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Trigger Warning: blood, violence, gore (there will be a lot of things happening in this chapter, so be warned. There are significant events that will happen here, but I can just write a rundown of it on the post chapter note, so if you don't like violence, blood, and gore, just skip the whole chapter and there will be a bullet list of the important things that happened in the chapter, so you're not confused when you skip to the next chapter :D)

Chapter 14:
Scinece ran for the attic, quickly unlatching the door and pulling down the ladder. Climbing up, she headed for the other ladder leading to the roof. As soon as she poked her head out the roof, a wave of emotions surged through her and she fought the urge to run and cower, but she closed her eyes and sent out her own wave, filling it with all the hope and determination that she had.
She pictured days of waking up next to her mate, nights filled with cuddling and dinners with family and all the people she loves. She saw memories of her mother's warm smiles and homecooked meals. Scinece saw her father's determination to live and fight for his children; saw his resolve to live in the memory of his wife and cherish his children.
Scinece opened her eyes and she sent wave after wave of positivity and persistence, she filled the warriors with the images of hope; filling them with the vigor they need to push through this massacre.
Elaine, on the other hand, was definitely feeling the results of her emotions. In her unconscious state, she dreamt of days with Scinece and Lincoln; breakfasts with laughs and seeing their bright smiles, lunches and dinners filled with a mellowness and feeling their warm bodies next to hers as she snuggled with them.
She stirred. And seconds later, her eyes opened and she felt as though she could run a marathon and fight through an army without breaking a sweat. She sat up and her keen ears picked up on the battle already raging outside. Alaska, as a wolf, stood at the end of the bed, turned her head and nodded at Elaine, who swung her legs and stood. Alpha, Alaska mindlinked, everyone is at their proper formations. Scinece has already started her own attack against Opal. Unfortunately, no one has seen Lincoln or Alistair. Elaine nodded at her and stroked her fur. "You can go now, Alaska. Defend our pack and fight with honour," she said, before she planted a kiss between Alaska's eyes. Then, in a flash, Alaska was out the window and into the battle. Elaine smirked when she heard a yelp from a wolf she knew Alaska just clawed. Elaine then turned to the direction of the attic and followed Scinece's footsteps.
Elaine climbed the ladder to the roof and saw Scinece near the edge, her arms thrust out on either side of her and Elaine could physically see the images she sent to the warriors and members fighting. Slowly, Elaine made her way to Scinece and gave her a peck at the top of her head and just as Scinece opened her eyes, she winked at her blushing mate and jumped off.
Of course, she landed on her feet and jumped on the nearest Nameless pack member, which turned out to be Polly, and mindlinked her to take her to the heart of the battle. Thank goddess, she was still wearing her clothes from when Kyle poisoned her and she still had her boots where she hid her deadly sharp hunting knives. Whipping those out, she slashed through the enemy wolves who didn't even see her coming. Which was stupid, since she was the only human riding a wolf on the battlefield. Polly ran through the battle, clawing enemies on the way. Atta girl, she thought and Polly let out a bark, letting her know she heard Elaine's praise.
Lincoln panted, fighting to keep Alistair's illusions at bay. Some of the fighters had lost their necklaces in the heat of the battle, both Nameless and Moon Stone. Which is why he was now battling Alistair, in hopes to distract him long enough to stop his illusions and counter them withh his own. Alistair was powerful, but he hid under the covers of his mind tricks and neglected to finetune his skills to work even under battle. Lincoln dodged yet another attack from the illusionist and gave Alistair his own images: darkness and pain from when they took him and Scinece, giving Alistair just a small dose of the pain and fear he experienced while they experimented on him, like he was a guinea pig.
Just then, a wolf smashed into Alistair and from the corner of his eye, he saw a body flying through the air and spinning just before she hit the ground and landing on her knees. He recognized the pale blue markings on the body and he yipped in delight. Elaine turned her head and their eyes connected and in that moment, he swore that her eyes turned a startling color of shining forest green. Elaine patted the wolf's head, the one who smashed into Alistair and the wolf ran off into the separate direction. Elaine brandished her hunting knives and Lincoln watched as she thrust one into an enemy wolf and threw the other behind her without even looking, but the knife struck true and hit the wolf square in the head. Then the knife wiggled in the wolf's head before it dislodged itself from the head and back to Elaine's hand, slicing a few enemies in the process.
Lincoln felt the air around him shift and Elaine turned her head in his direction. He dodged just in time because where he previously stood, was now a burning patch of grass. Elaine growled and Lincold stood by her side protectively, keeping the illusions at bay and he watched as Alistair dropped to the ground, clutching his head as he crumbled under the weight of the images Lincoln put in his head. He wriggled on the ground, but Lincoln kept sending him flashbacks of the excruciating pain he felt in the tiny cell he was kept in, starved for days and beaten until his body was bruised and scarred.
Elaine was holding her own against Kole, dodging all his fireballs and managing to slice his legs and arms a few times. She was as nimble as a deer, never staying in a spot too long. It almost looked as if she was just playing with Kole. Anyone whose eyes were sharp enough would be able to see she had a manic smile on her face as she tired Kole enough that she can deliver the final blow. Just as he brought his hand to presumably melt her face off, she ran forward and leaped off a rock and she fell on top of Kole and she straddled him, her knees pressing down on his arms with her knife pressed against his throat, nicking his skin and a drop of blood caressed his throat as it left a red trail.
"Listen to me closely because you're only going to hear this once before I kill you. Don't mess with me, my pack and my family," she said, her voice carrying just the right amount of venom and she saw real fear flash in Kole's eyes and she smirked. Then she sliced through, his blood kissing her skin as it splattered, much like a fountain. Further ways from her, she heard a piercing wail before a tidal wave as large as skyscrapers fell upon the land. She planted her feet and stood firm as the water crashed against the wolves, Moon Stone and Nameless all standing their ground.
