Master of None

by Jackbrewsow

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

"You will never be as smart as a mage, or as strong as a warrior."

"But you will be smarter than a warrior, and stronger than a mage."

"Trying to do everything means never focusing on one thing."

"If you want to reach the pinnacle then this path is not for you"

"If your starting to surpass others at something it just means you have spent too long on it." 

"You aren't trying to be the best, the strongest, the most powerful. No, you are trying to survive any and every situation, with or without others."

"This is what it means 'to be of all trades', you are everything and you are nothing. Can do anything but Master None!"

As a newbie to writing stories and fantasy stories in general I will most likely end up editing, adjusting, readjusting, and overall trying to improve the story constantly.
There may be plotholes, poor spelling, poor character dynamic, and personalities. I may even change the same chapter 5 times within a week to adjust it, after all a story can always be improved.
I swear I am not a perfectionist, it just needs to be half decent at least.

Criticize and suggest whatever you want, I want to improve my writing.

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