Caleb was now 4 years old and had accepted his new name. A lot of things happened under these 4 years. Caleb noticed that his father was actually not too bad looking, probably 185-190 cm tall, broad back, crazy refined muscles, a medium long brown beard and some scars on his arms and one on his face right under his left eye. Caleb's mother on the other hand was gorgeous, she had long brown hair down to her butt, crystal green eyes with a hint of blue like a lagoon and a figure that would put some pornstars to shame.


Caleb didn’t notice until now, probably because he was so accustomed to this world, but the world he was living in now was like earth but at medieval times. This fact made it super hard for Caleb in the beginning but he soon got used to it and now it’s like he has never lived in another time period.


Today was Caleb’s first day of training with his dad, not with magic but with the sword. Caleb had started dreaming of learning magic right after he turned 1 years old but the next 3 years went by and he never saw anybody use magic which he found odd. It was not until he turned 4 that he learned that magic was as much of a myth in this world as his old one. The only thought in Caleb’s mind that popped up when he heard that was “What kind of fucking bullshit fantasy world is this!”.


Caleb came running out of the wood house he lived in ready to train and get stronger so he can protect what he cherishes, His family. The first thing Caleb’s father made him do was run, run like a maniac every day, Caleb started to get irritated as he didn’t understand why he had to run all the time when he wanted to learn swordsmanship so he asked his father “Why do I need to run all the time, can’t you learn me how to swing a sword instead?”. Caleb’s father looked at him for a second with no expression like a zombie and then said “Okay if you want to learn swordsmanship you need to duell me and land at least one hit.”. Caleb nodded happily and thought to himself “This will be easy, landing one hit on this big man will be as easy as hitting a rock on a mountain from 15 meter away.”.


Caleb’s father took two wooden swords from the swordstand in their front yard and threw one of them to Caleb. As Caleb caught the sword his father said in a calm and deep voice “Are you ready?” which Caleb answered with “I was born ready.”. Caleb’s father let out a slight laugh and then made the signature “come at me” sign with his left hand. Caleb felt some kind of pressure as he tensed his muscles and started running towards his father. He swung his sword for the side of his father's body but was too slow so it got deflected and Caleb fell to the ground with a thud because he lost balance. Caleb just thought he was unlucky as he was getting up, he spat to the side and then charged again this time trying to not lose balance.


Caleb swung for his father’s legs then his head and lastly he thrusted his wooden sword towards his father’s stomach but all his swings got deflected and his thrust hit air. Caleb looked up at his father’s smug face and then looked down again as he had to puke from fatigue and so he did, twice. When Caleb stopped puking he felt a big hand on his back, it was his father.


“See son, you first need stamina so that you can train profusely in the future and fight.” Caleb’s father said with a light smile. “Yes father.” said Caleb with his head down in a low voice. He then started running again until he heard his mother’s sweet voice shouting “Dinner’s ready boys.”. Caleb switched direction while still running like a heat seeking missile towards the front door of the medium sized house he lives in. Today's dinner is potatoes, homemade bread and a small wolf Caleb’s father had hunted in the morning.


Caleb’s mother is an excellent cook and very good at house chores whilst his father is a well respected B ranked hunter. His father is considered to be one of the best hunters in this country.


Under the 4 years that Caleb has lived he has learned many things about this world. The world he lives in now is called Katranda, this world is a bit smaller than earth and has 3 continents Handre, Dallox and Jalloh. Calleb lives in a forest in the middle of Dallox the biggest continent in a country called Ratary.


Caleb also learnt a lot about what being a hunter is, there are 7 ranks S, A, B, C, D, E and F… Very cliche to say the least. The different ranks indicates how strong you are and also how you are shared throughout Katranda. S ranks are shared with the whole world. A ranks with the continent they live in. B ranks with the country they live in and C, D, E, F are shared in the city or village they live in.


This means that Caleb’s father often travels as he is a rank B hunter. The sad thing is that Caleb can’t take breaks in his training when his father is away on a quest because his father is not needed when Caleb is running.


Caleb kept on running everyday slowly increasing the distance he runs per day. Caleb’s father came home from his 4 months long quest to see Caleb being able to run nearly as long as himself without rest. This sight filled Caleb’s father with happiness, slight confusion and proudness. This kind of performance and growth was not normal at all for a 4 year old you could maybe even call it superhuman but Caleb’s father was blinded by his feeling of pride thinking he was the best teacher in the world.


Caleb trained profusely everyday until he was 6 years old when it finally happened. His father came up to him with a wooden sword nearly as tall as Caleb himself and said “It’s time for swords training son.” with a huge smile on his face. Caleb became ecstatic at the thought of learning how to fight with the sword. Caleb’s father gave the sword to Caleb and gave him some instructions. “Hold the sword right in front of you and swing downwards, bring it back up again, tilt it to the right and slash again then the same on the left and then repeat. Do this for a year and then I’ll give you new instructions.”. Caleb’s jaw dropped to the ground when he heard “repeat for 1 year.”. He picked up his jaw and then quickly asked his father “What! What is this training for?”. His father answered saying “This training helps you strengthen your grip on the sword as you swing and the speed at which you swing.”. To Caleb's surprise this training actually had a rectified reason to be a part of his training.