The water dissipated almost as fast as it came and now, only the Elders, minus Kole, stood amongst hundreds of angry wolves. But then, an invisible force knocked half of the wolves against the trees and walls of the buildings.
The hair on the back of Elaine's neck tingled and she looked back just as the arrow flew upwards. Even from here, she heard the disgusting squelch as it pierced its target. The target wobbled and fell off the roof, her white hair flying around her face as she fell to the ground with a sickening crack and a loud thud. "NOO!"
A voice shouted, but it came from the roof and her mate stood, looking down at the body on the ground in horror. Scinece was alright, but then who was on the ground? Elaine felt the power surge through her and she was beside the body in a flash, while everyone stood frozen, including the archer who could only watch with an ashen expression as Elaine turned her head in their direction, pinning them with her gaze and the archer could almost feel her own body being impaled with the very arrow she used to kill Jay Sta. Clara. Dressed in the same clothes as Scinece Evans, down to the white wig, Jay Sta. Clara lay dead on the ground, the silver arrow in her stomach, poison already making its way through her bloodstream and causing her excruciating pain. Elaine stood and stalked her way to Kylie Knight who clutched the bow tightly in her hands.
Just before Elaine reached her, Kylie snapped out of what ever trance she was in and turned to run only to be pulled back by her hair and pushed against a tree, the bark pressing against her back. But she had more things to worry about than just a few splinters. Elaine looked ready to kill and she will kill. Before Kylie could react, she had already snagged the quiver of arrows at her waist, taken one and pierced it straight through the bitch's stomach, pinning her body to the tree. She took another one and plunged it deep through Kylie's shoulder and repeated the move on the other. Elaine stepped back and took two more in her hands and pinned Kylie's forearms to the tree. She didn't stop pinning arrows into Kylie's body until she ran out of arrows, but she did so without actually killing her, letting her die slowly and in more than enough pain.
Kylie shrieked and screamed, but she couldn't struggle against the arrows because nearly every part of her was stuck to the tree, like a violent version of the game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".
The battle had resumed while she exacted her revenge against Kylie, leaving her there to choke on her own blood, letting the silver and poison do its job, before unsheathing her knives and joining the battle.
Then as she stepped into the battlefield, she felt a hand tightly grab her shoulder, sharp nails digging into her shoulder and she turned, dislodging herself from the grip. Falah Oren stood before her, rage painted across what could've been a beautiful face if it wasn't marred by claw marks and a scowl that seemed to be permanently stamped on her face. The water elemental made a move to strangle Elaine, but she moved faster and was behind the fae in seconds, both knives in a X against the water elemental's throat. "Nice try," Elaine whispered before she ended the fae's life, and dropped the body on the ground. The blood pooled around the body and somehow, Falah's blood burned everything it touched, leaving a wake of singed grass and torched soil.
Elaine realized, with a start, that Falah and Kole were mated to each other. But she could care less, though. The elemental fae, both so different in skill and element, had fallen in love and completed the process of a blood exchange, a custom long forgotten by the fae kingdom, where mates exchange blood by cutting the palm and pouring them both in different blessed chalices and drinking each other's blood, inheriting the other's power by a small amount.
But, Elaine merely stepped over the body and went on her way to look for the two other Elders she knew were still fighting. Alistair was well taken care of by her amazing mate, Lincoln, who now bounded over to her and she climbed on his back. Lincoln already knew her destination and looked for the mind of Juna Killman and Opal Hale.
They took a left and immediately fell to the ground and hit with surges of emotions that had them both curling into a fetal position. Elaine, with much difficulty and a ringing in her ears, stood on shaky legs and made her way to Lincoln, who was whimpering. "Baby, come on, come back to me please," she whispered and dropped her forehead against his. Instantly, Lincoln's mind began to clear and he stood on all fours, licking Elaine's face with renewed vigor. Elaine's eyes suddenly changed from their warm hazel eyes to an electric blue before they diluted to a mix of moon white and pale blue. Her eyes fluttered close and she concentrated as the power moved inside her, almost pleading to be released. Who was she to deny them their request? And so, she inhaled deeply and let go. Lincoln touched his mate's fingertips and he sighed as a warm feeling surged through him and he knew Elaine was becoming more powerful than anyone knew she could become.
Elaine could feel the power being released from the top of her head all the way to the tips of her toes and Lincoln watched as a blue aura shimmered around her figure. Then it started moving outward and he could almost see the invisible dome stitching itself around them. Elaine's markings began to glow as the dome got bigger until it was the size of the whole packlands and then some.
Then, he watched in rapt awe as it burst and blue sparks took form of fireworks wove its way to all the wolves present. Said wolves began to feel invigorated and they all had an aura of blue shimmer around them. Lincoln was confused, what was that? He thought, but his question was answered when an enemy wolf tried to claw against the aura and its claws shattered and it howled in pain before it died from the jaws of the very same wolf it just tried to kill.
Nameless and Moon Stone collectively smirked in both wolf and human forms as they rounded on their enemies, filled with more energy and hope than they previously had, more likely thanks to one Scinece Evans.
Elaine now turned to Juna Killman and Opal Hale, who tried to leave once they saw the power she now possessed and what she was capable of. She caressed Lincoln's ears before she was gone in a flash, heading straight for the people who caused her beautiful mates considerable amount of pain. And in her head, Lincoln knew, she was out for blood.
A note from pen_cora

