The Isekai Police (aka "Earth's Advocates")

The Isekai Police (aka "Earth's Advocates")

by Vnator

When evil kings summon kids from Earth to be used and abused as fast-leveling soldiers in their petty wars, the Isekai Police will be there to stop them. A group of ex-isekai protagonists in their own right, they utilize their collective skills to fight for the end of summoning abuse.

Artyom Choi, cynical ex-hero and founding member of the organization, is sent to investigate the presence of an Earther on an innocently idyllic World where no summoning has supposedly taken place. His mission: rescue the Earther and figure out how he got there. Dark secrets lie beneath the surface of paradise, however. Will he be able to find this new hero and get out before whatever malicious forces brought them there doom them both?

Book 1 has been finished! I'll be back in about 2-4 weeks with the start of a new story! Or maybe even sooner? I'll also be editing the current story to be much better than before!

    This story is meant to be a deconstruction of the isekai genre that references and sometimes pokes fun at various tropes. Artyom isn’t some kid whose goal is to amass Levels or a harem. In fact, all he cares about is protecting other Earthers, and won’t let anything like that get in the way! So expect to see:

        -A mature main character who still has some flaws.

        -Character development over the course of the story.

        -No harems! (see last point)

        -A vibrant world full of interesting people, deep culture, and mysterious lore that gets uncovered as the story goes on.

        -Plenty of funny moments along the way!

        -The presence of a few cliched tropes and stereotypes only for the sake of poking fun at them.

    So step in, take the first leap, and uncover the next hot take on this expansive genre!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Story of King Reggie ago
2. Basic Security ago
3. Basic Questions ago
4. T.O.A.L and You ago
5. Artyom's New Mission ago
6. Mission Deployment ago
7. Meeting the Locals ago
8. Entering Town ago
9. Other Out of Towners ago
10. Bad Rats ago
11. Playing Exterminator ago
12. An Unexpected Mission ago
13. Leeroy Jenkins ago
14. The Big Bad ago
14.5. Disaster Relief ago
15. Interlude: T.O.A.L. Headquarters ago
16. Solo Reconnaissance ago
17. Putting a Plan into Action ago
18. Showtime ago
19. The Mapmaker ago
20. Welcome to the Dungeon! ago
21. Kobold Kill Team ago
22. Banana Slamma! ago
23. Getting Ready for the Party ago
24. Party Time ago
25. The "Other" Party ago
26. Team "Bonding" ago
27. Night Shift ago
28. Two Lonely Souls ago
29. New Dungeon Puzzle Meta ago
30. A True Dungeon Experience ago
31. Adding up the Facts ago
32. Paranoia/Study/Beach Party ago
Meme Dump 1-14.5 ago
33. To the LIBRARY! ago
34. Obligatory Beach Episode ago
35. Motel Murder Service ago
36. Contingency Planning ago
37. Contingency Planning II ago
38. Confrontation of Secrets ago
39. Dungeons and Death Squads ago
40. Everything Goes to Shit ago
41. Into Hiding/Rescue Ops ago
42. The Raid: Day 1 ago
43. The Raid: Day 2 (Morning) ago
44. The Raid: Day 2 (Night) ago
45. The Raid: Day 3 ago
46. The Raid: Conclusion ago
47. Ironheart Fortress ago
48. Long Awaited Reunion ago
49. Hunt for the Yamastra ago
50. His Name was Cesen ago
51. A Way In ago
52. Sabotage! ago
53. Finale Part 1: Reinforcements Arrive ago
54. Finale Part 2: Getting an Army ago
55. Finale Part 3: Battle for Ironheart Fortress ago
56. Finale Part 4: A Villainous Monologue ago
57. Finale Part 5: The Final Battle ago
58. Epilogue 1 ago
59. Epilogue 2 ago
60. Epilogue 3 ago
61. Epilogue 4 ago
62. Epilogue 5 ago
Book 1 Afterwords ago

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Epic premise, engaging execution

Reviewed at: 39. Dungeons and Death Squads

I have been enjoying "The Isekai Police", and want to encourage Vnator in their writing and more readers to take a look. (The author's self-description is pretty darn accurate thus far.)

