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The Forgotten love letter (Prologue)


The sun was about to set and a sprawling campus filled with students and faculties was leaving to their home after a hectic workday.

The lone building at the science department where the door was half-closed. The eighteen-year-old boy was peering over test tubes filled with various concoctions. The boy was wearing large spectacles and was slightly built.

"Arjun" a voice called over the boy from the entrance of the room.

The boy was not responding, still staring at the test tubes intently.

"ARJUN! I am speaking to you"

"Ah Asira teacher, sorry I was doing the experiment and did not pay much attention" He scratched his head and laughed sheepishly.

Asira frowned, "It is the time! I want to lock the lab"

He looked at the teacher with pleading eyes. Usually, Asira, the teacher was not strict and popular with students, but today was the last working day and the University would be closed for ten days.

"Teacher, I will lock the doors and cupboard before leaving as always"

The female teacher sighed and stared at the boy. She liked the boy like a younger brother and both had a common love for chemistry, but obsessing over it was not right."Okay, I will close windows but do not waste materials. That is for the whole semester"

"Yes, teacher" He felt he was forgetting something, but he couldn't remember it now.

He worked as an unpaid lab assistant this whole semester because he liked chemistry. Well, not just chemistry, Asira teacher was kind and beautiful. She was well-built and had a fair complexion.

"I am leaving. Don't forget to give the keys to the security department" Asira said.

"Don't worry, teacher. This is my last experiment. I will hand over the keys to security," the boy said, still hunched over test tubes.

The teacher sighed and was about to say something but shrugged and closed the door softly and left the campus.

"Why is a colour not changing? What did I forget?" He mumbled and looked at a test tube with an unknown violet-coloured liquid.

He looked at a well-used textbook which he was holding in his hand "I followed the instructions properly. Did not leave anything"

"Hmm, I forgot to include this material" he took the test tube and poured it carefully. The liquid colour changed gradually to colourless.

He started smiling, but slowly his laugh tinged with a maniacal tone at the success of the experiment. Then the paper that fell from his well-used textbook made him pause.

The laughing face abruptly morphed into an ugly scowl;

"Shit, I forgot to give this love letter to the teacher"

The boy sagged due to crippling disappointment and crashed into the materials kept in a rack in front of him to fall.

This action made his experiment which was in a test tube mix with various chemical ingredients from the rack.


The explosion caused shock waves that made him crash on the wall behind him.

He felt groggy and tried to get up but felt pain in his legs. The golden plumes of smoke arose from the crashed site of various materials.

He panicked and tried to stand again but failed.

The golden plumes covered the entire room, and he blacked out.

Myriad of souls filled the void, looking like stars in the dark sky. There was one soul tinged with golden fumes moving and blinking erratically?

The said soul suddenly started to glow bright golden colour and moved out from a group of souls to out in the void.

The gold-tinged soul moved for an unknown time and unknown distance and suddenly changed direction and dived downwards to the dark brown planet.

When it reached the atmosphere of the planet, blue light suddenly crashed into the soul and started to burrow inside the gold-tinged soul and disappeared from view.

Arjun felt awake and asleep at the same time. He didn't know the passing of time. All he felt was a dreamy sky full of bright lights and felt moving towards eternal darkness.

And suddenly he felt pain much worse than all the pain he experienced in his short period of life and almost felt like his soul was tearing to pieces. The pain became almost unbearable and consciousness welcomed the darkness of the void.

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