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Chapter 12: The Young Lady Likes to Show Off

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A note from Blackleg

I hope my readers would chuckle and laugh when reading my novel.😀😃😄😁

Three kids were gathered together and still discussing the sage Param. They came to a unanimous decision on how and what power the sage used to spy on his wife.

Akalya was particularly delighted after solving the difficult problem using her critical thinking.

Meanwhile, two lackeys beside her were expressing their serious adoration to the master after her brilliant deduction.

Aachman noted that even though the young lady was reserved and spoke less, but she enjoyed the attention. He noticed this trait earlier when she showed off her skills in their previous meeting.

Baldy looked around, but he could not find the old priest.

"Master, the old priest left"

Fatty looked at the sky and noticed the sun was still positioned in the eastern part of the sky.

"Master, it is still not midday, and the priest left early"

The young lady also looked at the sky and nodded. She saw Aachman was standing further away and observing them silently.

"Aachman, it is because of you the priest left earlier than usual" Akalya said to the Aachman.

Both lackeys chorused their master's accusation and placed the blame solely on Aachman's pitiful shoulders.

Aachman was annoyed and disappointed because he said mean things to the old priest to reassure the young lady, but instead of anticipated appreciation, he was being framed as a scapegoat.

Aachman thought of starting the fight but dismissed it because of the possible participation of the young lady. The beating from the young lady last time was still vividly remembered by Aachman. So he settled for glaring at the lackeys.

Aachman was confused because he was not the only person glaring at lackeys. The young lady looked at these guys with dissatisfaction.

Lackeys were keenly conscious of the change in mood from the young lady, but they did not know what blunders they were committed.

"Aachman, you did a fine job. Otherwise, the old priest would be talking nonstop until midday. Now, we have more free time to play." Akalya turned and puffed her mouth to express her displeasure to the lackeys.

""Yes Aachman you did a good job,"" lackeys chorused again.

Aachman almost fainted, these guys did not know the meaning of shame. He was worried about how he could possibly compete against these guys

"Master, what are we going to do? Now, we have free time on our hands" baldy asked to steer the conversation from their latest blunder.

"Master, how about you perform squats. We will count"
Fatty asked.

Akalya thought briefly but shook her head. She shot a glance at Aachman but turned quickly back to look at the lackeys.

"We will visit the barn"

The barn was not far away. It was also situated in the backyard of the house but in the opposite direction to an open hut.

Aachman noticed a lot of workers when they reached the barn. Workers greeted the young lady. A few of the older ones patted the young lady's head. The young lady magnanimously allowed it.

There were about a dozen cows present in the barn. The workers offered fresh milk to each of us.

"I don't drink milk," Aachman said to the servant who offered milk, but he actually longed for chocolate milk and rose milk, which was his favourite back in modern India.

Aachman was still drooling about milk. Fatty suddenly interjected.

"If you are not drinking the milk, can I have your share"

Even before Aachman answered, a pudgy hand grabbed the milk from the servant. Aachman shrugged and did not make a stink out of it.

After drinking milk, the children petted the cows. When the young lady petted the cows, they reciprocated their affection eagerly, but all was not good.

Aachman before the reincarnation used to milk the cow every day in his house, but after Arjun reincarnated as Aachman, the cow in his house never allowed him to milk it. He chalked it to an isolated incident.

When Aachman approached the cows, they shirked away in panic. Even some of the cows actively shook their heads to avoid being touched by Aachman.

Aachman was afraid that animals can sense him as a reincarnated being. He did not want to create a scene and made up his mind to stay away from animals.

The young lady and lackeys noticed this spectacle and were curious about it.

"Eeh, it seems cows do not like me" Aachman scratched his head to cover up his embarrassment.

They left the cowshed pretty soon after this incident. Still, the young lady was curious about Aachman and shot glances occasionally when she thought Aachman was not looking.

The young lady next wanted to visit a baby goat named Jaa. She was pretty eager about it. The goat was about four months old.

Aachman wondered if he should call the goat his senior as he reincarnated only three months back.

"Jaa is very intelligent and can understand human languages" Fatty boasted about this newborn goat.

"No way" Aachman rejected fatty.

"No, Jaa is very smart" the young lady was now holding the pure white baby goat. This scene made him remember Heidi, the Swiss farm girl's adventures.

"Master, please show the newbie what Jaa can do?"

"Hmm, okay" Agalya nodded and placed Jaa down on the ground.

"Jaa come" the goat walked towards the young lady.

"Jaa Go" the goat went back obediently.

Aachman cried out in his mind. He should have learnt his lessons after the previous incident. It seems a young lady can practically do anything.

Aachman cannot show his genuine reactions because the young lady was observing him closely. It seems she was not pleased with his reactions.

"Jaa jump"
"Jaa sit"
"Jaa roll"
"Jaa stand in three legs"
"Jaa, wave your front leg"
"Jaa walk like a human"

The goat did all the actions asked by the young lady. He already understood the young lady's personality.

Aachman rushed to praise her, or she might start something new.

"Young lady, you are a genius and Jaa is very smart"

"The young lady's future is very bright, her name would be known all over the world"

"The young lady must be the youngest animal tamer in the world"

Aachman praised the young lady nonstop. Even the most narcissistic people would have curled in shame by now but not the young lady. She was pleased, and her eyes became slit in happiness.

Aachman in his mind was panicking because he praised the young lady too much and was running out of things to praise her, but the young lady still looked like 'praise me more'.

Lackeys came to rescue the Aachman from this predicament. They showed off their animal training skills. Jaa responded unwillingly, and the young lady was applauding her lackeys.

Aachman stood like a sore thumb in this bonding session between the young lady and her lackeys.

Aachman was standing in front of Jaa. This young goat was not afraid of him but confused and staring at him. This gave him slight hope that he would be loved by animals one day.

"You should mimic the mother goat" fatty advised Aachman.

Aachman bend his body and kept his head front.

"Mey" Aachman shouted in what he considered a goat speak.

Aachman wondered how it came to this humiliating situation. A few moments earlier.

"Master, please help, Aachman" fatty requested the young lady after observing the pathetic appearance of Aachman.

Baldy nodded too, and the young lady looked pensive but suddenly clutched her hand tightly and remarked.

"Aachman, I will help you to regain the love from animals. Don't worry, you are not a cursed being"

Back to the present, Aachman was taking advice from two lackeys to regain trust from animals.

"It is not enough. You need to dominate Jaa, otherwise, he won't follow you"


Aachman already mimicking the mother goat. He shakes his head left to right repeatedly.

"Jaa, do you think you are a tiger or a lion? Submit to me" Aachman roared.

Jaa suddenly charged towards Aachman and head-butted him. He fell down and Jaa turned back for another round of head butt, but the young lady rushed and picked up Jaa.

Baldy and fatty were laughing so much that they were sitting on the ground and tears were flowing on their cheeks.

"Haha, he really threatened the Jaa with lions and tigers."

"Fatty and Baldy, don't bully. Aachman, please do not worry. I will help you make friends with Jaa."

Aachman was not hurt except for his pride. Jaa was a baby goat, it made him fall only because of its momentum of charge.

Aachman wondered whether or not the young lady now called her lackeys baldy and fatty instead of their original names. He fervently hoped the young lady would not do the same for him.


A note from Blackleg

General trivia 

Age of the children

Akalya Nayar (AKA Young lady) - 7 years old

Aachman - 5 years old

Ballu (AKA Fatty) - 8 years old

? (AKA Baldy) - 8 years old

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