Royal Princess of Blood

by Tearing Sanctuary

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

I died having a dagger stuck to my heart. I had no choice but to face and accept my death.
But when I woke up, I was in a different body.
They called me "Princess". Sure, cool.
Now, with this new life, I became a different person.
I am a pure and innocent princess. A beautiful and adorable maiden that must be protected.
A fragile princess. Delicate. Precious.
Those are what I am... well... not exactly... but I do act that way.

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Tearing Sanctuary

Tearing Sanctuary

Word Count (13)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: A Pure Princess (Part 1) ago
Chapter 2: A Pure Princess (Part 2) ago
Chapter 3: A Pure Princess (Part 3) ago
Chapter 4: A Pure Princess (Part 4) ago
Chapter 5: A Pure Princess (Part 5) ago
Chapter 6: A Pure Princess (Part 6) ago
Chapter 7: Asking Permission to Go Out (Part 1) ago
Chapter 8: Asking Permission to Go Out (Part 2) ago
Chapter 9: Asking Permission to Go Out (Part 3) ago
Chapter 10: Mera Sylvares ago
Chapter 11: The Troubled Hidden Assassin (Part 1) ago
Chapter 12: The Troubled Hidden Assassin (Part 2) ago
Chapter 13: Sword Magic (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14: Sword Magic (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15: Alan Welford ago
Chapter 16: The Supposedly Dead Princess ago
Chapter 17: The Princess Plays Music ago
Chapter 18: Kind Princess ago
Chapter 19: A Big Day ago
Chapter 20: Awaited Me ago
Chapter 21: The Pretty Bird Had Left the Nest ago
Chapter 22: The Cursed Children & The Eternal Wanderer ago
Chapter 23: Serene ago
Chapter 24: Flowers and Beautiful Eyes ago
Chapter 25: Grill ago
Chapter 26: Adventurers ago
Chapter 27: Disappearing into the Crowd ago
Chapter 28: Precious Daggers (Part 1) ago
Chapter 29: Precious Daggers (Part 2) ago
Chapter 30: Undesirable Encounter ago
Chapter 31: The Princess’ Plans ago
Chapter 32: Put to Good Use ago
Chapter 33: Lady of Serenity & Deity of Blood ago
Chapter 34: Beginning of the Hunt ago
Chapter 35: Suspicions ago
Chapter 36: Cake and Cooks ago
Chapter 37: For his Sister in Peril ago
Chapter 38: Revealing the Hidden ago
Chapter 39: Must be in Control ago
Chapter 40: I will be the Judge ago
Chapter 41: Mera’s Worry ago
Chapter 42: Allie Jelimis ago
Chapter 43: The Royal Library (Part 1) ago
Chapter 44: The Royal Library (Part 2) ago
Chapter 45: The Royal Library (Part 3) ago
Chapter 46: Basics of Magic (Part 1) ago
Chapter 47: Basics of Magic (Part 2) ago
Chapter 48: Mother’s Love (Part 1) ago
Chapter 49: Mother’s Love (Part 2) ago
Chapter 50: Wisterian Religious Order (Part 1) ago
Chapter 51: Wisterian Religious Order (Part 2) ago
Chapter 52: Wisterian Religious Order (Part 3) ago
Chapter 53: Wisterian Religious Order (Part 4) ago
Chapter 54: Bothersome Emotion ago
Chapter 55: Need Some Help ago
Chapter 56: Gaps in Memory ago
Chapter 57: Mana Control ago
Chapter 58: Subject 218 ago
Chapter 59: Estelia ago
Chapter 60: This Sucks ago
Chapter 61: Simple Talk with Mera ago
Chapter 62: Oh Really? ago

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No showing, only telling.

Reviewed at: Prologue

The writing style displayed in the first few chapters is nearly the exact opposite of "show don't tell"

I am on my phone, this it is difficult for me to pull quotes directly from the novel. But the entirety of what of read consits of "I did this", "They did that" statements. Author, I dont want you to tell me the glass is shattering and falling around the MC. Show me. Instead of "The glass shattered around me from gunshots."

Rather "The report of gunfire was echoed by the sound of shattering glass, instincts tools over, as I hunkered under the deluge of the razor-like shards"

It is more challenging to "show" rather then "tell" when writing from the past tense, 1st person point of view. 

Please do not take this harshly author, but I would recomend comparing your sentence structure  and style to stories you enjoy. 

You have quite a few paragraphs in just the first chapter that read like anchildrens novel.

"I shot the guy in the head" 

"The guy fell down"

"I escaped pursuit, leaving a trail of bloodshed, due to my skills"

A children's book reads similar.

"Pat hugged the dog"

"The dog licked Pat"

"Pat chased the dog around the house, because he was fast"


Avoid repeatedly using sentences that begin with "I 'verb' something" especially multiple times in the same paragraph, back to back. 

Honestly I consider first person perspective rather difficult myself, so dont beat yourself up, I'll check back in on this story and edit or remove this review as merited.





The story is rather difficult to read. 

There are many places where it is repetitive. Where some action or word is spoken, then the FPPOV repeats it narratively. 

There are a lot of awkwardly phrased sentences. And synonym word swaps that don't work. 

The pacing is very slow. First ten chapters all in day 1. 

The characters are fairly flat, but what little there is is often contradictory. This is especially a problem with the protagonist who has almost no self awareness. She often thinks one thing, and then does another. She often prides herself on certain skills, but so far all usage of those skills is rather terrible. All in all, it's rather frustrating. 

Not sure what the plot is. As noted, it's very slow paced with ten chapters covering one day. There's some hints when we switch POV about some bigger conspiracy, but the conspirators seem childish. 


I really like this story and came to support the author here. I like how the main characters thoughts are so different from the way she acts and how she isn't an idot. I'm tired of stupid heriones who just trust people right off the bat. I think that people should give this story a chance.