Miro was a slime.

Summoned under stressful circumstances and captured by the people hunting down its summoner, this slime has no idea what lies in store for it.

Perhaps food?

Most likely not.

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This story is nice and sweet. Nothing overly complex (so far), but a good base has been laid. I have found the characters to be amusing, but most have some interesting tidbit(s) that make them unique and memorable. I enjoy the slow pace of the story so far, no desperate kingdoms need saving, no demon kings that must be slain. Maybe this will organically develop into having larger and larger problems, but right now the conflicts are nice and (mostly) low stakes.

I have high hopes for the rest of the story.


The "Slime Cafe" is a wonderful story that is endearing, entertaining, and comedic in its style. The story itself is focused around a little slime that has simple and mostly innocent thoughts. The Slime in question is very childlike and innocent in its worldview, this helps make it more relatable despite being a literal ball of goop. If you enjoy magical worlds and little adventures, I would recommend this.


It's a bit slimy, but I like the direction that the story is going in. So far the story is mostly slice of life, if that changes I'll probably drop it. I especially like how real the characters feel. Even reading the comments after each chapter is more interesting than a lot of stories.

Great job, thanks for all your hard work!


there is a slime, and it is very squishy. This is good. Mm. Very very cool, fun, squishy, cool, and also probably seems to taste pretty good I guess? Yeah. I need 50 words for the review but all I can say is that I like it. I highly enjoy the vast amounts of tomfoolery, and the writing has great imagery.


Another banger by Angry Spider!

Reviewed at: Chapter Eleven: Amping Up

As they always do, Angry Spider has written another masterpiece. This one is unbearably wholesome. I literally grin so much it hurts when I read this story. Keep it up, my dude! We all love your work!

Also, I hope Miro follows the bird person around one day - they deserve some wholesomeness!


The slime was the most adorable thing ever. It behaves like a smart 7-8 years old (looking at fans of isekai mother/father story). The surprising things that it understands a lot of concept such as kindness and restraint like  a human child would. But it's not surprising, as the 

story progress, it teased out, that Miro is a lot older than it potrayed (biologically at least, mentally not so much)


All in all, it was a great slice of life with a plot brewing underneath. 


Slime Cafe(Non-human MC, Reincarnation/summoning, food, magic, religion, medieval settings, slice of life, comedy)(I am expecting: cooking, slime magic, growth)

The slime has character. There are hints that the slime was reincarnated as a slime but was also a slime in  the past. But why is the slime smarter than before? Where did his summoner go? Will the summoner appear one day and wreck havoc? A lot of questions and mysteries still unanswered but for now I consider the novel as very entertaining. I also like the mouthwatering descriptions of the food the slime ate(hopefully no humans). I am confused why the title has the word "cafe" in it but it also hypes my expectations for the novel.