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Chapter 17: The Young Lady gets Angry (😡)


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A few weeks had passed after the first spar between the young lady and old chief. Aachman quietly settled into a monotonous routine. He goes to the chief house by daybreak and comes back to the house by sunset.

The young lady had various classes. It seems the village chief wants to train her as a perfect noble lady as well as a capable badass warrior. Aachman thought that the chief plan was quite ambitious. Even though a young lady can be considered a genius, it still puts tremendous pressure and expectations on the young lady.

Aachman's work was accompanying her in day-to-day life. He needs to attend a wide variety of classes ranging from singing, dancing to martial arts and geography along with fatty and baldy. Aachman was not bad at singing, at least he was not the worst in his group. He may have trouble singing and keeping the tune, but baldy sings as though he had gravel stuck in his throat.

Aachman did not have the same problem with dance lessons. He found himself to be a better dancer in his little group. Baldy was not bad but was stiff in his movements. Whereas fatty dancing was like his whole body jiggling, it almost blinded the Aachman.

Aachman was motivated by his newfound talent in dance. So he broke free of all reticence and did a few moves which captured the interest of others.

His shuffle dance and robot dance garnered interest from a young lady and her lackeys. When he tried to do Bollywood dance with exaggerated pelvic movements, he was stopped by an instructor, an old woman who was a personal maid for the village chief's late wife.

She considered the Bollywood dancing style which captured the interest of countless Indians and foreigners alike in the modern era as dirty dancing only fit for performances by the courtesan. 'How dare she?'.

The young lady, her lackeys and Aachman were sitting in the courtyard along with the old woman. Today the old lady's class was not about singing or dancing and even not about learning household work. No today, old lady, Gargi teaches essential qualities needed for a woman to be the ideal wife.

Aachman, when he heard about the topic of the class, he felt he did not sign up for this. Since no one asked his opinion, he thought he might as well go with the flow.

"Akalya, you are about to be eight years old. It is time for you to learn to be a woman.

It is a knowledge generally taught by the mother to her daughter since your mother has already reached heaven. I will teach you in her place" the old lady said kindly to the young girl.

"A woman needs to be ready and expect to fulfil her husband's all wishes without question. She should be subservient to her husband to prevent fights in the household.

Remember this, Akalya. Let me give you an example. Once there was a great sage Thiru who was famous for writing books on Dharma. He married a woman named Vasuki.

Vasuki was very beautiful and, more than that, she was kind in nature. She always followed every wish of her husband. She never questioned him back. She did all the chores in the household and made the tastiest food for her husband. She not only fulfilled her husband's wishes, but she also predicted her husband's wishes by understanding and loving him wholeheartedly.

One day while she was in the act of drawing water from a well, her husband, sage Thiru summoned her, so she left abruptly without a second thought, but the water bucket which was used for getting water from the well remained in the same position until she came back later.

This is the benefit of being a virtuous woman. She is a standard the women of nowadays are trying to achieve.

Remember well Akalya, for the woman; her father guards her in her childhood; her husband guards her in her youth, and her sons guard her in her old age. A woman is not fit to act on her own..."

The young lady was not happy with today's lessons. She was the leader of this group. Little tyrant, but now she was told by an old lady she needed to be subservient to her nameless future husband, and it did not sit well with her. She was pouting and glaring at her lackeys.

The lackeys were excited as they never knew that the benefit of the wife would be this big. They were indulging in their own fantasies, became blind and failed to read their master's mood.

Aachman thought this was a heaven-sent opportunity to improve his standing among the lackeys and the young lady.

"Hey, Balu, tell me what you think about your future wife?"

Fatty was excited to discuss this topic. "Aacha, I don't know the wife is such a convenient thing. If I had a wife, I would ask her to make more tasty foods. My mom is not allowing me to eat more than two full plates of rice. If only I could get a wife..." fatty seems to be impatient to acquire a wife.

"What about you? Gaja" Aachman enquired the baldy who seemed more grounded. Baldy looked less excited compared to fatty. "I also want a wife. You know that I recently started to work for my dad in the workshop. It always itches my back after work, but my mother ignores my predicament. So if I had a wife, she could scratch my back," Baldy said solemnly.

Aachman was awed by their answers which made him forget his original intention. "Haha, tell me, Aacha, what you need a wife for?" Fatty asked. Aachman who was impressed by the answers from lackeys said without forethought. "I will have my wife to praise me every day".

All the three suddenly felt a bloodlust when they recognised the danger, it was already too late.

Fatty looked at the young lady and was surprised. "Master, why are your eyes glowing?"




All the three lackeys were holding their heads and teary-eyed. Fatty did not know the reason behind a young lady's bad mood, but he soldiered on full-damage control mode.

"Master, don't you want a wife too?" Fatty asked to divert his master's anger from the issue.

Baldy also followed the bandwagon "Young lady, wife is a good, useful thing. She can do all the work for you?"

"Idiots" Aachman belatedly understood his mistake, but the lackeys were going at full throttle. There is no coming back from this.




Aachman sometimes wonders how he could be in awe of these guys when they are so stupid. What Aachman did not know was the law of attraction theory which clearly states that a person tends to attract a similar type of person.

A note from Blackleg

General trivia:

Ancient India is a caste segregated society. It was pretty hard for lower caste people but there was another silent war was going on that is between Men VS Women.

In this chapter, the views of Girgi was taken from Manusmirti. If any of you were interested check out the Wikipedia page. It might be a good place to start.

Dharma - Right way of living life (Basically book on dharma is about to Do's and Don'ts)

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