Chapter 6:
It was the next day and Elaine was seething. It was already past four am, an hour later from the time she assigned to Kylie and Tyler. They obviously don't care much about authority, but Elaine has a plan to show them just how much she means business.
At 8:30 am, hours later, Elaine walked inside the pack house, intending to get a cold glass of water. She had been running for four hours, trying to release her anger enough that she won't be too rough on the insubodinate warriors. "Although, that's exactly what they might need," she thought as she walked into the kitchen. And, there she saw Tyler flirting with Jay and Kylie making moves on Duke.
Duke and Jay immediately sighed in relief at the sight of their Alpha. Amused but deciding not to show it, she said, "Duke, Jay, why are you still here? Didn't Alissa tell you to meet her at the front of the pack house? She needs your help with something."
Duke said, "Uh, yeah, yeah. Come on, Jay." And then they left, sending a thank you to her through the mindlink.
To get to the fridge, she had to go pass Kylie and when she did, Kylie stuck out her foot, inteding to trip her. Seeing the move, Elaine let it happen, but wouldn't forget to add that to the list of offenses Kylie has done against her. "It's okay. You probably didn't mean it," she said, throwing a smile in Kylie's direction. When she got her water bottle, she turned to leave, but not before saying, "Since you obviously don't want to train with me, you can resume training with my gamma."
And then she left, feeling even more outraged. To ease her anger, she went in search for Lincoln. Asking around, she found him in a shed, holding some garden shears, a watering can and a garden spade. Elaine raised an eyebrow at the items and Lincoln blushed. "Ms. O'Neil was, uhm, okay, I garden. My fellow pack members already make fun of me for it, so please don't," he said, bowing his head. Elaine's heart fluttered and she walked closer to Lincoln, putting a hand on his forearm. "It's okay, Lincoln. I like a guy who gardens, makes you feel closer to nature, right? Although I don't garden, it has always captured my interest." And just like that, Lincoln brightens up, almost like a ray of sunshine. He beamed and started, "I guess with all your moving around, it gets hard to keep anything. But if you want, I could still help you learn to garden. It's a habit that reminds me of my mother." He said all of that with such a wide smile, Elaine was afraid his face would split. She chuckled at his enthusiasm. Then he checked his watch and his eyes widened. "I gotta go. It's almost time for training," he said, turning around and putting the gardening tools in their respective places. When he closed the door, Elaine said, "I'm coming with you. I will need to supervise." He nodded and jogged to the training site.
Elaine smirked as she watched Tyler get downed by Alissa. He looked up at her in bewilderment, probably wondering how such a tiny thing could have so much strength. That was a part of her story. Being five feet tall flat, Alissa was always underestimated by enemies and her old pack members. And she was called an Omega there too. Elaine had an issue with that and so, on the condition that the pack would not have Omegas, she agreed to train their pack. And the last straw for Alissa was when she got rejected by her mate who thought of Omegas as the lowest of the low. When she joined Nameless, she trained under Elaine and she became one of Elaine's best warriors.
Elaine was snapped put her thoughts when she heard a shriek. Turning her head, what she saw made her boil, her rage couldn't be stopped at this point. Kylie was standing over Jay, who cradled an arm to her chest, tears running down her face. Kylie was smirking and Elaine wished to punch it off. Quickly deciding to do just that, she walked over to where Jay sat. Asking Jay if she was okay, Elaine then turned to Kylie. "What in the fucking hell was that?" She exclaimed, barely controlling her temper. Kylie didn't even seem bothered and answered nonchalantly, "Training. Jay wanted to spar and I was merely respecting her wishes."
Jay said from behind, "I didn't. I was handing out water bottles to our warriors and she just attacked me." The warriors from Nameless who saw the whole thing confirmed Jay's statement. Elaine took a deep breath and then said, "Get Jay to Scinece. I'll handle Kylie."
Kylie snickered and said, "Aren't you here to help with training? One broken bone and she's done for. I think you should be training your own members. Miss Priss over there needs to get a backbone." She was going to say more but Elaine couldn't stop what was next even if she could. And she's been wanting to do this since she laid eyes on the bitch.
The entire training site was quiet. Elaine was fuming, barely registering the pain from her throbbing knuckles. Nameless fell silent and watched their Alpha. Elaine rarely lost her temper and most of the pack members haven't seen her so angry and filled with rage.
"Since you think so highly of your fighting skills, fight me," Elaine said softly. But don't think of her soft voice as something good. Nameless had goosebumps hearing her and they subtly stepped back, not wanting to anger their Alpha any more. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Faust and Jim were watching from Faust's office, after wondering why everything was suddenly so quiet. Kylie then looked at Elaine, and spat, "Fine, Alpha."
They stepped into a wide fighting circle. Kylie took a stance and Elaine had to fight her snicker at Kylie's pathetic stance. "Position your legs wider and plant your feet. With that stance, you'll easily get knocked over," Elaine suggested, taking her own stance. In answer, Kylie only glared and ran at her. Elaine planted her feet and right when Kylie was close enough, Elaine pushed herself off the ground and jumped over Kylie. Before Kylie could recover, she kicked her back and she stumbled. But Elaine wasn't done, she walked over to Kylie and grabbed her shirt and pushed her into the ground. Kylie propelled her leg up and into Elaine's face, making her drop her hold on Kylie's shirt.
