To you who is gone but now forgotten

by J. Blanche

Kiran Burman is 18 years old he's at the peek of his life always surrounded by good people always laughing always happy everyone seem to enjoy his presence. 

His grandparents would always remind him that he's in a age where he will be in a long journey to find himself yet it felt like he was losing himself more and more day by day. 

In the same class as Kiran at the corners sits Ayan she's always by herself and has a presence as small as a corn but she doesn't mind being alone in fact she enjoys it. 

One day Ayan discovers a big secret about her popular classmate Kiran an image of him being mental drained and eyes red as if he cried for hours. 

But what made her even more shocked was that he was in the hospital and it didn't seem like it was his first time being there.

What could his secret possibly be

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J. Blanche

J. Blanche

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