The Epoch of Magic

by ShadowMagus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Daron, since childhood has been engrossed in his fantasies of magic coming to the earth, or some way in which he gets to learn magic.
As his life progresses, he cannot part with these imaginations, and instead decided to go down the path of a novelist, and spread his fantasies with the world.
Over time, his fame grows as his novels become increasingly popular among people of most ages.
At the age of 59, the world seems to have literally done against him as countless lightening bolts strike his house.
Thankfully, the lightening rod protected him, which angers the world. After countless fruitless efforts, just as the world is about take take more drastic measures to kill Daron, he suddenly chokes himself in a wicked twist of fate, with his own tongue and dies a hilariously horrible death.
When he regains consciousness, he finds himself an unborn child still in the womb of his mother, with his AI assistant from his laptop in his head.
Follow Daron as he progresses through this new and mysterious world he had been reincarnated into.

Please note:

This story will be really slow in the beginning, and I appologize in advance.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol 1: Chapter 1: Fantasies ago
Vol 1: Chapter 2: Sirious ago
Vol 1: Chapter 3:Why so serious, Sirious? ago
Vol 1: Chapter 4: Birth? ago
Vol 1: Chapter 5: Sacrifice ago
Vol 1: Chapter 6: Bloodline Inheritance ago
Vol 1: Chapter 7: Church ago
Vol 1: Chapter 8: System! ago
Vol 1: Chapter 9: Outing ago
Vol 1: Chapter 10: Food ago
Vol 1: Chapter 11: Slavery ago
Vol 1: Chapter 12: Making food ago
Vol 1: Chapter 13: Head priestess ago
Vol 1: Chapter 14: Preparing to sell ago
Vol 1: Chapter 15: Customer ago
Vol 1: Chapter 16: Ripples ago
Vol 1: Chapter 17: Head priestess Anna Croft ago
Vol 1: Chapter 18: Wait till the age of 6 ago
Vol 1: Chapter 19: 6 years ago
Vol 1: Chapter 20: Family ago
Vol 1: Chapter 21: Tournament. ago
Vol 1: Chapter 22: Winning and Losing ago
Vol 1: Chapter 23: Professions ago
Vol 1: Chapter 24: Baron Zack ago
Vol 1: Chapter 25: Main system ago
Vol 2: Chapter 1: Sub-consciousness ago
Vol 2: Chapter 2: Back to normal… Almost ago
Vol 2: Chapter 3: Lunch ago
Vol 2: Chapter 4: Internal Energy ago
Battle ago
Internal Energy ago
Company ago
Gaining Control ago
Swallow ago
Rank 1 Novice Knight ago
Plans ago
Alchemy Union ago
Blacksmithing ago
Main System ago
Announcement ago
Preparing to set out ago
Waiting Game ago
Magical Beast ago

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North Wind

I didn't get far, but there was nothing entertaining me, and there was only stuff that discouraged me from the story. The MC literally had everything handed to him without putting any effort into it, and the author wanted him to become a really popular author, so he decided that the MC's works were just instantly accepted and hired by the best LN companies in the world. Another example of stupidity was how the MC day dreams all day long, and is able to read three books at the same time because he is imagining that he is reading them, so he is reading them. I really don't think the author put any effort into the start of the story, and the first character interaction seems pretty stilted, in addition to the story not really making sense.


Easy, enjoyable, but kinda sloppy

Reviewed at: Magical Beast

From the technical perspective there are a lot of typos and homophone errors but it doesn't interfere much with my ability to understand the story.

Plot wise I get a sort of 'slight deviation from a well liked premise' kind of feel that keeps me engaged and enjoying the book.

I also have a soft spot for AI characters so it gives some extra enjoyment there.

The most accurate (and useless, lol) description I can give is that the story feels like it was the type of story that the MC, Daran, would have written before he got isekaied. Which shows good evidence of character design or a lucky coincidence. Either way, I'll probably read for a while longer.


A different kind of self inserted

Reviewed at: Magical Beast

This is written as a type of self insert story/ reincarnation. While most is the same old, same old there are a few new ideas mixed into the bunch. A good read if you like the genre but not something to stop other stories for. 

style - written in English 3rd person omniscient, Full paragraph style. The flow of the story is mostly well done though it is sometimes confusing who is talking. 

Story- as I said above standard self insert reincarnation with a few extra things sprinkled in. Everything is easyish and luck happens to always be in his favor. Still a good read if you enjoy the genre but nothing earth shattering.


grammer -  not too bad there are some wrong word choices, misspellings and other things. Though not bad enough to detract from the story.


characters- this is where a lot of the points are lost. As I said earlier it is a type of self insert. Where the main character has a back story but I has little effect on his actions. The back story is used more to explain how he got an extra toy. Other side characters have little to no development with some being seen once and then never seen again.


in conclusion, not bad if you enjoy the genre but could use some work.