Meanwhile, outside the mansion.

In a place relatively far from the imposing mansion, the space distorted as a group of people started stepping out of the void. Ahead of the group was an enchanting and gorgeous lady with long dark and red hair. She was elegant and graceful.

Beside her was a young girl who bared a certain resemblance with the beautiful lady. She had pale-gold eyes with long raven black hair mixed with streaks of red: soft skin, a slender physique with a very attractive and pretty face.

She was none other Erya Darkmore. Beside her right was standing her mother, Sylvia Darkmore.

Sylvia looked around as a frown gradually appeared on her beautiful face. "What happened here?"

The buildings and land around had been completely devasted. It was like a storm had passed through the region.

"A surprise attack, I suppose. However, the enemies are quite weak, barely reaching Rank 5. But they obviously came prepared. The attacks happening in the Outer City are probably just a diversion." Said a man with blue pony-tailed unkept hair.

He was an imposing man who looked to be in his twenties, with angular and soft features. He was fairly tall and had muscles lined throughout his arms. Overall, he was a very good-looking man who gave off a carefree yet dangerous feeling.

Under his black button-up vest, there was a white collared shirt with sleeves rolled up. He currently had his hands inside his pockets. This man was called Haydn.

Haydn then shifted his gaze, looking at the distant huge mansion. "There was a high-level arcane spell cast on the mansion. Attempting to enter forcefully would probably be useless, but fortunately, the caster doesn't seem very experienced."

Erya was stupefied. She couldn't understand how he had understood all that with just a glance. She couldn't help but ask, "But in general, any spell could be broken… right?" At the end of her question, she seemed to hesitate.

Haydn cast her a glance as he gently nodded. He then patiently explained. "This is indeed true in general. However, Arcane spells are quite different— No special is more suited.

"The concept is quite basic. An arcane spell is able to create a reality contained by the said spell. The chaotic nature of the reality makes it almost invulnerable to any outside attacks. Because of this, even attempting to teleport inside might not necessarily work.

In this present case, the arcanist has created an alternate space, and this space encompasses all of the mansion. This space is boundless, and every object and event inside have a relative position and are ever-changing."

'How can you call that basic…' Erya couldn't help but lampoon inwardly. Honestly, she barely understood half of what had been said. However, she was a quick-witted and perceptive person. As such, she quickly understood the basics. For someone who was always forced to live up the people's expectations, this wasn't especially hard.

Erya didn't forget to thank Haydn properly. After all, she knew that if it were another person, he would have just ignored them.

Sylvia already had her doubts, but when she heard Haydn, her expression and mood worsened.

Haydn, who seemed lost in thoughts, shifted his gaze and realized Erya had been staring at him. He also stared at this young miss who seemed to idolize him and said, "No, I can't do anything. Melori could remove it, but she hasn't been seen for a while."

"However…" Haydn, who had a ponytail resting on his shoulder, slowly took out his hands from his pockets. He then nudged the ends of his black gloves as he took a step. Immediately the ground started shaking, and his presence became even more imposing.

However, before he could act, Sylvia raised her hand to stop him. As she was standing in front, her expression couldn't be seen.

Haydn saw this and placed back his hands in his pockets without saying a word.

As seconds passed, the aura increased in intensity and gradually became suffocating.

Erya, who was behind, could tell it was coming from her mother, who was getting impatient. Even though she couldn't feel the pressure because of Haydn, who was beside her, she could still see the ground randomly getting crushed.

It was in this kind of moment that her mother scared her.


The gigantic magic circle suddenly had huge cracks appear across it. The cracks gradually spread until the magic circle broke into countless pieces, like a mirror. The pieces then fell down, but they suddenly became surreal and vanished in mid-air.

Sylvia, who had been waiting for this, didn't waste time as she stormed into the building, leaving huge winds stirring behind her. In mere seconds, she was standing in front of a large and luxurious bronze door. She could sense that Seth was inside the room.

She didn't waste time as she pushed open the doors. She could smell the thick scent of blood in the room. She also noticed how devasted, and messy the room was, with crumbling walls and broken objects.

Sylvia didn't care for any of that. As she turned her gaze in a part of the room, she saw a young boy with long black hair and red eyes. The boy was obviously Seth. Hearing some noise, Seth coldly looked at the person who had barged into the room. Anyone looking at his red and cold pupils would be scared.

However, Sylvia quickly rushed towards his side and anxiously started checking on his body. "Are you ok? Look all the blood on your clothes!"

Seth wasn't especially in the mood after what happened but in front of his mother, who had wholeheartedly taken care of him for almost 10 years. He was very patient. Towards her, he also didn't mind showing a sincere smile.

His gaze turned gentle as he made a light smile, "Mother, am fine."

He then touched the hand holding his cheek. It was very warm and affectionate. However, no matter how comforting it felt, Seth never allowed himself to be drowned in this feeling.

Looking at his sharp and calm gaze, Sylvia gradually calmed down.

"That's good." She sighed and tightly hugged him, burying his body in her embrace. As for Seth, he could only let her do so.

At the same time, a group of two people had just entered the room. It was Erya accompanied by Haydn.

Erya surveilled the room as her expression slowly changed. She could smell the thick smell of blood and could see the puddles of blood everywhere around the room. She also noticed how the room was full of headless bodies. Her face uncontrollably twitched.

Haydn also inspected the room, but his expression never changed. After some time, a slight smile arose on his face.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside the mansion.

Dray looked at another hooded figure fly towards Auron only to be impaled by a black tentacle. He couldn't help but curse at this scene. Since the beginning, these people had been acting harshly and didn't seem to value their life. Because of this, there was a mountain of corpses everywhere around.

To Dray, those people were lunatics. Yet ironically, it was because of this that he could survive for so long. Ever since they had started battling, Auron had never moved from his spot and only watched. It made Dray feel like they were all clowns.

While holding his wounded arm, he looked at the mansion and could only sigh. In the end, because of how unique the mansion was, Dray couldn't exert the full power of his spell. Basically, he couldn't decide who could enter and leave. After his spell broke, he knew Raia and the others had failed.

The only reason why he was still here was because he and his associates had yet to fulfill their purpose. 'What are they doing? Why are they taking so much time?' Dray grew anxious as seconds went by. His body was riddled with holes and he was bleeding incessantly.

Just as he was thinking of retreating, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind. He breathed out in relief as his figure quickly vanished.

At once, the place fell in an eerie silence. Auron indifferently watched, the hooded figures leave, one by one. In the silence, a figure appeared beside Auron. The figure was one of a young man with long light green hair and delicate features.

"How's the situation?"

"Everything has been taken care of. Apart from some badly damaged properties, nothing of value was lost."

Auron lightly nodded. "That's good."

"Shouldn't we chase after him?" The young man with a pair of emerald green eyes asked. Gradually the coldness around him vanished and completely changed. He now gave off the feeling of being immature and vulnerable.

"No need, I left an imprint on him. Even if he wanted, he wouldn't be able to remove it."

"Ah, as expected of master, I should have thought of that!"

Auron wasn't very surprised by the young man's behavior as he was already used to it. He also knew that despite his behavior, he was someone that couldn't be underestimated. After all, the young man was none other than Conor, one of the most powerful Dark Stars.

"Let's go."

Conor nodded as he followed behind Auron, and before long, they disappeared behind the mansion.

High in the sky, the black clouds gradually parted as the light of dawn shone.


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