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Chapter 11:
After dinner, both packs situated themselves again in the training site and both warriors and members stared at the two Alphas, standing behind the podium. Elaine started talking first, "The Council is a force to be reckoned with and I'm sure you know this. I, myself have had an encounter with the Council, but I wasn't the one who left with more bruises. Which is why tonight, we are here to discuss exactly what to expect from every Elder that will enter the battlefield."
"Kole Palota, a fire elemental. Other than his fire, he's useless. He depends too much on his powers, he never trained for anything else. Unfortunately for him, I know exactly what his weakness is; crystals. The crystals weaken him and as long as you surround him with it, he won't be able to use his powers or defend himself.
Falah Oren, a water elemental. She's the complete opposite of Kole. Using mostly her spear and combat skills, she only depends on her powers when she absolutely needs it. Her favorite move is sending a tidal wave, with a force strong enough to destroy a city, which is why, I'm sending these out to every warrior," she said, lifting a pair of boots. "It looks just like normal boots, but they help you keep your balance and pack quite the kick. If and when, Falah does her wave, all you need to do is plant your feet and the boots are enchanted to keep you in your spot and you won't move or get swept away with the wave.
Next, Juna Killman. She's the strongest out of all five of them. Her fighting skills are a rival with mine and her powers even deadlier. Her telekinesis allows her to move anything with her mind, but with the boots, she won't be able to move you. But, don't underestimate your enemies, no matter how weak they may seem.
Alister Hale, an illusionist. The extent of his powers are still a mystery to me, but, from what I've experienced, he can see into your mind and make you see what he wants you to see. And my next gift will help when you are caught in a battle with him. These necklaces become invisible when you put it on and will prevent Alister from looking into your mind.
And last, but not the least, Opal Hale, Alister's sister, is another dangerous woman. She can project a wave of emotions into a handful of people at a time. Her fighting skills may be non-existent, but she can use your emotions against you and make you feel you don't have to fight her. Unfortunately, I don't have an item to help with that."
"I do," someone spoke up. Everyone turned their heads and watched as Scinece made her way to the podium. She silently asked permission to speak and was granted by Faust. "My powers are the same with hers and I know just exactly how to counter it. She can't control her own emotions and that's what she pushes out to others. But if I can somehow use that against her, she'll be too overwhelmed with her own emotions to play with others' emotions'," she spoke, her voice filled with determination. Elaine watche at her mate, amazed at her confidence, but she also was concerned for her safety.
Elaine faced the audience again and said, "That is all for now. Tomorrow, I want everyone up and training early, because you will all start training under me. And before you think of disobeying, remember what happened to the very people who disobeyed me. Dismissed."
Faust sighed behind her, making her turn her head to him. She raised at eyebrow and asked, "Anything wrong, Faust?" He shook his head, answering, "It's just that, watching you talk so confidently, makes me remember how I was when I was your age; the complete opposite of you." He laughed at the memory, before saying, "I better go. Keller is waiting for me at the office." And he left. Everyone had also left, all except Scinece and Lincoln.
"I already know what you're gonna say, but I won't be changing my mind. If I can help somehow, I'll do it," Scinece started saying when Elaine turned to her. "Oh, I know. And I was gonna say, go for it. I know you can fend for yourself, but I want you somewhere that isn't in the heart of the battlefield. Will your powers reach us if you're at the roof?" Elaine asked, but the twins only stared at her. "What?"
Lincoln was the first to start laughing. Scinece said, "Your reaction was so far from what I thought." Elaine chuckled and stepped forward and cupped Scinece's cheek, "I would never hinder you from what you want to do. That's one of the things I love about you. You still want to help even though you know the odds aren't in your favor." Then she planted a kiss on Scinece's lips. It was Elaine's first kiss, but they didn't need to know that. But, she knew Lincoln heard it in his head and she pulled away from Scinece and planted a kiss on his lips too. Shocked, his mind shut off at the feel of Elaine's lips against him. She pulled away before laughing at the twins' expressions. Scinece was blushing mad, her brother just staring at her wide-eyed. When Elaine turned to walk into the house, she didn't see them lift a hand to their lips, still tingling from her kiss. They looked at each other and then ran after Elaine.