Caleb started swinging the sword as instructed and noticed fairly quickly that if he swung with all his strength he’d throw the sword away by mistake and he also noticed that his stamina was outstanding as he could swing the sword for 4 hours straight with no rest.


His new schedule was to wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, get teached by his mom at home, eat lunch, train like a damn monster, eat dinner then go to sleep. This schedule was not common for even adults so Caleb had strong potential to become something special in the future.


Just one month before Caleb’s 7th birthday his father got really sick, he was white as a sheet and he coughed up blood from time to time. Caleb’s mother was scared to death throughout the next 2 weeks as his father was sick but then he recovered pretty fast but Caleb’s mother was still worried.


Caleb, his mother and his dad went to see a doctor two days after his father had recovered from his sickness. They walked for a week before reaching the closest village which also had a doctor in it. The house the doctor lived in was big, at least twice as big as his own house with a big beautiful flower and herb garden at the front.


Caleb’s family opened the door to the house and walked in getting greeted by a girl around Caleb’s age. “Hi, Welcome in, have a seat and father will come and get you soon.” said the little girl. “Thank you.” said Caleb’s father accompanied by Caleb saying the same thing. “Thank you littl--.” said Caleb’s mother but didn’t have time to finish her sentence before the little girl ran in deeper in the house blushing for some reason. Caleb looked at his mother confused and then up at his father and noticed that his father was smiling smugly at Caleb as if he wanted to say something.


As they sat down in the lobby they could see the little girl opening a door and peeking through the little crack at Caleb and his family. “Why don’t you go and play with her, Caleb?” whispered his mother looking at the crack in the door. Caleb first thought was that it was a dumb idea but then he got a little intruged by the little girl so he complied and went up to the door without being seen by the girl. He then peeked through the crack in the door and saw someone’s eye. The eye quickly disappeared followed by a thud and then “Owww”. Caleb opened the door to see the little girl on the ground with her panties in the air thanks to her dress folding up, letting Caleb see everything in the lower region. The girl noticed Caleb in the doorway and quickly stood up, brushed off any dust and asked “Did you see?”. Caleb knew that if he answered truthfully he would get slapped so he shook his head, the girl didn’t really buy it as she pouted really cutely while blushing but Caleb felt like no harm was done.


Caleb stretched out his hand and said “My name’s Caleb, nice to meet you.”, the girl looked at his hand for a second and then slowly took his hand and shook it and said “Hi, my name is Valya.” shyly. “Do you want to play something?” asked Caleb to which the girl slightly tilted her head and looked at Caleb suspiciously but then answered “Okay let’s play. I have some friends I usually play with, so we could play with them.”, “Okay let’s do that.” said Caleb


Valya and Caleb went out of the house and turned right and walked for around 3 minutes before reaching a very poorly handmade hut. “This is our meeting spot.” said Valya which surprised Caleb because she wears a pretty fancy dress, she nearly looked like a daughter of a noble. They went in the hut and in the hut sat three people, a slightly fat boy, a short boy and a pretty tall girl. “These are the ones I was talking about earlier.” said Valya, seeming somewhat excited and like in a choir the three of them said “Hi, nice to meet you.”, “Hi, the pleasure is mine” answered Caleb slightly surprised at the timing the three had, it was like they had practised it beforehand. “So what should we play?” asked the fluffy boy


After some discussion the group decided to play hide and seek and unfortunately Caleb was the seeker because he was the new kid in the group. Caleb Counted to 100 and then shouted “Ready or not, here I come!”. Caleb started looking around not wanting to miss any nooks and crannies and it paid off as he found the fluffy kid hiding behind a tree 20 meters behind the hut trying to trick Caleb. Caleb and the fluffy kid went on seeking for other members of the group but didn’t find anyone for some time until they saw Valya in an alley between two houses. The fluffy kid ran towards her giggling but Caleb quickly stopped him and showed him the “Be quiet” sign. The fluffy kid looked confused at Caleb and then looked past the corner into the alley slowly understanding why Caleb had stopped him.


In the alley there stood a skinny middle aged man talking to Valya as she looked scared, but the fluffy kid couldn't hear what the man said. At the other hand Caleb heard everything the man said, “Why are you here little girl? Got lost from your daddy? Want to follow me home so we can later find your daddy?”. Valya looked slightly down, not wanting to meet the man's gaze and said “No thank you, I will find my way home myself.” as she said this the man grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. She scraped her face pretty bad on the ground which was mostly made up of gravel. “Aww fuck, I damaged the goods, well doesn’t matter anymore so why don’t I play with you a little before I kill you little girl.” said the man with a big scary smile on his face.

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