Seth slashed his black sword and clashed with the long and sharp claws. He then bent down his back and avoided the single-edged sword that was thrust towards him.

Raia quickly and ruthlessly cleaved down her sword, but she only managed to cut a black mist.


The black mist then circled Raia and Dale and eventually started rising and exceeding their height. The black fog spread and clouded both their vision.

Almost instantly, the mist vanished, and Raia immediately saw a black-haired young boy cleave two black swords towards her. She quickly raised her sword and blocked the swords with a loud clang.

Seth then swung his right leg sideways in a circular motion, aiming to kick Raia, but she quickly gripped the leg with her left hand and raised her sword but only managed to cut a mist.

Nefia continuously changed her position to have a better angle at Seth. But he would also instantly reposition himself, using Dale and Raia as a shield. Eventually, after some time, she lost patience and slightly lowered her bow.

Almost instantly, the mist which was over the distance quickly converged towards her and formed Seth. As he had no sword, he used his right hand, which he extended towards Nefia.

However, before he could reach her, a giant fireball headed their direction and exploded. After the smoke dust flew off, there was nothing apart from the shattered ground.

"Hey, Vled! Are you also trying to kill me?!" angrily shouted Nefia, who had barely gotten the time to evade the attack.

Vled, who was far away, lightly laughed before saying, "I just saved your life. Shouldn't you be thanking me instead?" He looked to be in his late twenties with long black hair and average features.

In the other part of the room, a black mist converged into Seth, but he instantly changed back the next second. One of the reasons he kept transforming was because this form was truly the only way to assure that he couldn't be harmed. However, as a result, his energy was being quickly drained.

Raia saw this and immediately said, "Wind Flux."

The surrounding air particles were stirred up as they quickly converged towards her. Large gusts of wind rose and crazily swept over the entirety of the room. At the same time, the black mist also got pulled by the wind. As a result, Seth instantly reverted into his body.

Raia then tightly gripped her sword and continuously swung it back and forth, bringing forth invisible wind blades. The huge wind blades quickly flew up but didn't manage to cut through Seth, who had quickly melted into a shadow and moved on the ground.

This was another ability of the Ghost spirit!

The shadow moved on the ground before regrowing just in front of Raia. A sword then quickly appeared on Seth's hand, and he quickly swung it.

Raia, who barely had time to react, instantly bent her back at an unbelievable angle. She could feel the cold sword brushing through her forehead and cutting some of her hair.

With the same indifferent expression, she sent a straight kick at Seth, whose body immediately burst in a fog. His body then quickly formed back in midair as he threw the sword in his hand.

Raia, who still her back bent, quickly supported herself with one hand and twisted her body. After the sword smashed on the ground, Raia could be seen holding the left side of her abdomen on one knee.

She looked up and saw Seth coming towards her. Raia immediately made a big jump backward before planting her sword on the ground. Then with her open palms, she created dozens of small bluish orbs. These orbs all had electric charges going through them.

"Static Bolts!"

Seth quickly burst into a black fog and flew up in the air; however, the electric-like orbs followed him and kept increasing in number. Seth quickly and nimbly flew around the orbs and sprinted towards Nefia.

However, before he could arrive, both Vled and Dale threw their attacks.

"Giant claws! "

"Flame blast!"

Three sharp wind blades and a gigantic fireball burst towards him. They were accompanied by tens of electric orbs. The series of attacks all came from different directions and angles. This time there was no way out!

Looking at this, a slight smile escaped Seth's face as he inwardly commended their determination to kill him. "Black Storm."


Immediately a gigantic column of twisting air burst forth and swept across the room. The black tornado picked all the objects before slamming them across the room. Around the violent tornado, lightning streaked, and yellowish red flames surged, devasting the entirety of the room.

Finally, the violent and intense tornado gradually weakened. Then Seth, who was clad in black slowly descended, and by the time his feet touched the ground, the tornado had vanished.


At once, silence fell upon the room. Seth, who was in the middle of the devasted room breathed heavily with a red liquid trickling down his face.

"H-How is this possible?" Nefia was the first to express her doubts at what she was seeing. The other members of the group remained silent, completely at loss for words.