Elaine fell to the ground, the combined weight of the twins, making her groan. They immediately rolled off her and started apologizing. She laughed so hard and said, "It's okay. I'm not hurt." She sat up and Scinece crawled into her lap, snuggling against Elaine. Lincoln positioned himself behind them and Elaine sat between his legs. "The ground hurts my butt," he said, moving around. Scinece pulled her head away from Elaine's chest and said, "Stop moving, Lin."
But apparently there's an unwritten rule to disrupt affectionate moments. Someone cleared their throat behind them, it was Alaska. "Alpha, I think it's best you go inside now. We've spotted rogues just outside the border," she said, her face remaining stoic as always. Elaine nodded and stood, lifting Scinece in her arms. Said lady in her arms squealed and wrapped her legs around Elaine's wait and held on tighhter. Lincoln stood as well and followed Elaine. "We'll be in my tent and I do not wish to be disturbed," she said over her shoulder to Alaska.
Back in her tent, she went to put Scinece down in the couch, but Scinece only giggled and clutched on tighter. "Come on, babe, I need to shower. I stink," she said, trying to pry her fingers open. Scinece mumbled something, but Elaine didn't hear it. She asked, "what was that?"
"You smell like strawberries and pine," Scinece repeated, giggling after. Lincoln nodded at Elaine when she looked at him for comfirmation. "It's a scent I'd never tire of smelling," he said, smiling at her. Elaine blushed and sat down, Scinece on her lap. "I love you Elaine," Lincoln suddenly said, making her look up at him. But she didn't think Lincoln would be so close. Their lips were centimeters apart and Lincoln was staring at her intently. Elaine couldn't look away from his startling red eyes that seemed to convey emotions he coudln't bring himself to say. Elaine had realized that Scinece may be the shy one, but Lincoln was the quieter one. He observed and listened, only speaking when spoken to. And despite Scinece being the empath, he was more sensitive.
He leaned forward and their lips grazed each other. Elaine shuddered, feeling the sparks that zinged through her. Lincoln deepened the kiss further, tilting his head to the side and putting a hand on the back of her neck, pulling her closer. Elaine gasped into the kiss when she felt Scinece plant soft kisses along the column of her neck. Then she moaned when she started sucking on the skin. Lincoln took her moment of surprise to intertwine his tongue with hers. He groaned when Elaine then took charge. He submitted to her kiss and she cupped his face with one hand and Scinece's nape with the other.
Elaine pulled away when a scream echoed throughout the night. She immediately carried Scinece and pulled Lincoln to her secret room. "Stay here," she said before closing the door and grabbed her spear. Alaska and Gina were by her side the moment she stepped out her tent. Duke, Alissa and Farah followed soon after. "I want everyone up and counted for. Rey, round everyone up," she mindlinked and went to the direction of the scream. They stepped over the border and she saw Faust running towards her little group.
"Alpha, I smell blood," Gina suddenly said, her nose in the air. Elaine tensed and nodded at her to lead. Gina led the group and just when they passed a tree, a body fell from one of the branches. Elaine raised her spear and poked at the body with the end of her spear. Then she crouched next to the body and put two fingers on its neck, feeling for a pulse. She shook her head. "He's dead," she said. She rolled the body over and onto its back to see if it was anyone they knew.
Someone gasped when the person's face came to view under the dim moonlight.
Tyler Organa stared lifelessly at Elaine and she closed his eyes, not wanting to see it anymore. Faust spoke up from behind, "Take the body. He deserves a proper burial."
Elaine watched the body put on to a stretcher, covered and hauled away. She looked up at the moon and cursed. "I don't think the Yule Council will wait another day to attack. Prepare your warriors and I'll prepare mine. It's time to go to war."
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