That day, Amelia woke up in a world, she didn't belong in.

With no memories of how she got here and only vague memories of her past, she is now stranded in this medieval fantasy world.

She practically knows nothing about this world and she also doesn't know that she'll soon be renowned all across the lands. 

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to simple with to many flaws

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

I only read 6 chapters but they all have the same problems so i felt it was safe to comment.

the narrative is way to simple, there is very little logic in the events that take place and there are a lot of contraddicting information or logical holes in the narration or dialogues, and the amount of plot armor involved defy the accepltable for any decent story by a wide margin.

a good example of what i mean is this piece of a dialogue in ch5: “She's called Amelia and I don't know who she is. But she needs accommodation. She's a friend OK?" in the same phrase Mia tell she doesnt know Amelia but at the same time that Amenlia is her friend, ps Amelia get the inn room even tho she has no money, since she is Mia friend, in the next 3 sentences, no question asked.

by chapter 6 Amenlia get a mission to save the princess by zoy, one of the stronghest person in the kingdom, because, in 2 weeks time, she was able to learn a lot magic, and now she is way strongher the. everybody else zoy know, herself included.

the magic systsem has basicly no explanation exept for the minium neccessary to eatabilsh Amelia as super op.

Amelia doesnt face a single challenge, want to learn magic? done in one paragraph, need acomodation with no money? no problem, need a new spells? just look araund so she can copy other people spells at the first try.

the author claim to lack fluency in english so bad dialogues and contraddiction might be a consequence of that, but the the other problems arent justifiable by that.

even mantaining the same plot, this story need a lot of work to become a good story, just the firsts 6 chapter could be expanded with better description, more coherent dialogues, gove a better explanation on why things take the turn they to redice plot armor and gove the story coerence and a gice a better explanation for the magic system or other aspects of the world. 

those improovment vould probabilly hepl to gain a good fluency in english as an added bonus