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A pack of wolves with human riders on their back may seem like an odd sight to normal humans. But to Elaine, it was almost a normal occurance. Nameless was moving quickly, almost a blur. Some of Elaine's pack members were humans, so they had to ride on some of the wolves. Elaine was currently on Alaska's back, who was in her magnificent white wolf form. Duke and Carrie, another member, were leading the pack in front while Gina and Rey took point

"Alpha, three rogues have been spotted near the river, two miles from us, in the east," Duke suddenly mind-linked Elaine. She answered back, "As long as they don't bother us, leave them." Duke responded in the affirmative and blocked off the mindlink once more.

Elaine looked ahead and her sharp eyes noticed a small pack of deer. "Let's stop for a bit and hunt. A pack of deer just went by. Alaska and Duke, lead the hunt. Take Rey, Farah and Alissa." She ordered in the mindlink and one by one, the wolves came to a stop. Sliding off Alaska's back to let her free, Farah and Alissa came forward in their wolf forms. Alissa's a grey one with a patch of black on her back and Farah's a brownish-red. They bowed their heads lightly and Elaine gave them the go to hunt. They quickly followed after Alaska, Duke and Rey, who had taken a headstart.

She turned to Gina and said, "I'll just go pick out some firewood. Stay with the pack and you know what to do." Then she scanned over the remaining pack members and her eyes caught a girl who was unpacking her enchanted sack. Walking over to her, Elaine crouched down beside the girl. "What's your name?" She asked. Surprised, the girl fell on her back. Elaine, too, was shocked and exclaimed, "Oh dear." Stretching out a hand to the girl, who took it shyly, Elaine pulled her up. "Um, my name's Jay. I came from the Yule pack," she said, tucking a strand of her red hair behind her ear. Elaine hummed and said, "Well, Jay, I'm gonna go pick out firewood. Would you care to join me?" Jay nodded and brushed herself off.

Minutes later, they were in the deeper part of the woods. Elaine had learned a lot of things about Jay, like why she joined Nameless. "I wanted to travel and find my mate. I thought maybe joining a nomad pack would help. And the Yule pack always has the Yule Council breathing down our necks, it was so overbearing," she had said. Elaine nodded at the last sentence. The Yule pack is where the Yule Council resided. A council of nine members, each coming from a different supernatural heritage. "The pompous bastards are always trying to get the last word and won't let even the simplest mistake slip past them." Jay stared at Elaine in awe. When Jay was in the Yule pack, if you said a bad thing about the Council, you were put in solitary for two days.

Elaine noticed the look of awe in Jay's face and chuckled. "Let's just say, I don't care much for the Council. And they're mad Immortal-led packs don't fall under their rule. We have our own hierarchy. The moon goddess let us do what we want and besides, us Immortals have had enough torture to live through, we didn't need the Council on our backs," Elaine explained. But, on the inside, she fumed at the mention of the Yule Council. She didn't want another encounter with the bastards. She has had enough for one lifetime.

Before they knew it, they had an armful of firewood and made their way back to the pack. The hunting party was back and Alissa and Gina were cutting up the deer. Jay and Elaine quickly made a small fire pit, surrounding it with a couple of rocks.

Later, the pack was around the fire, sharing stories and chowing down on the deer meat. Elaine chose to sit near the treeline and keep watch, Alaska and Gina doing the same. Hearing the sounds of glee and laughter of her members made her remember the times when she and her parents would camp out in their backyard, making s'mores. Elaine had a faint smile on her face when she pictured her father fumbling with the hot marshmallow, she and her mother trying to keep their laughter in. But then she scowled, remembering how that was ripped away from her. She finished her plate and stood.

Making her way to her tent, she mindlinked Alaska, "I'm turning in early. You and Gina can set up the night shifts after everyone's eaten." Without waiting for an answer, she shut off the link and laid down.

Screams bounced off the walls of the decrepit room as two grown men loomed over the shackled figure on the floor. They took turns hitting her bare back and arms with a whip, ends designed with sharp silver studs, making deep gashes, ever present in her pale skin. The silver prevented the figure from healing her wounds quickly. "I think that's enough," a voice in the shadows said. The two men stopped but kept the whips at their sides. The figure on the floor let out a small whimper, fully knowing what came next. It was always the same routine: take the human, whip her until HE says stop, then... A shiver of fear made its way up her spine.

The voice spoke again, telling the men to leave. The figure let out another whimper. The only light in the room was from the small window behind her and in the dim light, she cound make out HIS silhouette. He was tall and his posture was one that practically screamed dominance. He walked over to her and with gloved hands, protecting him from the silver, he took off the shackles on her wrists and feet. Now free, she scrambled into the corner of the room, whining and pushing herself against the wall. He let out a small laugh at her pathetic attempt at hiding. "It's comical how you do that everytime like you think it'll help." Then his tone became more sinister. "Now come here." Even when she was a daughter of an Alpha, she couldn't resist the command. Her limbs had a mind of their own and she stood on shaky legs, walking over to the man.

He smirked and pulled out a chair, sitting on it and gestured to his lap. The girl now stepped into the light, revealing her naked self. She was always stripped when she was taken into the room. HE claimed it "would make things easier for him." Hating how she couldn't control her own body, she situated herself in his lap. One of his hands, now glove-free, set itself on her bare thigh, caressing them gently and one arm around her small waist. She let out a groan of disgust at the feel of his disgusting hands on her and tried to get away but he only tightened his grip on her waist, making her gasp as it put pressure on her wounds, and said, "See, now, if you just cooperated, I wouldn't have to resort to bloody methods." Then...

"Alpha, wa---" Before the person could finish their sentence, Elaine bolted up and was straddling the person, one hand on the person's neck, applying pressure but not enough to completely choke them. The person slapped at Elaine's hands and in the dim light of her lamp, she saw Jay. "Oh my god. Jay!" Elaine quickly released her and made her sit up. Taking in a few deep breaths, Jay managed to get her bearings back. Jay let out a hoarse laugh, "You have quite the grip, Alpha. Remind me not to do that again." Elaine then threw her arms around the young girl and apologized multiple times. Jay only smiled and gently rubbed Elaine's back but then she frowned feeling bumps along her back through the thin shirt Elaine had on. Deciding not to question it for now, she comforted Elaine. "It's okay, Alpha. I should've known better than to wake you up so suddenly." Shushing her when she tried to apologize again, she remembered what she came here for. "Alpha, Gina and Duke spotted the rogues from the river earlier, getting close to us, sniffing about. Elaine nodded, still feeling guilty, but at Jay's reassuring smile, she smiled back.

Quickly reverting back to Alpha mode, she and Jay walked out of her tent and had everyone packing up. And then, they were on the road again towards Moon Stone.


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