With Luo Taoming, who could only be seen by me and Luo Ming, looking over my shoulder from my back, we began a serious talk. I advised my good daughter to sleep for now so adults could talk.

She went back into the sword, which I decided to name Tao in respect for her. Anyway, back to-


Yep, that was the sound of someone getting their face slapped. Though this time, it wasn't me...

Ouch! That seemed like it hurt...

Luo Fei looked like she wanted to say something to her, but was holding back. It was probably because she knew the moment she actually spoke, what was left of their relationship would break entirely.

Even though she didn't do much exercise, her breath was hoarse from holding back her emotions.

"I'm sorry..." Luo Ming didn't cry. It seemed like there was an unusual relationship between them.

That intelligent woman's face was completely stone cold. She didn't shed a tear at all.

That didn't mean I wasn't out of the fire. It's just that she never expected anything of me at all.

There wasn't a feeling of betrayal because our relationship was already the lowest it could go.

"What's the point of saying sorry to me?"

"..." Luo Ming averted her eyes. There was a mix of anger and disappointment on her sister's face.

"You're just saying that to feel better about yourself. Thinking that saying 'sorry' is enough."

"T-that's not true..."

"Then would you forgive me if you were in my position?" Of course, Luo Ming couldn't answer.

You know, this actually got me thinking of that trippy evil sword induced nightmare last night.

For me, my greatest ambition was having a happy married life and having lots of kids shower with love. However, inversely, becoming an evildoer my parents would likely spit at in disgust was scary to me. It was to the point I felt that if I DID, then...

Wouldn't my ancestors rise from their graves?

Let's say that if I'd 'woke up' in this body too late to stop what happened to her. Would I be able to live?

Would I be able to handle living while knowing the fact that there was a woman cursing my name?

Probably not. I wasn't that innately strong...

Risking my life for a sweet booty call may make me seem like a carefree idiot, but I knew responsibility.

Momma Kang didn't raise no callous womaniser.

I was a 'Love Seeker', which was completely different! I was a hero of love and fertility!

Evildoers, beware!

"Let's continue this at home." Looks like Luo Ming was still awkward around me after our argument.

She looked quite conscious about it now. Even though I thought nothing about what was said.

Though it didn't seem like her sister would budge.

Luo Fei threw an orb- Wait, wasn't that a 'Recorder Sphere' Magic Item that belonged to 'Kang Hyuk'?

Did she look threw my drawers? No, in the first place... What was recorded onto the sphere?

"I'm not gonna leave. Just show that recording to father and tell him I'm fine." My jaw dropped at her indifferent attitude. Wait! What do you just say? I think I misheard you. There's no way that's right...

"Y-you want to stay here?!"

"Exactly! Isn't my place uncomfortable?" Even if the girl found my attitude strange, I had to ask.

From her face alone, it didn't look like her opinion of me had grown. Instead, she seemed spiteful.

"Come on. You shouldn't act immature." Luo Ming tried dissuading her and reached out to pull her up.


She was slapped once again. This time, straight on her hand. Luo Fei now showed off her authority.

"You two seem close." It was unknown why she brought that up, but we both couldn't respond.

"Looks like you two had a good time together."

How does she know that? No, perhaps it was our less colder expressions that easily gave us away.

"T-that's not it..."

"My dear little sister, have you forgotten who broke the engagement between you? Should you really be acting so close to him?" Luo Fei got up and whispered to her ear; loud enough for me to hear.

"..." The younger beauty kept her silence. All until she finally retorted: "But why stay here then?"

There was a strange smile Luo Fei gave her in response. She moved towards me, grabbing my hand with a gentle smile on her face. This kind of strange attitude had mystified me to some extent.

"I'm a little interested in your former fiancé. What kind of man is he anyway? I want to find out for myself." The older sister was much more bolder than the younger one. She wasn't at all low-key.

What had gotten into her...?

"You can't! Don't you remember what happened last night?!" Why was Luo Ming so insensitive...?!

"Of course..." Her older sister rolled her eyes, then continued: "...I remember you betraying me."

"..." Again, my ex-fiancé had a lump in her throat.