As my review title states, the premise for this story is epic. Basically, a task force (TOAL) exists to make sure that "Earthers"-- who are summoned from planet Earth to act as the chosen heroes in alternative worlds' catastrophic wars, disasters, or what have you-- are summoned ethically and then treated appropriately. Enter Artyom, a battle hardened higher up of TOAL whose background we only sort of can guess at (at the point that this review was written). He's quick on his feet, a little cynical, calculating, and determined to protect Earthers.

Artyom is sent on a top secret mission to identify the source of earth culture on a fairytale planet with no known summons and a strange set of psychological readings. His task is to find the presumably present Earther, figure out how they got there, and unravel the hidden mysteries he discovers on his quest. Fighting a somewhat uphill battle against an overpowered magical Skills system, Artyom has to remember to keep on his toes despite the seeming incompetence and lack of basic intelligence in the world he's exploring. I'll stop there because I don't want to drop any spoilers.

We occasionally get little interlude chapters inserted amidst the Artyom arc that seem to primarily focus on a new TOAL recruit named Kai (whom, I'll be honest, I expected to be the main protagonist after the first couple of chapters and without reading the full book description🙈). These interludes give the reader insights into TOAL headquarters and training and some world-building that, as a reader, I've quite enjoyed.

Stylistically, I don't feel qualified to give much feedback. I will say that the story has been easy to follow thus far, and the prose is fairly straightforward which lends itself well to immersive reader engagement.

Grammatically, it's not perfect, but except for one section which the author notes suggest was tacked onto the chapter a little later, it's pretty good. It hasn't distracted much from the story, in my opinion.

Final thought, it's worth a look! I'd imagine that the category of story isn't for everybody, but it's a fun read.

Updated at chapter 39 to include an "advanced review".


Lots of potential, pretty mediocre execution

Reviewed at: 51. A Way In

I'm gonna be honest: right now, the series is more likely a 3 star in "overall" score, and the only reason why I'm giving it a higher rating is because of snippets. Snippets of what is to come.

The premise is extremely interesting, being a sorta of "meta-look" into the Isekai genre, while still being able to build an interesting universe that doesn't feel like it's just a parody of other stories. But here we also find the main issue: while the story is able to HINT at very interesting concept, the ones we see "explored" are the extremely boring ones.

When I think of an organization made up of what are LITERALLY isekai protagonists, I don't think of a random para-military group that fights using mostly magic guns and military techniques, but that's what TOAL is. Aside from Artyom I don't think we've even seen other TOAL members showcase any of their powers, and Artyom's powers are so goddamn boring.

In the same vein, I think that the choice of starting out in a "Basic but something is wrong" world is both a boon and a curse: the story spends most of the time building a world that is different from the one in the premise, but at the same time we get introduced slowly to the more broad concepts the author is trying to hint at.

The grammar is fine, even though some typos manage to sneak past.

This is a story I can't reccomend for those looking to read an interesting take on an overused trope (right now, hopefully this will change in the future), but it IS a good story that could become fantastic in the future, and I'm looking forward to the moment I will be able to change this review into a 5 stars across the board



Vnator's story comes at this concept from a good twist, leading to new takes on old tropes breathing a breath of fresh air into a genre desperately in need of it.  The various categories that royal road asks we measure authors on include story, style, character, and grammar.  First up: the story includes many old tropes, but twists them to new and exciting ends.  Cliffhangers and oldies but goodies abound, and the reader is left with new things too look forward to in a comforting environment.  Up next: the style of writing is engaging, descriptive, and well thought out.  Checking the list: characters are perhaps the weakest link in my opinion, but there is a [redacted for story reasons] [redacted] [redacted] that [data expunged] [redacted] so [spoiler redacted].  I hope that explains everything to everyone's satisfaction.  Lastly: grammar, there were few typos and nothing glaring and immersion breaking.  Now for my own category.  I like to measure a story on slope of quality, as the most important aspect of an ongoing story to me.  An improving level of quality, which this story has, is a fantastic sign and deserves nothing but praise.  So long as this continues the story has great odds of going from solid and readable to fantastic and extraordinary.  


