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Chapter 10:
"How did this happen? How did she even get the keys to her cage?" Faust's shouts could be heard outside of his office door. Elaine and Jim slipped in quietly while Faust shouted at the guard, who was supposed to be at his station during the escape. Luna Keller soon joined them. Elaine hadn't seen her around the pack until now. She watched the Luna move gracefully to her mate's side and put a small hand on his shoulder. "Calm down, you won't get anything done just shouting at your members," she said, still calm. There was something about her presence that felt so serene in such a tense atmosphere.
Faust let out a shaky breath and told the guard, "Leave and make sure I don't see your face until I call for you. Your punishment will be severe, know that." The guard gulped and left, closing the door softly. After a couple seconds of tense silence, Elaine spoke up, "When did she escape?" Faust sat down on his chair and rubbed his temple. "We don't know yet. Me and two of my men went down to the cells to check on them, but when we got there, that guard earlier was unconscious, the thirteen dead, all killed in some gruesome way amd Kylie was gone. I immediately punched the alarm and had everyone on lookout. The bodies were still warm when we got there, so Kylie couldn't have gone far. I have my most trusted warriors out searching for the bitch right now." Elaine nodded and said, "I want to help. You'll need to search at least six miles past your border. If I was Kylie, I wouldn't stay near the pack I'm running away from. I'll have my warriors stationed there and on the lookout."
"Kylie's going to the Yule Council," Lincoln's voice suddenly drifted into the room. "She's going to twist the story and say she was going to be whipped for no reason. She wants revenge on both Elaine and Alpha Faust and on someone named Jay." Elaine growled. If the bitch wants a war, she'll get one. "The Council will most likely believe her and they know I'm here, and they want any reason to fight me again. And they still want Scinece and Lincoln, enough motive for them to attack." Faust looked at her, confused. "You've fought with the Council before?"
Elaine nodded, still angry about the incident. "Before Gina became my Beta, I had another one. But when we were camping out near Mississippi, the bastards ambushed us. At the time, we had just come back from a big battle and everyone was tired. When we did realize we were being attacked, half my warriors were dead and my Beta was fighting two of the Elders, Kole and Falah, both elemental fae. The rest of the Elders, Juna, Opal and Alister were rounding up some of my members. I was filled with adrenaline and rage and attacked the three first. I left them bloodied and bruised, but when I turned to Kole and Falah, they had beheaded my Beta. I would never forget the injustice that day and I vowed to them I would kill them if they ever show up in front of me."
Lincoln wrapped an arm around Elaine's shoulders and Elaine was thankful for the act of comfort.
Then Elaine turned to Faust, "If they attack, we need to be prepared and come together. The Council is powerful and will not leave any wolves alive. Which I'm sure you've witnessed first hand. In order to fight them, we'll need to know their powers. But for now, we need to rest and first thing tomorrow, we start training. The Council won't be reckless in attacking because they know I'm here. It'll take them at the most a week to plan."
Faust nodded and they all went to their respective rooms. Scinece and Polly were waiting for Elaine, Lincoln and Jim to come back. Polly had picked up Jim's habit of pacing and she almost bore a hole through the tent. When the flap was pushed open, Scinece raised Elaine's spear, ready to attack, but it was only the three. Polly ran to Jim, giving him a big hug.
"What happened? What did those alarms mean?" Polly asked, once everyone was seated. Elaine answered, caressing Scinece's hair, "Kylie escaped and she's headed to the Yule Council," Lincoln said, cuddling up to Elaine's side. After that, conversation about earlier ceased and they talked about something else until they all fell asleep, cuddled against their mates.
The next morning, Elaine was rejuvinized and rearing to go. For the first time in months, she didn't have a nightmare. It was probably because of her mates. She felt calm and happy around them and it was a great feeling. She watched the twins sleep and ran a finger down Lincoln's face and he sneezed. She let out a small laugh as Lincoln's nose twitched and his eyes fluttered open. Elaine was graced with one of Lincoln's bright smiles. "Good morning," he said, his voice husky and Elaine felt a shiver run up her spine. She saw Lincoln smirk and before he could say anything, Scinece woke up and let out a yawn. "Morning," she said, her eyes still drooping.
Polly and Jim were soon awoken by the twins laughter and the pair watched Elaine, who had a small smile on her face and her eyes twinkled, watching the twins. Polly and Jim sat up and stretched. "Morning guys. I'm thinking bacon, eggs and pancakes, how 'bout that?" Polly said, already making her way to her kitchen and pulling out the ingredients. Scinece joined her later and they started making food for their very hungry mates. While Scinece made the pancake batter and Polly started cooking the bacon, Polly asked, "How's having a mate feel?" Scinece blushed and looked down to the batter she mixed. "It feels like nothing I've ever felt before. It's amazing but I'm a little sad as well," she said, slowing down her mixing. Polly looked over to her and was confused. Why would she be sad? Polly thought. "After training the pack, she and her members will then leave. I don't want to leave dad, but I also don't want Elaine to leave. I'm so conflicted," she said, putting down the bowl and stopped mixing altogether. Scinece already knew she was in love with Elaine, since the first time she saw her, albeit she was bloody and half-dead at the time, but while Elaine was asleep, Scinece was by her side almost every hour of the day. Lincoln was there too, but he still had to leave because he had other pack duties, although he always tried to reason with Alpha Faust to let him skip training and guard duty, but he and Scinece had promised to each other to keep Elaine being their mate from their father and Alpha, at least until she was awake.
