Sitting on the roof of a small tower, Amelia enjoyed the sunset, which was actually all the time, at least here, in this valley. Tomorrow she would find answers. Tomorrow the old dwarf would help her. The last few days she hadn't done much except train a little on the meadows outside the valley and visit the city.

She got up and jumped up. The jump became a light float up and finally she landed on one of the white roads leading to the castle. She glanced to the side, down to the pointed rooftops of the city that lay beneath her before approaching the castle any further. The gate was closed, and she did not have to abuse Iszet's necklace for a visit, so she looked around briefly and then walked a few steps into the air and along the castle wall, taking care not to be seen through one of the high windows. After a few minutes of strolling, she suddenly heard the voice of a young woman, through the crack of a window above her:

"I'll ask you again, who are you?!" she said. Amelia took a few steps up and looked through the window. In the room stood a young woman, perhaps a little older than Iszet, with two servants in front of a boy who was tied to a chair and left his head hanging.

"What brought you to the Royal Castle? Who sent you?" she asked emphatically. She didn't seem to be in the best of moods. The boy replied, without raising his head:

"Please, Highness. I am just a simple citizen! I didn't do anything! Please release me, I have a sister and I have to go to her, she is waiting for me! He said. Amelia felt no lies in what he said. The young woman had to be the princess of the country, Amelia thought to remember that her name was Ishgen va Denair. Pretty independent for a princess, Amelia thought.
She disintegrated into her individual parts and continued to follow the events.

"He doesn't want to talk... come, I’ll need you to get something." Said the princess, walked towards the door and disappeared with her two servants. The boy did not move a bit and said nothing. A few minutes of silence passed, then suddenly the voice of a girl sounded on his ear.

"What have you done to end up like this?" then suddenly on his other ear:

"You have a sister? Ha! Your chances of seeing her again are poor when the princess comes back." With a jolt he raised his head and searched with his gaze the empty space for the origin of the voice. So, Amelia could see his face better. He had short brown hair and a narrow face with two narrow and silver-sparkling eyes. Suddenly, the rope came loose, on his hands and feet. He jumped up and closed his eyes. Amelia felt him expand his magic to uncover everything around him.

"Haha! Not bad, but you won’t find me that easily!" she laughed.

"Are you my enemy?" he asked with a gloomy look as he turned around, approached the table and reached for a long, black coat lying on it. He threw it over his shoulder and turned back to the empty room.

"Over here." Laughed Amelia. His gaze fell on a large armchair standing in a corner of the room. The air seemed to pull together and form a body. She sat comfortably in the armchair, her legs crossed over and her head supported by her arms. A girl completely in white, even her hair was long and white. Amelia smiled at him and did not blink once.

"Who... are you?" he asked. He didn't seem to be afraid of her, but still prepared to have to fight a fight.

"Me? I'm Amelia. And you are?" she asked without letting his eyes go.

"Just Amelia?"

"The rest doesn't matter, because no one would recognize it, even if I gave you my last name."

"Why are you saving me?" his gaze and voice were still gloomy and his eyes sparkled silver as if to take up the fight with her green eyes.

"I don't know. You don't seem to be a bad person and you didn't lie when you said your sister was waiting for you. You don't need to thank me."

"I wouldn't have done it anyway, because whether you save me, or I have to escape myself doesn't really matter to me..." he turned around and leaned on the table. Amelia continued to smile.

"You would have escaped yourself?"

"Don't underestimate me." He said with his back turned to her and stretched out an arm to the side so that she could see exactly how a chain slowly pulled around his arm. It moved like a snake and even had a pointed head, which was covered with elaborate decorations. The tip, which could probably pierce a wall with ease, was aimed at Amelia.

She laughed.

"You have an interesting weapon there... but if you break out of here, you can no longer let yourself be seen in all of Deneria and neither can your sister. So, let me help you at least a little." She said. She got up and approached him from behind. He was just as tall as she was, and the tip of his chain followed her movements with tension. Amelia smiled and playfully tapped against it. The chain immediately slackened, as if it had been deprived of all its strength. His eyes became narrow.

"What did you do?"

"Don't worry, it'll be able to move again in a few hours." Amelia said calmly. Her eyes flashed and the window was pushed open.

"Do you hear that? The princess comes back. In other words, from here on, this is my game." She said while making a gesture that indicated him to sharpen his hearing. In the corridor, steps came much closer.

"What are you up to?"

"That's none of your concern haha!" she shouted and pushed him forward. It pushed him out of the window, and he fell towards the city, which lay deep below him. Amelia looked after him before she turned away and closed the window. Just as it was clacking, the door opened.

"You there! Who are you and what are you doing here? Where has he gone?" shouted the princess, pointing at Amelia, who was still turning her back on her.

"Princess Ishgen isn't it? It is an honor for me to make your acquaintance." She said and turned around. The two servants on both sides of the princess rushed towards her and grabbed her by the arms.

"Whoever you are! You have sneaked into the royal castle of my family and my country! You will not get away. You've gone too far!"

"I'm really looking forward to our time together, Princess," laughed Amelia.


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Bio: Hi there! I don't really have confidence in my own english-skills but I am writing some stories from time to time and I wanted to Share some of them...

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