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Okay, so first the stats

Strength (STR) Raises physical force every point

Constitution (CON) Raises defence every point

Dexterity (DEX) Raises anything to do with hands every point

Intelligence (INT) Raises mana pool and memory every point

Wisdom (WIS) Raises mana regeneration and adaptability every point

Charisma (CHA) Raises charm every point

Luck (LCK) Raises luck every point (cannot have stat points put into it)

These are the seven basic stats.

In this world, you can level up. Whenever you level up, one point is assigned to every stat except luck. You will also receive 5 free points that you can allocate anywhere except luck. You can gain experience by killing things, or by doing your class' job. If you're a blacksmith and you forge things, you'll gain experience. You can also obtain new stats, although rarely, from jobs.

As i mentioned earlier, there are classes in this story. You can't choose your class, but you can have multiple. This may seem OP at first, but it's really not. A class only can give you a direction to go towards and a skill or two. However, it is beneficial to level up a class, because then the class can rank up, for example: Beginner Warrior to Warrior. After a class has ranked up, you will gain 1-2 stat points in each area that the class focused on. Although this may seem like a waste of time, one of the most important reasons to level up your class is evolution, which we will now go into.

Evolution is very simple, yet very confusing. It's similar to a skill tree that you might find in a game. You would start off in the same place as everyone else from your species, but you could each take different paths. To evolve all you have to do is reach level 100, but that can only get you so far. Take this as an example, a goblin that only evolved through the normal route would go like this: Goblin to Hobgoblin to Ogre. As I said before, that is only the normal route of evolution. You can get more options to choose from if you meet a certain prerequisite. Continuing on the goblin line, an atypical route may be Goblin to Goblin Mage. One could evolve like this if they had the Beginner Mage class, although it is quite rare among Goblins.

That takes care of the game-y parts. Oh, I almost forgot, luck rises if you're really lucky, like winning the lottery.

A note from Saraudia Liu

I'm still working on the idea for this, but I only have a general idea of how I want it to go. I haven't really thought out the whole story.

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