Elaine walked into Alpha Faust's office, only to be met with a screaming match between Alpha Faust and Beta Jim. Well, technically, Faust was the only one screaming, Jim was just standing there, taking it. Elaine cleared her throat, making her presence known. Faust turned to her and straightened himself. "Faust, have you found out the names of the wolves who refused to let me enter?" She asked, after being motioned to sit. She planted herself in one of the big chairs in the room and made herself comfortable. Faust nodded, "Tyler Organa and Kylie Knight. I've already giv-" Elaine interrupted with, "Can you bring them up please?" Faust looked at her questioningly. "But as I've said, I've given them their punishment."
"Yes, but they disrespected my authority and my member's injuries worsened because they refused to move out of our way," she spoke with finality. Faust sighed and closed his eyes, probably mindlinking the pair. Then he opened his eyes and there was a knock on the door. The two pack warriors walked in after Faust let them, their heads bowed in respect, but Elaine could see them clenching their jaw and if she had the hearing a werewolf had, she would've heard their teeth grinding against each other. They were probably pissed that they got knocked out by her. Elaine smirked and said, "Hello, you two. I'm sure you already know why you are here." They nodded. "Then, let's get straight to the point." She stood and walked over to the pair, who flinched when she stopped in front of them.
Elaine, noticing this, thought they were expecting a more physical punishment, which is what they would receive but not that way. "For the duration of my stay, instead of training with my gamma and my two best warriors, you will be training with me. I expect the both of you to be waiting outside this house tomorrow by 5 am." Tyler's head snapped up and he looked at her with surprise and anger. "But the others start training at 9!" Elaine nodded and said, "Fine. I want you outside this house by 3 am." She saw Kylie glare at Tyler and then at her. Elaine glowered and Kylie lowered her head again. "You would do well not to disobey. There will be consequences. Understand?" When they didn't answer, she repeated, "I said, do you understand?"
Only Tyler answered, "Yes, Alpha." Letting Kylie's insubordinance slide, she let them leave. Then she turned to Faust. "Now, let's discuss what will and will not happen between your pack and mine. We will be using our tents but, if ever we shall not have space, you will allow my members to stay at the pack house. I will not have your pack members flirt or in any way cause distress to my members. But in the case that my member or yours should find their mate in our packs, I give them permission to stay here, should they choose to. And I want you to do the same," she said and raised an eyebrow at Faust expectantly. Faust stated, "I, Alpha Faust, shall give permission to let my member leave, in the case they find their mate in Alpha Elaine's pack and choose to stay with them."
Elaine nodded and continued, "Oh, and I want full access to your facilities and weaponry." Faust looked at her confused, "We don't have weapons. My warriors depend mostly on wolf-to-wolf and hand-to-hand combat. I don't see the point of having weapons when we have a powerful persona inside of us." Elaine tsked, "You underestimate the usefulness of weapons. No matter, my best blacksmith will help you with that. Are there any other members, other than your warriors, who wish to join training?" Faust shook his head and Elaine continued, "Well, make an announcement to your members, should they choose to join, they must go through me, Duke, Farah or Alissa. Three of my best warriors."
Then from behind her, Beta Jim asked permission to speak. Elaine had almost forgotten he was there, being he had been silent since Elaine walked in. "I think my mate is in your pack," he said, sheepish. Faust was shocked, "When did you know?" Jim fiddled with his thumbs like a teenager in trouble with his parents, "When they rushed in this week, I was talking with Yuri and then I smelled her. Alpha Elaine," he said, turning to her, "I ask permission to court Polly O'Neil." Polly O'Neil was one of the older members and one who joined because she liked the camaraderie and the female empowerment in the pack.
Elaine said, "I don't know. Are you a danger to her or to my pack?" It was obviously a reference to his earlier outburst and he flinched at the sudden hardness of her voice. "I will do anything to prove I am a good man. It's just that my children are the only ones I have left, their mother had long since left the earth and meeting my second chance mate is a blessing." Elaine, not wanting to be a hurdle between a mating pair, let the man whose eyes twinkled at the mere mention of his mate court Polly.
"I think that about covers everything I want to happen during our stay. Now, I think it's best you introduce us to your pack. I'm sure, for the past week, your members must be confused why another pack is suddenly here," Elaine said to Faust over her shoulder, making her way to the door. "I'll gather my pack and you gather yours."
Before Faust could even answer, Elaine was out the door. She smelled something heavenly coming from downstairs and followed her nose. Her nose led her to the dining room where half of Faust's pack were laughing and eating, not necessarily in that order. They stopped when they sensed a new presence. "Who are you?" Someone asked. "Oh, just a member of the pack that came in last week."
Then the entire mood shifted. Everyone glared at Elaine and someone said, "Go back to wherever you came from. We don't accept squatters." Elaine inwardly rolled her eyes at the pathetic attempt of an insult, but decided to keep up the act of a weak member. "We-we're not squatters," she said, faking a stutter and slouched her shoulders, making herself seem small. Then to further sell the act, she faked some tears and ran out the room. Out of sight, she mindlinked everyone in her pack, "I want all of you not to reveal the my identity as an Alpha. It would be quite a shock."
As mean as it seemed, she pulled this act everytime she visited a pack, just to see how they would react to an outsider. Most of the time, they reacted badly, example: the earlier scene. But the last pack she visited, Alpha Corry's, were a lot more welcoming. When she did this there, she had Duke pose as the Alpha, because they were more likely to follow him at first than Elaine. But Alpha Corry instantly knew it was an act and addressed Elaine as the Alpha. She beamed and had the most fun in that pack because none of them seemed so surprised at the sight of a female Alpha.
Then a voice spoke from over her. She looked up and noticed speakers on the wall. "Moon Stone pack, I want all of you to in formation outside the pack house. I have an announcement to make." It was Faust and Elaine smirked. It was time to reveal herself.
Later, Moon Stone was sat on the ground and Elaine's pack was standing around them. Faust walked to the small podium and cleared his throat. "I'm sure you're all wondering why there's another pack staying with us. I have been requested by her Beta to keep quiet about the reasons of their stay. But now that their Alpha has regained consciousness and is able to contonue her duties, she and her pack will be training us starting tomorrow until she deems us prepared for any sort of attack. As much as it pained me to ask for help, I had to. I know that the pack warriors have been abusing their power," he said and shot a pointed look at the front row, who squirmed in their seat, then continued, "so, I asked for help from the strongest pack in America. And she was kind enough to agree." Before he could continue, someone raised their hand. Faust nodded at him. "You said she. Don't you mean, he?" The man said. Nameless collectively snickered and Elaine thought this was the best time to show herself.
"Actually, he means she." Elaine stepped out from behind the porch and made her way to the podium. "My name is Elaine Chernoble and I am the Alpha of Nameless and it's nice to meet all of you." Some people in Moon Stone audibly gasped and Elaine smirked inwardly. She spotted Lincoln with the pack warriors and Scinece with the other females and she waved at the both of them. Scinece gave her a shy smile and a small wave and Lincoln grinned at her, his red eyes sparkling.
This, indeed, will be a fun stay.

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