"Just leave...!" A great pressure that even scared me exuded from her body, as well as a burning sensation. One had to remember that the Supreme Yang Divine Physique was a precious gift from God.

Lou Ming's eyes shifted between the two of us. I couldn't really say anything to interfere.

This was a delicate situation that had to be treated with care. A bond between siblings wasn't easy...

"...Take care, Elder Sister." She bowed, taking the Magic Item with her before leaving the mansion.

This left the two of us standing together in silence.

"Are you sure about this?" Was what I asked to break the suffocating atmosphere she exuded.

"What I said to her... also applied to you." She spoke before pulling out the blade on my waist.


I calmly observed while hearing the sound of my sword leave its sheath. It was placed near my neck.

There wasn't the slightest fear of death in my eyes.

"Are you choosing to kill me now?" I asked while truly curious about the actions she was making.

"You said it you'd accept it if I did. Has your determination changed?" She asked, and I denied.

"My life is still in your hands. Do what you will."

"Then..." *Swish* The blade was swung, but rather than cutting my neck, it sunk deeply into the floor.

She continued: "...I'll be in your care."

From her words alone, I could tell that she was still in the process of coming to terms with last night.

However, this reaction excited me to a great extent!

My lips couldn't help curl upwards as that tragic figure in my memories was now replaced with this cutesy reaction. Oh~ She didn't hate me anymore. I was given the opportunity to make it up to her?

If that's the case...

"You can rely on me!" I patted my chest. After cracking my neck a few times, 'it' started.

My mind got into full blown 'Seduction Mode'.

"You must be hungry. Miss Fei, what would you like to eat for breakfast?" I spoke to her lightheartedly.

Perhaps because of the sudden shift in attitude, a speechless expression appeared on her face.

"A-anything is fine with me." How cute~ She was fiddling with her hands, trying to keep on her act.

It looks like she was truly a 'warm-hearted' girl.

"Does your feet still hurt? I can take you there if you want." I got on my knees without caring of my status and put my arms forward. My posture clearly indicated that I was ready to princess-carry her.

I could tell from her reaction that she still couldn't trust me, but that was fine. Trust needed time.

Baby steps, baby steps~

"You can keep the sword on my neck if you're worried I'll touch you weirdly." From the way she stood, I could tell that her injuries still stung somewhat. My offer wasn't just ulterior motives.

Of course, that didn't mean I had none at all~

The moment she heard me, the sword was once again placed on my shoulder really dangerously.

She started at me sharply, and I took this as her consent for me to lift her up without getting touchy.

My arms didn't rush. One went under her thigh area just bellow her buttocks, while the other stabilised her by holding her back. My strong arms lifted her soft body and leaned it on my chest.

A good look from the way she awkwardly held the sword indicated her right chest wasn't fully healed yet. Even though holding the sword must be uncomfortable for her, she was still forcing herself.

It looked like I definitely couldn't hold back on 'seducing' her. Now to use all the skills I have!

I'll show her a good time~

"Ummm... Young Master?" The familiar guard at the door looked like his eyes were about to pop.

It was amusing seeing his stone face change this way. Usually, this guy only had limited expressions.

Though that was to be expected considering what he was seeing. The girl that was brought here for unsavoury purposes was now holding a sword to my neck. I too was holding her in my arms happily.

Just as he was about to reach for a blade, I spoke:

"Don't show hostility towards her. She's my house guest, understood?" The guard's actions halted.

Probably because of the lack of fear in my voice, it seemed he believed I was in no danger. Since I didn't bother hiding my returned strength, he also realised getting cut probably wouldn't kill me.

"This one shall obey the Young Master's words." A formal bow was given to me, without any intimacy.

"Great~ We're hungry. So tell the chefs to prepare our breakfast. Make sure there's three plates since someone else will also be joining us." Luo Fei gripped the Sea Splitter tighter upon hearing me.

When the guard loyally nodded and went to do the tasks I'd given him, she finally spoke up to ask:

"Is your father coming?"

"He doesn't come to this residence much. This place brings him a lot of depressing memories."

"Then who?"

"It's a surprise for you to find out. Don't worry." I smiled and tried to stop her from worrying so much. I wasn't really that hungry considering my new Martial King level of attainments in the sword.