Elaine, on the other hand, was watching the two women in the kitchen and when she saw Scinece start sobbing, she immediately took Lincoln's hand and pulled him into the kitchen. When Scinece felt Elaine walk to her side, she latched onto her tightly. "Please don't leave again," she whispered, so softly Elaine had to strain her ears to hear it.
Elaine met the twins only a few days ago, but she knows she's fallen hard for them. Her nightmares have changed into dreams of a future with them and being with them. And she'd be damned if she would leave them behind. "Why would I leave the best things that happened to me?" She said, a smile on her face. Scinece tightened her grip on Elaine, sobbing harder. Lincoln slipped his hand into Elaine's and she held onto it and caressed the back of his hand with her thumb.
Polly wiped her tears away and cleared her throat. "As much as I hate to break this up, Elaine, Lincoln and Jim still have training. And breakfast is needed," she said and turned back to the pan, only to see she burned the bacon. She sighed and turned off the stove, threw out the burnt bacon and put in new ones. Elaine stood behind the small island in the kitchen and watched Scinece flip pancakes and Lincoln fry the eggs. She was unable to tear her eyes away from their beauty and was enchanted the moment she saw them. To her, their different physical characteristics were the most amazing and beautiful sight that she was blessed with. Anyone who dared say a bad thing about them would meet the business end of her spear.
The twins suddenly blushed, Lincoln because he heard her thoughts and Scinece because she could feel the overwhelming love Elaine had towards them. The twins didn't need her to say it aloud, they could feel it radiating from her words and actions.
After breakfast, Polly accompanied Scinece to the infirmary and Elaine, Lincoln, and Jim headed towards the training site and saw Faust overseeing the training, along with Alissa, Duke and Farah. Elaine had her spear in hand and after a quick peck to Lincoln's cheek, she made her way to the dummies. Jim shook his head at Lincoln, who had the biggest smile on his face and was staring at Elaine's retreating figure. Putting a hand on his back, Jim steered Lincoln towards the sparring ring. "Come on, junior. Let's see your moves," he said, putting on some punch mitts. Lincoln shook his head to clear his thoughts and focused on training. Having slacked during Elaine's recovery, he needed to train more.
Elaine kept slashing and stabbing through the dummy and didn't stop until she was panting heavily. Then after replacing the dummy, she spotted Alaska and Gina sparring with one another. Elaine hadn't seen them in a while, so she went over to them. Seeing their Alpha, Alaska and Gina immediately stoppd sparring and turned to Elaine, bowing their heads. "I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks," she said, smiling at the pair. Alaska was quiet but smiled, while Gina looked a bit guilty. "I'm sorry, Alpha, but I found my mate here. I know we'll be leaving after the battle with the Yule Council but. I don't want to leave her. So, I, Gina Ultima, formally resign-" but before she could continue, Elaine had put her hand up. She shook her ehad and said, "There's no need for that, Gina. After I have a talk with Alpha Faust, we will permanently stay either here or form our own lands outside their territory. I feel the same way as you and I don't want to leave the twins anytime soon."
Gina was so ecstatic, she wrapped her arms around Elaine in a tight hug, repeatedly whispering thank you. Elaine just smiled and patted Gina's back. When she was released, she asked, "Now, where can an Alpha find a sparring partner around here?" But before any of them could answer, someone spoke from behind them. "May I be said sparring partner?" It was Alissa and Elaine smiled. She raised an eyebrow and taunted, "Are you sure about that, Alissa? I trained you myself, I know all your moves." Alissa laughed. "I learned a lot more since the last time we sparred, Alpha."
"Bring it on."
Later, the pair was panting heavily, having been at it for three hours, but they refused to call it a tie. "Getting tired there, Alpha?" Alissa taunted, but she was tured too, her muscles screaming at her. A crowd has already formed around them, Duke and Lincoln being a part of that crowd and shook their heads, watching their mates. Then, Alissa blinked and in that second, Elaine crouched, one leg outstretched and swept Alissa off her feet. Moving fast, Elaine had Alissa on her stomach, one arm pinned to her back and the other pinned against the ground. Alissa groaned and Elaine laughed. "You've still got ways to go, apprentice," she said, before letting go and standing up.
Then a loud whistle rang throughtout the training site. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Alpha Faust. "I will not be sugarcoating my next words and I want all of you to listen carefully. We are at war. Kylie Knight escaped last night and killed the thirteen warriors in the cell with her. We have received news that she is headed to the Yule pack and will be spreading false news to the Council. I'm sure all of you remember the attack on the pack eight years ago. An attack that cost us our beloved pack doctor, Aliah Evans and so many innocent members. But now that Alpha Elaine is here, we have decided unite the pack for now and training will be supervised by me, Elaine, her gamma and her best warriors. I want all of you to listen to her and her members. This is a time of war, people, we cannot afford to lose precious time. Anyone who cannot fight, come to me or Beta Jim and we will contact allies to keep you there for the mean time," he finished, his expression grim.
Everyone nodded and resumed their training, their expressions determined and their moves more fluent. "I want every member accounted for every night. Patrols will also have to be increased and my pack will help with that. And tonight, after dinner, we will discuss the Council and their abilities. We need to be prepared for anything," Elaine said to Faust, who repeated her words to the pack link.
You want a war, Kylie? Well, you're getting one. And I hope you're prepared.

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