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So, maybe I'm a little dumb and forgot to put this in when I published Alpha here. The prologue doesn't change a lot in Alpha's storyline. More of it is actually connected to Delta (which you should definitely go read; the prologue is up on that!!) So yeah, you don't have to read this for Alpha, but for Delta. Why? Hop on over to Delta and find out :3

The ear-shattering scream of a little girl pierced the silence of the night. Families scrambled to get their children out of harm's way. Men and women alike fought against the wolves, growls and barks were heard.

In the house of the pack's Alpha, a little girl watched as a rogue ripped out the throat of her mother. Her father howled; his grief evident in the sound. In the distance, wolves howled in respect for the dead Luna. The father took a stance, his brown fur shining in the moonlight. He growled at the rogue, whose teeth were stained with the blood of the human Luna. "Desert flower, listen to me. Go find Jacob, he'll keep you safe," the father mind-linked her and lunged at the rogue, who snarled and went to meet him.

The little girl took one last look at her mother and turned back, only to be met with a muscular man, arms and chest covered with tattoos. He grabbed the girl by her arm and turned her around to look back at the scene of her father and the rogue fighting. Her father seemed to be winning, but when the man tightened his hold on her arm, she whimpered and her father turned to the sound.

Her father barked and went to attack the man but once he turned his back to the rogue, it bit his leg and pulled him back. The man forced the girl to watch. The rogue dug his claws into her father's exposed stomach. Blood gushed from the wound and her father whined and tried to get the rogue off him. He turned his head and stared at his daughter.

"I love you." And then, he was gone. "Enough," the man said to the rogue. The rogue barked and jumped out the window to join the others.

The little girl was now by her father's side, cradling his head on her lap. "Papa, no. Wake up, papa. Don't leave me," she cried, brushing away the hair from her father's eyes, only to be met by lifeless ones.

The man ripped the girl from her father's side and she thrashed around his arms. As she was pulled outside and she saw the damage to her pack, she swore to avenge her parents and the pack members who died to protect the pack.

Blood was spilled that night and she vowed never to let that happen again.


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Here posts a teenage girl who wants to write and share her stories for anyone. There's no specific genre on here, but she hopes you enjoy her stories nonetheless. She likes to write a lot of romance, fantasy adventure, supernatural, action, and mystery though, so if that's what you like, scroll around and enjoy yourself.

If you'd also like to read her drabbles and other flash fiction, she posts on Instagram (pen.cora) and Twitter (pen_cora). She posts updates and other info about her stories on Instagram and Twitter too.

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