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Chapter 21: Sex Education in Ancient India


A note from Blackleg

This chapter is short because I ran out of time. I am a very slow writer, I wait for the story to come to me.

Readers' expectations are scary and great gratification for the author, like me. Never before did I get so many views even before posting a chapter.

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How would one define the self? If self could be interpreted as a person's identity. Then what about the person who transmigrated to a different body from his own body with two sets of memories? What kind of person would he be?

Aachman slumped on the ground in the fetal position. The intense pain made him lose consciousness.

"Aacha fainted!" Baldy was shocked and wondered if his love tap was that powerful.

The young lady and the fatty crowded over the body of Aachman.

"Young lady, I heard rumours that ordinary people cannot take a kick at the balls. They might even lose the ability to birth a child" fatty gossiped with the young lady.

The young lady was shocked to her core because she did not understand how little snake related to childbirth, after all, one needed to hold hands with others to get a baby.

"Aacha is a martial artist" the young lady declared with a stubborn face, which made lackeys scrutinise her face closely to understand her real motives.

The intense inquiry made the young lady lose her confidence and revised her statement.

"Hmm, probably. We should never speak about this incident in the future. So as not to create any further complication," the young lady decided to bury the hatchet.

"Yes, this incident never happened," the baldy echoed the young lady's sentiment.

"How could Acha be hurt when he didn't even have a little snake?" Fatty said smugly, in his mind he took a step further than baldy to prove his loyalty to the young lady.

Akalya ignored the yes men and nudged Aachman's body using her toe.


Aachman stirred with a shout and then checked his little snake's condition as soon as he came around.

"I almost lost my soul," Aachman muttered. He still felt sore, but nothing major damage happened to his little snake.

"You are alive!" The young lady asked in an incredulous voice.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Aachman was curious about what was going on in the young lady's mind.

"Aacha, you made the young lady worry needlessly because of your weakness" the baldy accused.

"Yeah, Aacha is weak all over the body" fatty stated his opinion, forthrightly.

Aachaman was outraged that he did not get any sympathy for his condition. Now, these lackeys accuse him of weakness. He was ready for another duel, and this time he would be the one to crack eggs.

Unfortunately, at the same time priest came for morning lessons, he hobbled towards them and did not even stop to contemplate why Aachman was lying on the ground.

"Ah, young lady, please assist me" Aachman extended his hand to the young lady, and she grabbed his hand and pulled him up, but then she froze at the midway and relinquished his hand in a hurry which caused Aachman to fall back on the ground.


"Aacha is a bad boy" the young lady declared with a red face and promptly ran away from Aachman without further explanations.

"Aacha, how can you do this to the young lady? I thought you were a better person than this" baldy was disappointed.

"Yeah, it seems like a toad lusts after a swan's flesh" fatty sneered at Aachman.

Aachman, meanwhile, was cradling his head. When he fell, it seems he landed head first. So he did not listen to these absurd accusations.

"Oye, fatty, help me up" Aachman again requested assistance, this time from the fatty.

"YOU ARE A FIEND! Not only the young lady but also my chastity is at risk" fatty shivered and hugged himself, but Aachman was genuinely confused.

"What is going on?"

"You don't know. First, you tried to impregnate the young lady, and now you want to impregnate the fatty" baldy condemned.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Aachman was losing his patience fast because of absurd things spouted by lackeys.

Fatty who came out of his fugue questioned Aachman: "You don't know that holding hands leads to pregnancy"

Aachman was shocked: "That is not how biology works. Also, men cannot get pregnant. Did you see any men get pregnant in our village?"

Lackeys contemplated what Aachman said seriously. "Yeah, I have never seen a man get pregnant" baldy agreed to Aachman's theory of childbirth.

Fatty was still doubtful: "What about my father, isn't he always pregnant?"

Aachman seriously lost his temper, "Your father is not pregnant. He is just fat. Now come and assist me"

Fatty was shaken by Aachman's forceful language and helped him to get on his feet.

"Are you sure?" Fatty asked Aachman to convince himself.

"Don't worry. If you get pregnant, I will provide you with child support" Aachman quipped.

"BUT YOU SAID..." Fatty started his rant but baldy interrupted it with his concerns.

"Hey, we need to catch up with the young lady and priest"

Three boys walked funnily because of their earlier misadventures caused by duels. Niggles were ever-present in life such as the way of life.


A note from Blackleg

General trivia

Little snake - penis (I don't want to use penis or cock. It does not seem right to use in this chapter)

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