for you, prisoner! You can be happy if you come out of here at some point!" shouted the still wheezing of the two.

Amelia laughed briefly, then stepped through the bars into the corridor.

"You're right, of course, good man. I've been here for too long anyway, greet princess Ishgen from me." She said and waved goodbye to them.

"Wha-" shouted one, then they rushed towards her, but before they reached Amelia, she dissolved and was nowhere to be seen. She glided through the air, up the stairs, then through a few walls until she arrived in a large hall whose high windows opened up the view of the nocturnal courtyard. Amelia materialized and stepped closer, hidden behind a long curtain, watching what was happening outside.

The courtyard was by no means empty, on the contrary. Several hundred guards had gathered and taken up position. In front of the big gate stood several important-looking people and Amelia could even see the princess and Venrir standing there. They all had the view directed to a large and high balcony. Amelia followed their gaze to see a door open and a tall man step out, whose mere presence exerted tremendous pressure. Everyone got down on their knees at the same time.

This was the king of Deneria. Infallible, this had to be Edhrin va Denair. He spread his arms and let his voice sound:

"My brothers and sisters, this is an emergency situation that has just been discovered by one of my spies. We are facing a war! The Prophets have decided to establish a strong army and are secretly planning an attack on Rynea, the Holy Grassland! In half a year they will attack! Our friends, the Nyin, should already know about it, but Bellmaire has yet to be notified. We will have to join forces to protect the sacred ground! " His voice echoed throughout the courtyard. War? The Prophets? Rynea? What was happening here? Amelia understood what the situation was like, but she couldn't understand the details. One of the people, down in front of the gate, straightened up. He was dressed in a dark cloak and held something up. When Amelia took a closer look, she recognized Bellmaire's badge.

"Your Highness, I am here as a representative of Bellmaire. Please allow me to remark that the king is unfortunately not home and only the heir to the throne remained in the capital. I do not believe that we should inform her of this situation. She is not fitted and does not know how to deal with responsibility." He said. Amelia could see his face and was disgusted. Something was wrong here. The people loved Iszet as a princess and she herself knew that Iszet would do her very best. Her face darkened as she extended her magic to him. Something was definitely wrong here. With a little run-up, she jumped to the window, slid through and floated to the middle of the square, about the same height as the king.

"You! What are you doing!" several voices were heard under her. It only took a small moment for Amelia to hear the whirring of an arrow behind her. Her eyes flashed and the arrow bounced off her crystal hand, which immediately returned back to normal.

"You! How did you escape from the cell? You dare to show up here?" sounded a familiar voice, that of the princess.

"Little one? What are you doing here?" unmistakably Venrir's voice came up to her. Amelia turned her gaze to him and smiled briefly before looking at the representative of Bellmaire with disgust.

"Your Highness allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amelia Syngh and I am here on behalf of the Princess of Bellmaire, Iszet Bellmaire! I would ask you to include me instead of this man. He obviously has no interest in the relations between these two countries and is therefore unsuitable." She shouted loudly and her voice echoed on the high walls of the castle. The king looked at her with an inquiring look, while below her a person pointed at her:

"Tsk, ridiculous! I am an officially sent representative, who are you to defile the name of our princess and question my loyalty?" the man with the badge shouted up to her, visibly angry. Amelia did not honor him with a glance at him and continued to withstand the king's gaze while pulling out and holding up the thin necklace from Iszet.

"Th- the necklace of the... Prin- Princess!" the man shouted stuttering.

"Y- You're a friend of Iszet?!" the princess's voice sounded surprised.

"Your Majesty, please forgive her for her actions. I vouch for the little one, she's a nice person." She heard the voice of the old Venrir, who gesticulated wildly to the balcony. A good man, this old man, thought Amelia.

"Silence! Your name is Amelia Syngh? You are probably right about this man." The king's gaze fell on the man in the dark cloak.

"Guards please, guide him to a private accommodation. Lady Syngh, from here on, will represent the royal family and the kingdom of Bellmaire. As I see, you must be a friend of the princess, please send your greetings to her and Tores when you return home." He continued. Amelia nodded and watched out of the corner of her eye as the man with the badge was led from the square by two guards. Slowly she sank to the ground, walked with straight steps, towards the great gate, which opened with a yawn of her, in front of her.


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