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"She's my mate, let me through!" was what Elaine heard when she finally came to. "She's my mate too, Lincoln and as much as I wanna see her, she needs to rest." The first person must have started to say something, when the second person cut in, "And don't even use that voice on me. You know it won't work. All we can do is... She's awake."
Then, to Elaine's surprise, a man kicked open the door and frantically looked around. "You're awake!" And he ran for her, intending to give her a hug. But Elaine didn't know that and she stood, only to fall. She would have hit the floor if it weren't for the man's fast reflexes. He caught her in his arms and pulled her close. "No, Lincoln, you might open her wounds!" exclaimed the second person, who sauntered into the room and closed the door, made her way to the hugging pair and slapped the back of Lincoln's head. He let go of Elaine, hesitantly and handed her over to the second person, whose name she still did not know. Seeing the question in Elaine's eyes, she said, "My name is Scinece Evans and that's my twin, Lincoln."
Her startling red eyes calmed Elaine down and she nodded. "Okay, Elaine, I'm gonna need you to sit down. I'm just going to change your bandages," Scinece said and gestured to the bed. Elaine sat down, wordlessly and while Scinece changed her bandages, she surveyed the twins. They were obviously fraternal, but they were also practically the same. For some reason, they had milky white skin, white hair and their red eyes twinkled in the light of the room. Elaine stared, transfixed by their beauty. She was still admiring them when Lincoln, who was standing at the foot of the bed, groaned, "Don't look at us like that." Elaine was confused. "Like what?" she asked, tilting her head to the side. "I'm not looking at you like anything. I was merely admiring your beauty. It's not everyday one runs into twin albinos."
From the corner of her eye, Elaine noticed Scinece fumble with the bandages, her cheeks tinted with a faint blush. Making herself useful, Elaine put her hand over Scinece's and helped unravel the bandage. Scinece mumbled a thank you, her cheeks darkening. Elaine had a faint smile on her face watching her. Then she turned to Lincoln, who startled when he was caught staring. Elaine chuckled slightly at his antics. Wanting to occupy her hands, she took a bit of Scinece's white hair and twirling it around her finger. Scinece blushed harder if it was possible. "I heard Lincoln say something when I woke up. Are we really mates?" Elaine asked, still twirling Scinece's hair. "Umm, Elaine, I need you to take off your shirt for, uh, just a while. Your back started bleeding again," Scinece stated, her voice soft.
"Okay." Then she started unbuttoning the green button down shirt she had on. But, she was confused. "Who's shirt is this?" She questioned, looking at Scinece then Lincoln. Before any of them could answer though, the door burst open and a white wolf and a dark brown wolf jumped in. The pair growled at the twins. Elaine recognizing Alaska and Gina, and not liking how they treated her mates, stood from the bed and limped in front of Lincoln and Scinece. Although Lincoln seemed to have taken a defensive stance as well. Heeding him no notice for the moment, Elaine faced Alaska and Gina as well. "Alaska, why are you already up? You almost died yesterday, you still need to heal," Elaine chided and was about to say more when Lincoln put a hand on her shoulder. Turning to look at Lincoln, she asked, "What is it?" He cleared his throat and said, "You've been asleep for almost a week."
"Oh damn. A lot less days than I thought but okay," Elaine said, shrugging. Lincoln and Scinece looked at Elaine, their mouths open. Even Alaska and Gina, who were still in their wolf forms, had their mouths open. Then Lincoln burst out laughing. "That was the calmest reaction to being told you've been asleep for a week," he said between his loud guffaws.
Scinece shook her head and motioned for Elaine to sit back down. "I still need to finish changing your bandages," she said. Elaine nodded and turned to Alaska and Gina and said to them, "Get me the Alpha, we'll be discussing what will happen during our stay here." They nodded and left the room. Lincoln moved to close the door when Elaine heard footsteps moving fast towards their room. "Leave it. Someone else is coming up," she said, then turned her head to look at Scinece.
When she heard the footsteps stop, she looked up and expected to see the Alpha, but instead, she was greeted by a panting man in his fifties. "Lincoln, Scinece, get behind me. That girl is dangerous. We don't know what she's capable of," he said, still huffing. Elaine, angered by the senseless accusations, stood. "Who are you calling "girl", old man? I come here to help your pack defend themselves and I receive blatant disrespect in return. These two will be staying with me and you. Will. Leave," Elaine said, her body shaking in anger. When she heard a whimper behind her, she looked back and saw Scinece with her head bowed and sobbing. Elaine quickly sobered and sat down and gently put her hands to the sides of Scinece's head. "I'm sorry, please don't cry," she said, wiping away the tears with her thumbs. Lincoln was by Scinece's side in a second and pulled her to his side. "Hey, hey. She won't hurt us, okay? It's all right," he whispered, all while softly caressing her hair.
"What is happening here?" A booming voice asked. Elaine recognized it as Alpha Faust's. She stood, straightening her clothes and faced the man she had been communicating with for the past week. "Your member here," she started, gesturing to the first man who went in, "started spewing out orders to my mates and accused me of being a danger to them." The man squeaked when she said mates and started apologizing profusely. "I didn't know, I am so sorry. It's just that, my children have gone through so much already, I thought you would do them harm." Elaine softened a bit and said, "You are forgiven but this act of disrespect will not be forgotten. Now, tell me, what is your name?" The man bowed and said, "Beta Jim Evans, father of your mates." She nodded, then turned to Alpha Faust who was glaring at his Beta. "Before we got here, two of your wolves blocked my entry to your territory but let the rest of my pack in. I want to know their names and why they weren't properly informed of my arrival. After my bandages are changed, I will meet you in your office and we will discuss the conditions of my pack's stay." Alpha Faust nodded, though he didn't seem to like being told what to do. "Take your Beta with you. I want to be alone with my mates." Jim opened his mouth to protest but with glares from both Alphas, he quickly shut up and left the room. Faust nodded once more at Elaine amd left the room, closing the door behind him.
Elaine now turned to the twins. Scinece has stopped crying and straightened herself. "Come on, let's finish changing your bandages so you can get to your meeting," she said, her voice small.
After, Elaine was newly bandaged, she heard Scinece giggle. Turning to her, Elaine raised an eyebrow. "What's so funny?" She asked. Scinece giggled again and said, "You look like a mummy." Elaine tilted her head to the side, a confused look on her face. "A mommy? I'm pretty sure mothers don't look like this," she said, gesturing to her wrapped abdomen and arms. Lincoln and Scinece started laughing. Elaine had a small smile on her face while watching the twins.
Remembering she still has somewhere to be, Elaine cleared her throat and stood up. She put on the green button-down and made sure the bandages didn't get ruffled. Then she walked back to the twins. She bent at the waist and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and was rewarded with a blush from the both of them. Although Lincoln coughed twice to cover up his embarassment. After a promise from them both saying they would stay in the room, Elaine then left the room and made her way to Alpha Faust's office to discuss the conditions of her stay.

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