Dryad Relife

by Kilana

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Virtual Reality
[R18] For sexual content. And maybe violence/gore. Forewarning complete.

My name is Sylvia Hunter and I used to be human. I wasn't dissatisfied with my previous life...
Really. But I may have wished for a tiny change before suddenly finding myself transported to another world.

Oh, and spoiler alert...
I died.

That was a lie, but I woke up in a new body so it's similar. I still half wonder if this is all a dream. Because I'm in a game world.

Disclaimer: I own none of the artwork used in this work.

Additional tags: Hentai, Slow Paced, Yuri
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This novel is really good but short at the moment. Beware before reading this is an erotic novel so a lot of the content is centered around that but it is a damn good one.


Potential to be good? maybe

Let’s see what can be said about this…

the whole “gamer-like” world has been used like millions of times, so I don’t really expect much in this part…

…but this can change If the MC character doesn’t follow what most MC of these types of story do, be a master of everything or incredible powerful.

I don’t mind the whole sex thingy, but reading the story I can’t decide If this story Is tending toward comedy or sex. If It Is toward sex, I feel like the scenes where It happens are kinda… weak. The comedy Isn’t bad, but a lot of times It involves the whole “arousal has risen”, and this can get kinda old.

The characters of the story have a good potential to be good (the “love interest”, If I can even call It that, Is my favorite character), but not all of them have been really good. the MC, for example, kinda accepts everything that people throw at her, and even while she put some sort of resistance, she kinda… accept and do It, even though In the beginning she didn’t give that impression.

On the whole, this can be a really good story, you just need to improve the MC a little more, and try to write comedy/jokes without relying on the game mechanics too much


Others might be a fan of this, But I quickly found myself growing tired of it. I do like stories where the MC isn't a human anymore and admittedly I can't recall a story that has the MC be a Dyrad. But there are just things that don't work well.

There is a lot of sexual stuff, I don't really care if there is. But there is a LOT of it. It quickly grows tiresome to see it and the number of times the MC is in rape type scenarios is atoningly a lot. 

I'm not a fan of the MC just being this world and being able to survive by pure luck. As there was no guarantee that after she was killed she'd be turned into a Dryad. I also am not a fan of the MC's body being used by someone else.

Not for me, Others might like it though.


The whole summoned Hero bit but turned on it's head. What if a summoned Hero - by some unfortunate circumstance - is transformed into a lesser race - Monster race - , a Dryad. These are your cliche Dryad - very horney and lusty - with a big dash of yuri. Good stuff!! 

The only bad thing is the author didn't finish the story!!!!


To each their Own, but this is a Hentai...

Outside of my own dislike for this being a hentai pretty much (So I’ll probably stop reading), but it is well written and has good grammar.

Plot wise? (6 chps. out) none that I can see which is the main reason I'd stop reading because I’d read on if the plot was good enough to keep me maybe later on when theres multiple chapters out I’ll come back and check and see if the plot is good enough to ignore the sex atleast once a chapter after she becomes a Dryad part.


Character wise seems ok the mc at the moment is a bit of an airhead and a bit naive, but is enjoyable different than usual on this website.


A very good and lewd story

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

The title says it all it's a fun story with occasional dark moments and has a focus on romance (which I believe it's pretty damm good) but it really feels like the bad guys don't have a real reason for what they do and aren't very relatable.