The wolf snarled at the woman, who seemed a bit too calm in a fight. It lunged at her, intending to kill her in one bite. What it didn't expect was for her to lunge as well. She slid under it, wrapping her arms around its neck and snapped it quickly. But she got nicked in the shoulder by one of its claws. The wolf's body fell to the ground and before she could revel in her kill, another wolf took his place. But then a white wolf pounced on it and they rolled down the hill, out of sight. "Alaska!" She shouted and looked over the hill and saw that Alaska had the upper hand in the fight.
Knowing Alaska could take care of herself, Elaine ran to the opposite direction, following the sounds of fighting. She was naked but she didn't seem bothered. The rogues had attacked them while she and a couple of her members were bathing. But the rogues underestimated her pack. Rather than being surprised, her members immediately fell into defensive position, putting the non-fighters in the middle, out of harm's way. Elaine only fell out of the position because she saw a member being pulled into the woods by the wolf she had just killed. The member was now on her tail, figuratively speaking.
Reaching the battleground, Elaine beamed with pride when she saw the rogues have been subdued and most killed. "Tie up the rest of the rogues and bring them to Alpha Corry. Tell him that we were attacked by them in his territory while we were bathing. Make sure the punishment will be sufficient for their crimes," Elaine demanded. Four of her warriors stepped up to take the task and she nodded at them. Turning to the rest of her pack, she ordered them to count the supplies left and what was destroyed in the fight. Then she remembered Alaska. Turning to Duke Opal, her gamma, she said, "Get someone to go down that hill and bring Alaska clothes. She should have gotten rid of the wolf by now." Then pointed to the direction she came from. Duke nodded and repeated the order to another member.
"Alpha." A small voice behind her made her turn. It was Alissa, Duke's mate. She was holding a robe in one hand and a first aid kit on the other. "We should clean your wound before it gets infected," Alissa said, gesturing to her shoulder. Elaine smiled, took the robe and sat down on a nearby boulder. Alissa pulled down a bit of the robe around the shoulder to start cleaning her wound. While Alissa cleaned her wound, she looked at her pack.
Nameless, they were called by the other packs. They consisted of rejected wolves, wolves who only joined to travel, a couple of hybrids, tired of the abuse they got, but they were mostly females who feel undermined by the males in their old pack. Elaine readily accepted them and in her pack, all of them were taught how to fight and survive. Traits she had to learn by herself. And every so often, an Alpha would call for them, asking for help. Which she answers every time. She didn't want what happened to her old pack to happen to other packs, so she and her best warriors taught the pack's warriors how to better protect their pack. A rustle of leaves to her left had her and her members take a stance. But when a clothed Alaska and Rey emerged, they all relaxed. Elaine then spotted Gina Ultima, her beta, assisting one of the younger members put the tents back in a bag, enchanted to hold anything, whatever size it may be. A witch coven owed Elaine a favor when her pack saved them from another pack who wanted to use their powers to take over other pack lands. But with the help of other Immortal-led packs and other packs, they managed to stop the attack.
Immortals were humans given immortality by the moon goddess, to lead packs much like Elaine's. Most Immortal-led packs were nomads, traveling from pack to pack, helping train other packs. And most Immortals were humas that came from a line of Alphas or Betas, but there are Immortals who, before they were given immortality, suffered from the hands of packs who think humans are scum and used them as slaves. And the moon goddess took pity in them and made them Immortal to help and protect others treated the same way. Elaine's case was a combination of both cases. She was the daughter of an Alpha and a human. They were killed in by rogues and took her as captive, torturing her and treating her as a slave. She escaped when she was 16, and she was given immortality a month after. And soon after, she started her pack and became the strongest pack in America. Elaine earned her title, "The Raven-Haired Deity", because of her hair, but mostly because most of her pack members claimed she was a saviour who answered their prayers.
Alaska was by Elaine's side, and stood protectively and quietly. Elaine chuckled. Alaska was her delta and she didn't speak much. Her story was a sad one and Elaine's heart clenched every time she remembered when she found Alaska, a teen at the time, half-dead in her wolf form, a snow white wolf. Elaine had deduced she was attacked by rogues and left for dead. When Alaska recovered, she remembered nothing of her past life and so, Elaine adopted her and named her Alaska. Because of that, Alaska was very protective of Elaine and considered herself Elaine's bodyguard.
Alissa had finished cleaning and bandaged her wound. After nodding her head at Alissa, Alissa went off in search of her mate. Duke Opal and Alissa White were both rejected by their mates but when they met in Elaine's pack, they discovered they were mates. A werewolf can have more than one mate, if ever one's mate dies or he or she gets rejected. Alissa had found Duke, judging by her giggles. Elaine rolled her eyes at the sound. She wasn't bitter, no, she was more amused because they acted as if they had just met.
Turning her head, she found Gina standing next to her as well, her stance protective. Gina was also protective of Elaine, seeing as she was the one who gave her the chance to be a Beta. In her old pack, she was the firstborn daughter of their Beta, but instead of choosing her, even though she showed great prowess in fighting and leading, her father chose to give the position to her brother, someone who was clearly unsuited to be Beta. Her brother was childish and was always out partying and taking home women. But her father thought he was better suited to be Beta, his reason being "men are better leaders than women." So outraged, she joined Nameless, who was stationed in her pack to train their warriors. Elaine, after hearing her story, publicly appointed Gina as her Beta while there and watched as Gina's father and brother fumed at the sight of a female Alpha and Beta.
Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she stood up and told everyone to rest and that they would leave as soon as the four warriors came back.
"We leave for Moon Stone tonight," she said and she was answered in a chorus of "yes, Alpha's".
Little did Elaine know, she would be getting a surprise the moment she stepped foot in the territory.

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