A part of me wanted to sit her on my lap in the dining room and feed her, but I knew that was too intimate. She'd probably killed me if I used the chance to grope around or act suspiciously.

Of course, I did the second best thing to that.

Rather than placing her on a random seat on the large rectangular table, I put on the seat of honour.

She was surprised as I put her down gently.

"Isn't this where you sit?" She asked, believing I'd put her on the wrong seat. How adorable was that~

"Don't mind it much. It's just a seat." Even though I said that, the maids couldn't hide their surprise.

'Kang Hyuk' was always particularly mindful of his position. He'd always be mindful of his actions.

I could tell from the way they were barely keeping their expressions check that this was a first for them. They acted carefully in my presence, and my eyes gestured them to put my plate in front of her.

"Get my precious guest some light food. Make sure to serve me meat as usual. Also, be sure to put food even a child can eat on my third place." The maids didn't know what I was up to, but they respected my decisions and did as they were told.

No matter what I said about the River Parting Martial King's personality, he was a respected person nevertheless. Even my strange actions were ignored as they made their own speculations.

It was time to welcome my third 'guest'.

The second sword I had strapped to my waist started to glow, getting the attention of everyone.

I knew that even Luo Fei could tell that this second sword had a 'Sword Spirit', meaning one thing:

The Sword Spirit definitely had an ability that was three quarters formed from the experiences of the blade, and one part my own desires. The resulting ability would usually be suited for killing.

However, Tao's ability was a little bit different.

Since it had been formed after purifying the desires of resentful children, adding that I myself was a hero of love and fertility, it... Ahem, the intrinsic ability Tao formed had nothing to do with battle.

The ethereal spiritual form of Luo Taoming came out of the sword, then started to materialise.

I could see expectations on my servant's faces...

However, this wasn't a strong ability like any of them thought. In fact, it was a little bit perverted.

From what 'Life Control' told me, I decided to name this ability 'Fertility Goddess' for good reasons.

Reason #1: It literally materialised a 'Fertility Goddess'. Which was also reasons two and three.

And that corporeal figure was Luo Taoming.

"W-wait, that's...!" Luo Fei's eyes widened. Not because she couldn't fathom a Sword Spirit having this ability, but because Luo Taoming's physically looked similar to both myself and her little sister.

Even her clothes looked neat and traditional, like a daughter emulating the style of her mother.

The resemblance was uncanny...

"Ahem! Sat 'Hi' to my daughter: Luo Taoming."

"...She's a Sword Spirit."

"So?" I frowned at her for the first time. If she said the word 'illegitimate', I'm flipping the table...!

"Err... I meant... She's cute...?"

"Thank you." My mood instantly soared as I looked at my little girl, who materialised sitting on the floor. I ignored the strange silence and weird gazes coming from the people who were watching me.

"Little Tao, what's wrong?" My tone was gentle.

"Ummm... Papa, it's my first time walking."

"PAPA?!" The entire crowd gasped, making me feel a little angry. They were scaring my daughter!

"It's fine. Come on~ Try walking. You can do anything if you put your mind to it." Wearing a large skirt that covered her legs, Little Taoming tried getting up like a baby deer. She found her footing.

"Atta'girl!" When she finally stood, I praised her and clapped. The little girl smiled embarrassedly.

"Papa, you're embarrassing me now."

"Come come, it's time to enjoy some food~" My heart was too happy as I lead her to her seat.

"Where's Mama?" Her innocent question made the entire crowd gaze at me openly once again.

"She went back to her maternal home."

"I miss her already..."

"Don't worry. Papa will take you there to visit her sometimes." What was I saying? Oh, who cares!

Her every movement was just so adorable~!!!

Especially when she climbed onto her seat. That was so precious that I wanted to show her off.

Momma Kang, I get how you felt with me now!

Just when I was going to sit on the seat directly opposite her side of the rectangular table; on the other side of family head's seat, she asked a question that almost made me spit out my food:

"Why is auntie staring at me like that?" I lifted my head to see a myriad of emotions on her face.

Then she turned her head to look at me. There was one word, almost like an order, in her dark eyes:



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