This was a nice read! I love how the story didn't go on forever and run a good idea into the ground. The author had an idea, made a plot, and stuck to it, something I know from experience is pretty hard(hence why no uploaded works). Their world building also explored the generic isekai in a new and interesting way. Though your writing at first was pretty meh and the MC felt kinda badly executed and edgy for the sake of edge, and didn't live up to his hype you really managed to turn that first impression around and you really came into your own as a writer. Good job!



This story is unique and im honestly suprised it is not a lot higher.

The world-hopping is done well with the lore about how former summoned heroes trying to save others from horrible fates in their new world. The characters are good with clear-cut explenations why everything is this way.

I also like the characters artyom and his ptsd over what he has went through is great and he really desires to help others so they don't have to suffer like him.

Overall i really liked this story and would reccomend you read it as i blew through this.

It was a relative breath of fresh air from the previous stories as it was original


The story takes an interesting take on isekai's. It gives an engaging experience with twists and turns that still gives you the satisfaction of an isekai fantasy. It starts off with setting up the world and premise, and moves on to what might initially seem like something you've read a hundred times over. While it may seem that way, the story quickly reminds you of what it is, and gives you a wildly different experience.

The style was nice and easy to read through. The prose does not make you stop or want to fall asleep. It's not overly simplistic either, so 5 stars. 

The grammar had no major or obvious issues that stood out to me. Even if there were any mistakes, they were not noticeable so this gets a 5 star from me.

The story itself was engaging and drew me in. I loved how the author built up what was started out as a generic world being looked at from the eyes of a veteran who'd seen too much of what was out there, and then turned it on its head, so this gets another 5 stars from me.

The characters were appropriately interesting (or intentionally not), and were conducive to the world, so this also gets 5 stars from me.

Overall, the story was great, as everything else was great, I'd completely recommend this story! 5 stars overall.




Good, potential to be great, but has flaws

Reviewed at: 48. Long Awaited Reunion

This author really has something special going for him. He's lining up a proper story better than most authors on this site ever have, from very early on it's quite clear where the story's gonna inevitably end; e.g. it's not a tapeworm story, it's got a proper plot that ends somewhere and we've been steadily progressing towards that end at an acceptable pace.

This already sets the story miles ahead of most webnovels... But by itself it's not enough to make for a great story. Just a good one.

There are some mistakes here and there, critical pieces missing to explain certain aspects of worldbuilding that seemed not to make sense to me.

So-so grammar (I mean it's just at the level of common grammar mistakes, it's nothing seriously bad, but it could use some better proofreading)

Only passably decent characters, they're better than in most webnovels again, but they're not really good enough to stand out; that applies to all of the characters, although there hasn't been any character that stuck out to me as badly written, there hasn't been any that stuck out as well written either, it's just, well, so-so.

And as for the style, there are some interludes/pov breaks/flashbacks that I felt don't add anything to the story (felt like filler mostly), as well as some minor pacing issues.

Minor pacing issues though is fantastic, it's one of my favorite things about this story, because most webnovel authors have terrible, physics defyingly bad pacing issues... But this story only has minor ones! In other words, the pacing is still good enough to be impressive, despite those mistakes :D

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the author seems to have the willingness to acknowledge his mistakes when pointed out and learn from them; which to me indicates that one day he'll write a masterpiece if he keeps this up, as long as he never gives up on trying to ge tbetter, he'll get there.

It's a good story, with a good premise, following a good formula, and the only things that are really dragging the story down are details that most readers might not even notice.

I can definitely say that I recommend this story, it's a good read, despite it's issues.


One of the best fictions on this platform

Reviewed at: Book 1 Afterwords

This story is second to none, except for possibly mother of learning, and that's a maybe, a blast to read, great world building, and a really fun premise, with believable characters, I found this story and read it straight through, only stopping for sleeping and eating. (I'm not even kidding, I had nothing on that weekend). 



Don't give up and the next one will be better

Reviewed at: 3. Basic Questions

Chapter 1 is very neat, I like the storytelling style there, and if the rest of the book continued that way, I think it would be a much more enjoyable read.

Unfortunately, ch. 2 is some deux ex and shifts the mood into high-horse moral grandstanding with cringe dialogues. The third an so on continue in the same direction.

5 stars is actually "No score", since I lost interest in the story, but I thought I would hightlight the part I enjoyed.