hey hi hello, if you're here, then you must have skipped the chapter to avoid all the nasty stuff, so here's a bit of information before you head on to the next chapter:

- Scinece countered Opal

- Elaine jumped off a roof all badass (not really important but i just wanted to put that there sdlfs)

- Elaine fought off Kole (the fire guy) side-by-side with Lincoln who fought Alistair (the illusion guy); Elaine killed Cole

- Jay is dead, killed by Kylie; Elaine killed Kylie in revenge; Jay had dressed up like Scinece just in case they tried to hit her off the roof (which Kylie did, but she didn't know she had hit Jay instead of Scinece)

- Falah (water girl) is Kole's mate (they did this whole ritual exclusive to faes that involved cutting open palms, drinking each other's blood inheriting some of each other's power), Elaine killed her

- Alistair is also dead, killed by Lincoln

- Elaine gained powers that's like a shield, exclusive to members of Nameless and Moon Stone, and the members are now indestructible (basically it's like the glow in Hercules when the three sisters tried to cut his string, but when he became a god, they couldn't cut the string, and it's also kinda like the whole Achilles thing where he was dipped in the river styx and he's indestructible minus the whole heel thing)


yeesh, that was a ride so yeah, now you're informed, go on to the next chapter to find out what will happen to Juna and Opal :D

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