Elaine fell to the ground and when she saw Kylie's fist coming, she rolled out of the way and pushed herself up. They were again a couple of feet apart. Elaine faked a left and ran for Kylie's right side. Kylie brought her arms up, protecting her face when Elaine threw a punch, but she didn't expect Elaine to bring her knee up and hit her on the stomach. Then Elaine intertwined her arms with Kylie's and brought her face down, Elaine continued bringing her knee up, hitting Kylie repeatedly in the face. When she heard the satisfying crack of her nose breaking, Elaine let her go. Kylie fell to the ground with a whimper, cradling her broken and bleeding nose. She glared at Elaine and shouted, her voice nasally, "Attack her!" And then all of Moon Stone pack's warriors, except Lincoln, ran at Elaine. Alissa shouted from behind her, "Elaine!" And when Elaine looked back, she quickly caught the two batons thrown at her. Holding it tight, she turned back to face the oncoming mob. She smirked and ran up to them, meeting them head on.
Raising her batons, she hit one member in the chest and another on the pelvis. Hearing both crack, she moved on to the next. He threw a punch but Elaine quickly raised her arms and caught his arm and redirected it to another warrior. Elaine brought her elbow up and elbowed another in the face. Twirling her batons, she made sure she hit a warrior's face while she did it. Then she spun, her arms extended, hitting two in the face and three in th chest.
Then she felt the kick to her back, but with the adrenaline and rage still coursing through her, she regained her balance and brought a leg up to kick him where the sun doesn't shine. He cupped his privates and fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Elaine looked around and surprisingly, no one else decided to attack her. The other pack warriors could only watch as the biggest and the baddest of them were taken down by a woman, one who didn't even seem to break a sweat.
Before Elaine could say anything else, a long dagger was suddenly protruding from her shoulder. Everyone around her gasped and watched as she slowly turned around to face the person dumb enough to come up to her and even dare to stab her. Obviously, it was Kylie. Kylie's smirk was slowly fading as she watched Elaine calmly reach over her shoulder and take out the dagger, the motion making a disgusting squelch sound. She dropped her batons and played with the dagger. Blood was staining her clothes fast, but she paid it no mind as she walked to Kylie, who was backing up with each step. Then as fast as lightning, Kylie was down, a dagger pressed on her throat, Elaine's blood dripping on her face.
"Now, you've really made me mad. You should've accepted your defeat instead of doing this shit and angering an Alpha. I was willing to forget everything you've done but now that blood has been spilled, yours and mine, I'm not going to be as merciful. I will make Faust give you the worst punishment imaginable for your treason and then I'll give you my punishment. And believe me, girl, it will be a lot worse than a broken nose," Elaine said, her Alpha voice making everyone crumble to the ground at the power she possessed. Kylie whimpered, but Elaine wasn't done. She turned her head and faced the thirteen warriors who were now kneeling in front of her. "As for you, I will personally tend to your punishment and make you wish you never attempted this shit." Then she raised the dagger and brought it down. Kylie screamed and watched it hit the ground next to her head.
"Don't worry, Kylie. I'll make you scream more than that and then you will be wishing for death," Elaine whispered lowly, so only Kylie could hear but judging by the whimpers and whines coming from around her, she guessed the warriors and pack members heard it too.
Elaine stood, her face expressionless. Lincoln was by her side in a second and he wrapped a towel around her wound, which was still bleeding. And then they left to find Scinece, leaving the treacherous warriors behind them, crying and whimpering. Elaine's pack knew not to bother Elaine, especially after an episode as bad as this.
"And I said I wasn't going to be too rough," she said to Lincoln, who wrapped an arm around Elaine's shoulders protectively as they made their way to the infirmary. Elaine fell silent after that and didn't respond to anything after. Lincoln looked at her worriedly and she only smiled but it seemed so hollow. Without warning, Elaine was thrust into a flashback.
The silver dagger glinted in the moonlight and Elaine whimpered at the sight of it. This was a new game he invented. Every time, Elaine struggled in his arms, she would get a cut. And he knew Elaine would struggle. Her arms were so bloody, you couldn't tell where the blood started and where skin ended. Dried blood covered her legs, after he moved on from her legs, saying, "there was no more space to play with." And now, her arms were suffering.
The shackles restrained her movements and every time the dagger cut through her skin, the silver burned her wrists when she pulled on it. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably and she felt as if all the blood was drained out of her. The room reeked of blood and she winced, feeling the dagger slice her arm again. He clicked his tongue and said, his voice full with humor, "You're so bad at this game, Eli. Maybe we should play another one, hmm? Oh, who am I kidding? You have no say in it, anyways." He laughed at his own joke, his head tilted back. Elaine glared and she wished to grab the dagger and slash at his neck and face until he was unrecognizable.
Then a small voice echoed in the room. "Daddy?" He stopped laughing and disappeared into the shadows. Elaine strained to see and was startled to see a little girl, the same age as her when she was captured. He spoke so gently and lovingly, Elaine wasn't sure if he was the same person who was laughing at her misery. "Daddy'll come up soon, I just need to clean up, okay darling. Go on up and get yourself in bed, I'll see you there." And then she heard a small "okay" and the door closed once again, trapping her in the darkness.
"Guess I'll have to be fast with this. Be quiet now."
And then Elaine fell to the darkness. I literally just healed and now I'm passing out again. I really need to be more careful, was the last thing she thought.
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