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Elaine was, once again, on Alaska's back as they ran towards Moon Stone's territory line. They were being chased by a small pack of rogues but Elaine didn't want to confront them, seeing as the Alpha of Moon Stone probably won't appreciate if they went in their pack bloodied, dragging dead rogues in. "Everyone, go faster. The territory line is up ahead." Elaine said through the mindlink.
They were almost at the border when her ears picked up on a whine and a shout. Quickly telling Gina to get the pack through the border, she told Alaska to turn around. Alaska nodded and turned. While her pack ran for the border, she and Alaska followed the sounds of growling. "Damn it. There must be more than three, a lot more than we expected," Elaine thought. They were almost there when a strong force suddenly hit them from the side.
Elaine fell off Alaska. She gasped when the small of her back hit a boulder. Looking up, Alaska was now standing protectively over her, snarling and barking at the rogue who hit them. When the rogue lunged for Alaska, Elaine rolled out of the way and stood, her senses now on full alert. She looked around for her spear that was strapped to the bag she had. Spotting it to her right, she ran for it but when she felt the air around her shift, she ducked. And right in time, too, because the rogue had jumped for her and Alaska followed, knocking the rogue down and on his back. Wasting no time, she shifted and jumped onto its exposed abdomen, latched onto the rogue's neck and twisted its neck.
Elaine then turned to get her spear. But when she looked back, a rogue wolf now stood over Alaska who was on her back, clutching at her stomach, blood seeping through her fingers. Enraged, Elaine lunged at the rogue who stood over Alaska's body and raised her spear and stabbed it right through the rogue's head. Taking her spear out, she kneeled next to Alaska. "N-no. Go help Jay," she said, her voice hoarse. Elaine nodded and vowed, "I'll be right back." Then, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out a rag and pressed it against Alaska's wound and gave her a long dagger to protect herself. After making sure she was hidden enough, Elaine set off to look for Jay. "Jay, where are you?" She asked through the mindlink. She waited for an answer, but when none came, worry took over her. She looked around, hoping to see any clues that could lead her to Jay. Seeing none, she climbed a tree. When she was high enough, she looked around once again.
Her keen ears picked up on the sound of gruff voices. Wrapping her arm on one of the vines, she swung to the next tree and set her feet on one of the branches and balanced herself. Spotting the rogues, one of them dragging Jay by her feet and one other pack member by his arms and from what Elaine could see, his leg had a gash and was still bleeding, and the other holding their bags. Poising her throwing arm, she aimed her spear at the rogue dragging her pack members. Then, she threw it. The spear impaled the rogue and the other was left shocked. But it quickly regained its senses and shifted. Looking around, the rogue sniffed the air, trying to catch a whiff of Elaine's scent.
Elaine slowly climbed down the tree and when her feet hit the ground, she started running at the rogue. The rogue, not expecting this, turned around only to be met by Elaine's elbow hitting it between its eyes. The rogue whined and stepped back, dazed, but Elaine was not showing mercy today. Grabbing the rogue's head, she brought her knee up and hit it against its chin, making it bite its tongue. The blood seeped through its mouth and stained her hands, but she couldn't care less.
"Never mess with my pack," was the last thing she said before she snapped the rogue's neck.
She shook Jay awake and the girl slowly opened her eyes. Adjusting to the sudden brightness, Jay struggled, thinking Elaine was her captor. "Jay! It's me, it's alright. Okay, breathe in... Breathe out." Elaine said, calming down Jay. After a few more breaths, Jay was okay enough to function. Elaine gestured to the bags and told her, "Grab those and help me with him." Jay took the bags and Elaine grabbed her spear from the impaled rogue and together they each took an arm from the injured pack member and pulled him up.
They were at the border when two wolves intercepted them. "Move out of our way," Elaine demanded, her voice hard, but the wolves didn't move. Elaine knew that they were part of the Moon Stone pack's warriors, but she didn't have the time for this. Alaska was still injured and in danger out there in the forest. So, she dropped her hold on the pack member and he leaned on Jay, who stepped to the side. Elaine then held her spear tight and ran at the wolves. Hitting one with the body of her spear with enough force, it fell unconscious. And then she twirled and did the same thing to the other. Quickly telling Jay to find Gina, Elaine ran back to Alaska.
She made her way to the spot where she left her. Alaska was still breathing, but barely. Her skin had gone pale and she could barely keep her eyes open. Elaine dropped to her knees and shook her awake, saying, "No, no, no, don't fall asleep. Come on, Alaska." Elaine mindlinked Duke and told him, "Get me a medic! I'm losing Alaska. Meet me at the border." Then she pulled Alaska up and put an arm around her waist and had Alaska put an arm on her shoulders. Picking up her spear as well, Elaine walked to the border, her heart pounding. She would not lose a pack member today.
"Duke!" Elaine shouted when she spotted him looking around worriedly with a man in his near forties stood next to him. Duke immediately ran to them and picked up Alaska's other arm and held up her weight as well. "What happened?" he asked, then let out a grunt as Alaska fell slack against them.
The man, who was next to Duke earlier, was now at their side and had them put Alaska on a stretcher held by two Moon Stone members. Alaska was taken away to be treated, Duke following. Elaine moved to follow when she noticed a wolf, crawling stealthily towards Duke, whose back was turned. Then the wolf pounced. "No!" Elaine shouted and jumped between Duke and the wolf. She and the wolf tumbled onto the ground, the wolf on top of her. Elaine struggled and she felt the wolf bite into her arm and its claws dug into her back. She heard Duke shout but it sounded as if she were underwater. Then muffled growls and flesh hitting flesh were the last thing she heard before she welcomed darkness with open arms.

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