Clearing Waves

by CodyWhitfill

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Surviving a plane crash wasn’t easy, but surviving the apocalypse will be nearly impossible.

Nigel Fletcher finds himself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but his journal and the clothes on his back. Not only must he locate food, water, and shelter to survive, but Nigel will also have to combat wave after wave of savage monsters intent on ridding the world of humanity. Clearing these waves grows progressively harder as each week brings additional monsters, new mutations, and behind them all, a living terror with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

To have even the slightest chance of surviving, Nigel will need to build up his island base to perfection with what limited resources he has available. Crafting weapons, taming beasts, erecting towers... It will take an enormous amount of grit and determination to transform this deserted island into one of humanity’s last bastions of hope.

Will it be enough?

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D'abord désolé pour mon anglais,

alors cette histoire n'est pas pour un lecteur de litrpg inconditionnel. Je veux dire que l'auteur utilise le "constructeur de rpg magique" pour une construction facile. Mais j'aime ça et ce drôle de suivre Nigel ci-dessus est un journal de perfectionnement. C'est nouveau pour moi et rendez-le original (je ne sais pas si une histoire comme celle-ci existe ici) 

Nigel n'est pas un homme avec une culture gamer donc il ne sait pas vraiment comment fonctionne ce genre de monde mais essaie de survivre et de découvrir le système.

que pouvez-vous trouver ici? une tour de défense fu ** ing, comme une bonne ruée vers le royaume mais dans une apocalyptique de notre monde 

Cette histoire est bonne, c'est un peu décontracté et j'apprécie ça 

tu devrais essayer 


it's an interesting read. it did take me till the platforms to realize that this was a TD story.

overall, the primis is interesting, but the lack of secondary character interaction (save the occasional input) is off-putting. I think there need to be some notes of more conversation and maybe some chapters just about some of the others. 

Drakon Dremmur

It's a pretty good Story without the typical edgie OP MC, Just a random Guy who trys to survive (and a shitton of Monkeys and a Killer Bird). So yeah thx to the author for this refreshing piece of Entertainment. Well i dont have anything Else to say, i Just need to fill the word qounter, just read it



Man survives by getting freebies

Reviewed at: Journal Entry 11

The writing style is epistolary, but can definitely improve. There are conversations in the letters - even the specific instructions he gave to his pets, all laid bare. At the beginning all the stat sheets were there and towards the end we don't even know what all he bought.

The grammar is ok, but needs improvement.

Character seems bland, however, seeing that interactions haven't come up, it's ok I guess. We don't know about his droves though. He is going for surviving the island, not escaping or searching for boats, building a fire etc, almost as if he knew that there is going to be an apocalypse.


Tower and base defense fun!

Reviewed at: Journal Entry 20

I don't recall reading a tower defense novel before- but this is kind of fun. I guess it's not really much different from a dungeon novel - but just being all above ground (so far) has a different feel. 
Enjoying the characters and interactions and system so far too!  Looking forward to more:)


This type of story has been done before, and it is becoming a bit old to read again, especially with fewer exciting elements that the other stories brought. Sorry but small monkeys on pillars throwing small stones to kill mobs coming out of the sea, while Shrews haul back the stones does not cut it for an adult novel. Could very well work for a children's novel.

The author does seem to have good writing skills, and the story is very similar to some of the early litrpg survival web novels that came out, with maybe a bit of zombie survival fit into it.  

But compared to the newer litrpg novels, where authors create exciting, complex magical environments, none of that seems to be added to this web novel.  For example, if you want to create a spear, just throw a stick into the magical pool, and use the spear blueprint to have the pool create the spear, or other things that you have a blueprint for. 

The mobs seem to be strong, slow with very few hp's,  all coming from the same direction, which would make them very easy to kill in many parts of the world. And yet 10 percent of the population seems to be dying after every attack, which happens around once a week.  Any country that has either a good size military,  or the citizens gave guns, would find it easy to survive. 


Very promising start!

Reviewed at: Journal Entry 19

I like this genre and love this style of writhing. So i am really glad that i found this fiction. 

I am at chapter 19 and still like this kind of humor. Sometimes i catch myself how i laugh when reading this book.  I hope you will keep it up ,because until now i think this is the one of the most good na starts that i would like to see continue.