They couldn't understand how Seth, who was so young, was capable of using such powerful spells. And more so, how he cast it instantly!

After a long silence, Raia spoke in a low voice. "We've already wasted too much time…"

Immediately the group regained their composure and put on serious faces.

Raia had countless questions going through her mind, but she decided to put them aside and focus on the fight. Her body was full of bruises, and her breathing was becoming heavy. At this moment, she had decided to go all out.

Raia firmly gripped the single-edged sword on the ground and activated her Bloodline Spirit. Electrical sparks grew out and started surrounding her whole body. The buzzing sound of electricity could be heard around her. She then took one step.

Seth instantly saw a figure appear in front of him. He couldn't even move before a deep slash appeared on his chest!

The figure then instantly disappeared at an incredible speed, leaving some electric charges on the ground. Instantly after, Raia's figure reappeared, and Seth could only cross his arms to defend himself. Sharp and deep cuts then opened on his arms, smearing his blood on the floor. His blood dripped continuously. At the same time, inside of his bloody wounds, especially near the edges, tissues squirmed before pulling inward and filling in.

His wounds were actually healing!

'She's fast, but it seems she is unable to control her speed.' Seth didn't think too much as his body quickly burst into a black mist and moved forward.

While moving, the black mist would get slashed countless times, but it seemed utterly useless. After reaching the center of the room, Seth's body quickly formed, and before Raia could arrive, he quickly cast his spell.

"Dark Vacuum—"

A massive black hole instantly grew and almost occupied the entirety of the room. At the same time, Seth went in a daze.

Raia, who was speeding around, immediately sensed danger and hurriedly got away. However, even after a while, nothing occurred. Dale, who had noticed, dashed at Seth and send a strong kick at his stomach.

Seth was sent rolling on the floor before smashing on the walls. Almost instantly, the black hole on the floor vanished.

Raia, who still had to understand what exactly had happened, suddenly heard her companion's miserable screams. She looked around and saw them, all clutching their heads.

"What happened?" Raia couldn't help but ask with puzzlement written on her face.

Nefia, who was still holding her head, replied, "I… don't know, all of a sudden I felt a terrifying force assaulting my mind…"

Vled and Dale, who were on the sides, nodded weakly.

Raia, who couldn't understand the words of her teammates, turned her head and gazed at the other end of the room, where Seth had crushed with the walls.


Seth coughed a mouthful of blood as his lips slowly parted. He then wiped the blood on his mouth and laughed. "This small confrontation wasn't a waste of time after all."

Seth ignored the puzzled faces of the group and inwardly thought, 'My True Soul has transmigrated with me. But on second thought, this does make sense. The problem would be why I was unable to sense it.'

He inspected his body but discovered no change. But on further inspection, he finally sensed that something was different. He had advanced to Rank 3 middle-stage.

When he saw that, he gradually understood what had happened.

'The soul and the body have always been mysteriously connected. Progressing with the soul will always require a strong body. Simply put, my body has barely met the requirements for my True Soul to arouse…'

To verify this, he closed his eyes and entered his mind. But instantly, he noticed a problem.

He couldn't see his Soul Core!

After some thought, he ignored this problem as he made his consciousness venture deeper into his mind. Shortly after, he arrived at a dark place with no ground or sky.

Faraway in that place, there was a huge glowing orb. This ball-shaped object had several dark and red spots that seemed to be boiling and burning. The outer layer of this orb had no solid surface but instead had a sort of protective red light around it.

It was like a miniature sun overlooking everything. For some reason, this huge floating ball had a certain substantial feel to it, as though it was bordering between illusory and realism.

This was Seth True Soul. The soul of a Demon Lord!

It was giving out a powerful and terrifying might. Even Seth didn't dare to get too close, afraid he would get wiped. Looking at the state of his soul, he rapidly understood that it was still quite fragile but was gradually recovering. This would also explain why he had never been able to detect it.

The truth was that after falling into that bottomless abyss, his soul was the only thing that kept him alive and conscious. But in the endless torment, his soul got weakened and was gradually fading. And for some reason, it was able to get out before getting reborn.


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